Big Mouth Season 6 Ending Explained: The Issues That Every Character Faced

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Big Mouth Season 6 Ending Explained
Big Mouth Season 6 Ending Explained

This is Big Mouth season 6 ending explained. Big Mouth is back, with human resources airing only a few months ago. Season six followed from the end of season five of the show, with elements of the spin-off also being present within this latest series.

With us focusing on Nick and Andrew for the first time in almost a year, it was good to see them again. Along with their hormone monsters and the rest of the gang returning. So with that, I thought I’d recap, break down and explain all that there was to take away from Big Mouth Season 6.

I thought Big Mouth Season 6 of the show did feel different from the previous ones. I think it was less crude, a little heavier in the topics that were discussed, and didn’t have as much of a focus on the monsters. Normally humans rely on the monsters in order to get them out of the situations that they’re in or help them overcome the issues that they’re facing. Whereas I feel this season, we saw them do it for themselves and rely on the monsters less.

Big Mouth Season 6 Ending Explained

Big Mouth Season 6 contained ten episodes as per the usual formula. But instead of focusing on the monsters that are deeply ingrained within the show’s core, they took more of a step to the side this Season. And we instead saw the characters and their families take center stage as the show shined a light on families, the differences between them all, and all of the difficulties that some can go through.

Big Mouth Season 6 Ending
Focusing on the family

It made a change to the extreme adult humor that it usually contains despite the fact that there was still a lot of that ingrained throughout the series as well. I don’t know whether this approach was taken because we had a full serving of all of the monsters only a few months ago with human resources airing. So maybe this time, they wanted to focus more on the human characters.

We didn’t have the shame wizard other than the brief appearance from his mother in episode 3, where she was selling her book, and we didn’t have the Depression Kitty, the Anxiety Mosquito, and sadly no Logic Rock. However, we did have the hormone monsters and brief appearances from a love bug called Flanny. I don’t know whether I’m a huge fan of that approach, to be honest.

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Whilst the story was good, and I was engaged throughout most of it, I do find that the different monsters are what makes the show so good and the emotions that they represent, whereas this time, I didn’t feel as though we really had that.

The Issues Characters Faced In Big Mouth Season 6

Big Mouth Season 6 focused on the main characters’ different families. We had Nick dealing with his tough Grandpa moving in and his father going from being soft to touch, mirroring what he was like in his past. We had Andrew’s mother on the verge of divorcing his father and seeing how it was impacting him.

Big Mouth Season 6 Ending
Nick and his grandfather

We had Jesse dealing with growing a bond with Kaitlin once her mother felt as though she was drifting apart from her. And Lola is dealing with not having strong parent figures around. Plus, we also had Missy growing a connection with the new character Elijah and Jay and Matt holding on to a relationship that wasn’t truly there.

As we embarked on the final episode, we saw that all of these issues had reached their poignancy and were at a point where something needed to be done. In true Freaky Friday style, we saw them each swap bodies with the person who could help solve their issue. So let’s start with Nick.

Nick And Andrew

Nick swapped bodies with his grandfather. This led to his grandfather’s body taking control of him and giving Elliot the love that he always wanted from him to feel accepted for who he was, something he was always deprived of by his father. This was the key thing to being able to have the household return to the way that it was. We even saw that his grandfather once returned to his original body and was willing to show some love which was a drastic contrast to what we saw at the start of this season, showing the impact that a Father’s Love can have on a child.

Andrew’s ark was the one that I was probably the most engaged in out of all of the characters. His mother and father were on the verge of divorce, and seeing how it was impacting him. Outside of this, we saw him in his relationship with Bernadette, which was something I wish we actually got to see more of, as it did make for some funny moments. But instead, she ended up breaking up with him after he traveled to go and see her.

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Big Mouth Season 6 Ending Explained
Andrew And Bernadette

Andrew, inside his father’s body, did everything that his father wasn’t prepared to do in order to woo his mother again. So that she’d understand how he truly felt about her, he expressed his undying love for her and that he did still love her deeply. This matched with the comedic moment of them getting it on while Stantry was still in his father’s body before switching back right at the correct time. It made for a good way for the season to finish.

Jess is Jealous Of Her Sister

Jesse was jealous of her newborn baby sister Delilah and all of the attention that she was getting. So much so that she ended up swapping bodies with her newborn sister. This showed her that she did deserve all of the attention that she was getting, purely down to the fact that she was unable to communicate. And has needs that need to be tended to because she’s unable to do basic things at such a young age. So Jesse saw the value and importance of caring for her younger sister rather than being jealous of her. It looks as though she’ll always be there for her now, moving forward.

Mrs. Ark was one of being in a relationship with somebody who didn’t want to partake in intimate relations as she did. Elijah spent the season wondering why he didn’t get certain feelings like others in his school and especially from Missy when he did care for her so deeply. Over time he came to the realization that he was asexual.

Missy And Jay

Throughout the entirety of Big Mouth Season 6, we saw that Missy wanted to get closer to him in a physical sense, and it left her with the question of if she wanted to be with him after he revealed why. Even though it meant that they would most likely not be partaking in activities in the bedroom, she saw through the intimacy and the physical sense and realized that the care that she had for him transcended bedroom activities, leading her to stay with them.

Big Mouth Season 6 Ending
Missy and Elijah

Jay was with Matt this season, and we saw that Matt was almost trying to morph Jay into a shell of himself in order to be able to be compatible. One key component in this was him not being a magician anymore, so much so that his way of transferring outside of Coach Steve’s mind after being transferred in there was to participate in the magic trick that needed to be done, which he did at the end.

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Jay was fully accepting of who he was and owned his own identity at the end of the series. I don’t believe he’d change for anybody again after going through what he did.

Big Mouth Season 6 Review

Whilst we got some good Maurice moments, I don’t feel as though it had as many as usual. The birth of his son Montel was an arc that I enjoyed watching and further supported the overarching theme of families in this season. I would have just liked to have seen some more. Even Duke Ellington didn’t get much of an appearance.

The musical numbers in the show were always something that I looked forward to, and I feel they were better than usual this season. I’d say my favorite number was the one that we had in the first episode. It felt the most like the one you’d hear in a musical and was actually quite catchy.

Big Mouth Season 6 Ending Explained
Big Mouth Season 6 Review

Excited For Big Mouth Season 7

I don’t know what the future holds for the Big Mouth and how much longer it could go on. They’ve done six seasons where they’ve covered a lot of what an individual goes through when they’re growing up. With them looking outwards this season and focusing on the families rather than what they’re going through in puberty, it does make me wonder what could be next.

Regardless I’d always tune into a season of the show because there’s literally nothing like it on the platform. I was laughing out loud on multiple episodes this season because the jokes are like no other. Whilst I’d normally say that Maurice carries the show, for me, it would have to be Andrew this time. His storyline was gripping and engaging and he felt the most genuine and real out of them all.

I wouldn’t say that Big Mouth Season 6 is my favorite season of them all. I think it’s hard to compete with the first couple because it was just so out there. But I feel season six of the show definitely has its place and showed us a different site to what Big Mouth is. One that was more human and that amongst the jokes, crudeness, and monsters, there was a realness behind what had gone into it. I’d recommend giving this one a watch.

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