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When Will Queen Elizabeth Be Buried? Detailed Plan Of The Queen’s Funeral

elizabeth and philip
The Queen With Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth II reigned for more than 70 years. The Queen’s demise at the age of 96 was confirmed by the Royal family on Twitter on the 8th of September. 

The Queen’s funeral plan is called Operation London Bridge. It lists down the whole procedure of what follows next, from the public announcement to the funeral after 10 days. The Operation London Bridge plan was created in the 1960s. The plan begins on “D-Day”, which is the day when the monarch passes away.

After D-Day, the “call cascade” takes place where British leaders are called to inform about the news. In the next step of the call cascade, senior civil officers are mailed about the same, and then the public is informed with an official statement.

The mourning period starts after D-Day and continues for 10 days which ends with the funeral. During this mourning period, all flags are lowered except the monarch’s flag to show that the monarch lives forever. The Queen’s burial is also pre-planned as are the other funeral duties.

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When Will Queen Elizabeth Be Buried?

According to Operation London Bridge, Queen Elizabeth’s funeral will be held after 10 days after D-Day on 19th September 2022. The 10 days between the day of her death and the day of her funeral are shelved as the national period of mourning. 


Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral

Before the funeral is held, the queen will be kept at Holyroodhouse’s St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh since she passed away in Scotland, Balmoral. After that, she will be taken away to London and buried with her husband. The funeral will be open for public view, and anyone can come into St. Giles Cathedral for 24 hours only.

The coffin will be kept in the Westminster Hall of the palace in London. Her funeral parade is scheduled to reach the Westminster Abbey at 11:00 am BST or 3:30 pm IST on the 18th.

It has been confirmed as well that the funeral will be aired on television by the news channels CNN, ABC, Fox News, and NBC for public view. 

What Is The Plan For The Day Before Funeral?

Elizabeth II will be sent away for the funeral on the 19th of September 2022, where the members of her family, along with British leaders, will be present. Before the day of her funeral, notable British and foreign faces will appear along with the former prime ministers of Britain. The dignitaries will be sent to Westminster Hall at 6:30 am BST to pay their last respect before the queen is taken away. 

Later in the day, a two-minute silence will be held to respect the demised queen, and the national anthem will be sung along with The Last Post and Reveille. This will finally end the pre-funeral process, after which the coffin is carried through Wellington Arch to her final destination at Windsor Castle.

Will Queen Elizabeth Be Buried With Prince Philip?

Before Prince Philip took his last breath in April 2021, he expressed his wish to conduct his funeral without much hassle. After his funeral ceremony was carried out,  his body was brought to the Royal Vault in St. George’s Chapel where he was kept till Queen Elizabeth passed away. The Royal Vault was first created for Queen Charlotte along with 23 other members of the Royal family before Prince Philip was kept there for almost a year. 

queen and prince philip

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip will be Buried Together

Since the queen has passed away, Prince Philip will be removed from the Royal Vault and buried with Queen Elizabeth side by side. The two of them will then join Queen Elizabeth’s parents George VI and his wife, and her sister Princess Margaret. 

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