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The Wilds Season 2: Everything You Need To Know

Amazon Prime has some great series to watch and one of them is The Wilds, this series is quite amazing in terms of its storyline. The story of stranded school students on an island after a plane crash seems very interesting to watch and you would too love watching it. The first season of The Wild was highly anticipated by the audience and ever since the first season ended people were desperately waiting for the announcement regarding the renewal of season 2 of The Wilds and recently Amazon has officially announced that they would be going for the renewal of the show.

This means that the shooting work of the show will start anytime soon. The recent Instagram posts confirmed that The Wild is all set to return with the same cast. The thing is what has made fans so excited for season 2 of the show is because the ending was a bit mysterious in season 1 and the second season is likely to be the continuation of the first and people wanted to get through that mind-tickling mystery which had been there in their mind ever since the first season has ended.

The Wilds Season 2 Returning

The Wilds Season 2 Returning

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The Wild Season 2- Official Renewed

This good news was shared on Instagram on December 19 last year that involved a short video in which we could see the cast of the show and someday saying Should We tell them?, and also various other question and at last we could hear the voice of all together saying we are coming back with Season 2. That certainly means that the renewal is officially done and soon we would see a poster, teaser by the Amazon Prime Videos regarding this series.

With the pandemic-related restriction in place, it is difficult for the crew to start on with the shooting for the next season, if everything goes well then we could expect the next season to come up before mid of 2022. But, we can’t say officially as of now just need some time for the shooting work of the show to begin.

The Wild Season 2- A brief Insight about the Plot

The last season started with the story of teen school-going girls who are fighting for their survival on a deserted island after they had a plane crash in which they were traveling. Almost all the things are quite well shown in the 10 Episode show about the condition that you could imagine when stranded on an island similar to this. You have to take care of yourself, arrange food and water and also make arrangements for the return and thus The Wild is a very thrilling show you would love to watch the show. If you haven’t started you should start before they come up with the next season of the show.

Towards the end of season 1, we experience a certain kind of new twist because the group of girls that is “Dawn of Eden” are not the only girls who are stranded on the island and we are also shown a scene in which we are shown a group of boys who are surveilling these girls from a place and the desk over there reads “The Twilight of Adam” that certainly is something else that wasn’t expected and then the series ends with certain questions in mind which certainly be answered in the upcoming season of The Wild.

The two primary questions that are expected to take on in season 2 are first who are the “The Twilight of Adams” and why are they doing so and another question is about the girl from the group who went missing the question is that is she alive. Both, this question will be entitled in the next season of The Wild. Well, the cast of the show will remain the same because the story is laying off from where it had ended in season 1- Sarah Pidgeon, Mia Healey, Shannon Berry, Erana James, Sophia Ali, Reign Edwards, and Erana James all of these are expected to be the part of The Wild Season 2 as well.

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