Is Tiffany Chen Pregnant? The Martial Artist’s Relationship With Robert De Niro

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Tiffany Chen Pregnancy
Martial Artist Tiffany Chen and Actor Robert De Niro (Credit: Yahoo)

Are you curious to know if Tiffany Chen is currently pregnant or not? Then we have got you covered. The skilled Martial Artist, who has also been working diligently in the Hollywood industry, rose to popularity in May 2023 when her boyfriend, Robert De Niro, confirmed that he now has a seventh child. Speculations about this child being Tiffany’s has become a topic of primary discussion among fans. So, is she pregnant? Let us find out.

Tiffany Chen, who is currently 45 years old, has been with 79-year-old actor Robert De Niro for a long time now. Although she kept her personal life discreet, fans who are curious about her relationship with Robert De Niro managed to discover everything about her personal and professional life. So who is Tiffany Chen? Tiffany Chen is particularly famous for being a martial artist and being a girlfriend to Robert De Niro.

However, she has accomplished many things in her life. Tiffany Chen was born into a Kung Fu family, particularly her father is a Kung Fu grandmaster. Tiffany always admired her father for being skilled at martial arts, and she expressed how badly she wanted to be like her father several times in front of the media. As a result, Tiffany Chen received many awards as a martial artist, and many of them are world titles.

Apart from being a great martial artist, Tiffany also is skilled at dancing. Even before learning Tai Chi, Tifanny was learning ballroom dancing, ballet, and hula. She has also won multiple awards in skating during her childhood. Soon she chose to have a career in Martial Arts and always thrived in her career. Chen met Robert De Niro in the year 2015 and was pictured several times with him. As the news of Robert De Niro having a seventh child has already been confirmed, here’s everything about whether Tiffany Chen is pregnant again or not.

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Tiffany Chen and Robert De Niro The Intern
Tiffany Chen and Robert De Niro in The Intern 2015 (Credit: Your Next Shoes)

Tiffany Chen Pregnancy: Everything To Know

During an interview with ET Canada, regarding Robert De Niro’s upcoming film, About My Father, Robert mentioned having a seventh child. As his upcoming film is about parenting, he got many questions about his children and what it feels like to be a parent to six children. Surely, he admires all of his children, but revealing the news about his seventh child was very unexpected for all of his fans.

When the interviewer Blair, asked Robert about six of his kids, he corrected her and mentioned that he now has seven kids as he had a baby a few days ago. He also mentioned that he does not consider himself a cool dad. However, he adores every one of them. He continued saying that his 11-year-old daughter sometimes gives him grief because they argue a lot, but he wholeheartedly loves her, and now that there’s a youngest one, there will be more to come.

Robert’s new revelation immediately caught media attention, and everyone started speculating that Tiffany and Robert had welcomed this child because it has been over two years since they had been dating each other. Soon, Robert’s co-star Kim Cattrall confirmed that this new baby is, in fact, Robert and Tifanny Chen’s and was born in April 2023.

So, Robert De Niro currently has seven children, which are from his several marriages and relationships. With Robert’s first wife, he has two children, Drena and Raphel, and even with his second wife, he has two kids, Elliot and Helen. Through his first relationship, he welcomed twins Aaron and Julian, and with his recent relationship with Tiffany Chen, he became a father again to his daughter, Gia.

As Tiffany Chen and Robert De Niro have just welcomed their first baby, the rumors about Tiffany being pregnant again are simply false. Because neither Tiffany nor Robert has confirmed anything about having a second child, it seems that they are now enjoying their parenthood, and if there is any good news about Tiffany and Robert welcoming a second child, they will inform about the same when the right time comes.

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Robert De Niro and Tiffany Chen
Robert De Niro and Tiffany Chen Vacationing in France (Credit: E! Online)

Robert De Niro and Tiffany Chen: Relationship Timeline

Robert and Tiffany first met professionally in 2015 when De Niro was married to Grace Hightower, his second wife. On the set of The Intern, Tiffany, and Robert first encountered as he was the main cast, and Tiffany was depicted as the Tai Chi instructor of Robert’s character. Robert was happily enjoying his marriage with Grace until 2018, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the couple got divorced.

Until 2021, there was no news about Robert being in a relationship with Tiffany Chen, but in August 2021, Robert and Tiffany were spotted in France, holding hands. They seemed closer, and when they were pictured kissing on the yacht owned by Robert’s friends, the rumors about their relationship started to increase. However, the couple never acknowledged their relationship in front of the public.

Additionally, many details about the couple are discreet, but some eyewitnesses and fans have confirmed that both Robert and Tiffany look amazing with each other, and it seems that they support each other in every walk of their lives. Even after getting spotted several times, none of them have talked openly about their dating rumors, but as Robert De Niro and his co-star Kim have confirmed the Gia has been welcomed by Tiffany and Robert, all of their fans are ecstatic hearing the great news and are looking forward to seeing Gia soon.

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