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Skip And Loafer Chapter 50: Release Date, Spoilers & Where to Read

Skip and Loafer Manga Series
Skip and Loafer Manga Poster

Skip And Loafer could easily be one of the best high school romance manga out of all the other series in the store. It has a genuine, heartwarming slice of life with very endearing characters. The story is charismatic and very refreshing, and the more you read the chapters, the more you can relate to the characters, and that’s what makes this manga stand out.

This Seinen manga is written and illustrated by Misaki Takamatsu. This manga will very soon get an anime adaptation in the summer of 2023. It has been published by Kodansha’s Monthly Afternoon magazine, consisting of eight volumes, since January 2019.

The plot revolves around Iwakura Mitsumi, a small-town girl who moved to Tokyo for high school. It’s the usual big city atmosphere, but this one is a little more relaxing. She is a highly bright young lady, yet she may be cocky about her academic accomplishments at times.

When she left her hometown, she was confident and fully anticipating that she would be at the top of her class and that everything would go well, as she had planned her entire life. She’s ambitious and seems to have everything worked out, and she’s now in Tokyo, a huge city with a big school, but of course, there will be a twist.

Skip and Loafer Chapter 49

Mitsumi and her Friends in Skip and Loafer

So she’s on her way to her first day of school, but she gets completely lost; she can’t figure out whether she should take the train or the bus. She was absolutely defeated and a complete mess. Mitsumi was worried about being late for the opening ceremony and collapsed against the wall, feeling discouraged.

Meanwhile, another main character, Shima Sousuke, emerged, dressed in the same school uniform as Mitsumi, and enquired if everything was all right, which it wasn’t, but she was relieved to meet someone from the same school. They both hurried to school, but they arrived on time. 

Sousuke was clearly handsome and popular, as she recognized when they were in the same classroom. He was calm, although he appeared to be surrounded by people the majority of the time. He became interested in Mitsumi since she could be amusing at times and was, of course, intelligent.

Skip And Loafer Chapter 49 Recap: Spoilers

Mitsumi started her first part-time job so that she could enjoy her time during the summer break. She wanted to go to the beach in her hometown with her friends, and she asked her aunt, Nao-chan, for permission. She would be happy to drive them in a rental car, as it would be more practical than taking a plane.

They might not get another chance before their exam starts in the winter. Everyone was excited, and they would like to ask their parents for permission. But there’s Yamada thinking about her so-called girlfriend, who might not like the fact that she’s hanging out with other girls.

So, it will take a seven-hour drive to reach her home, and it will cost them twenty thousand yen in total. She has a guest room and futons, so there’s nothing to worry about. She wished for an unforgettable summer.

Skip and Loafer Chapter 49 of the Manga

Sousuke and his friends in Skip and Loafer

Mitsumi’s friends couldn’t believe that they allowed so many guests at their house. But yes, her parents wanted to know what kind of friends she had made. Even Mitsumi was excited to show her friends and the person she loves, Shima Sousuke.

Later, she talked about her first part-time job with her friends, and even they wanted to work together now. She’s saving money for the summer break and thinking about buying a new wallet for her little sister, Maharu.

Her family said she didn’t need to bring back any souvenirs, but she is probably the only sibling who would get to leave the prefecture, so she started this job to buy something for her family and also cover other expenses.

Skip And Loafer Chapter Chapter 50 Release Date

Since it is serialized in the Monthly Afternoon Magazine, Skip And Loafer Chapter Chapter 50 are likely to be released next month, on February 27, 2023. Check out the previous chapters if you haven’t already, for the time being.

Skip And Loafer Chapter Chapter 50: Where to Read

The English version of these chapters was published in August 2021 by Seven Seas Entertainment, as they have licensed the series. And the raw version of the series is available on Kodansha’s online publishing site.

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