Ethan Hawke Before And After: Aging Like Fine Wine

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Ethan Hawke (Credits: The Playlist
Ethan Hawke (Credits: The Playlist)

Four Academy Awards, two Golden Globes, and a Tony Awards-winning actor Ethan Hawke is an American actor and director. The established actor has films, plays, documentaries, and novels to his name, not leaving anything artsy untouched.

Hawke debuted in 1985, but the film that actually got people asking for his name was the one that was released four years after his debut, titled Dead Poets Society. Since then, Hawke has been a part of the Before trilogy, Great Expectations, Hamlet, The Magnificent Seven, Juliet, Naked, and so many more. 

Hawke hails from Texas and was born to young parents, who later divorced when Hawke was only four years old. As a child, Hawke and his family moved around the country a lot before finally settling in New Jersey. It was in high school that Hawke developed a liking for the arts and wanted to become a writer, and this interest later turned into a liking for acting.

Since his college days, the actor has been a part of theatre and plays, taking up acting roles whenever he could. And since he steps foot into this industry, he has worked non-stop, managing to have a long list of much-appreciated work under his name. 

Young and Present time Hawke (Credits: ABC News)
Young and Present time Hawke (Credits: ABC)

The actor married his first wife, Uma Thurman, in 1998 after the two had spent some sweet time during the shoot of their movie, Gattaca, two years prior to their marriage. But the two separated a few years later, and Hawke found himself his new love some more years later in the form of his kid’s nanny, Ryan Shawhughes. The two got married in 2008 and continue to be together and have two lovely daughters too. 

Ethan Hawke has been in the public eye for a very long time, long enough for him to age gorgeously and also go through immense changes in his appearance. Fans have always fawned over his good looks, and we are convinced that he is not losing his appeal any time soon.

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Ethan Hawke: Before & After 

When popularity and success found him after the Dead Poets Society, Hawke was only nineteen years old at the time. He has gone from looking like a complete baby on the screen to being the ‘it’ guy and finally being the handsome, rich-looking old guy that we all secretly have a crush on.

Unlike a lot of celebrities, it has to be noted that the changes in Ethan’s face and appearance that have occurred over the years do not, for a second, look unnatural at all. The man is fifty-two years old, and he very much looks like it, not in a bad way, obviously.

Young Ethan Hawke (Credits: Twitter)
Young Ethan Hawke (Credits: Twitter)

All this means is that the actor has aged like fine wine, and to us, it looks all-natural. Of course, when out in public, he is surrounded by good light, high-quality cameras, and post-editing work that makes him look a tad bit too perfect than he actually might be in reality. But overall, for his age, his face does not look fake or unnatural. 

Where much of the entertainment industry is out to get their hands on the best possible treatment and methods to make them look as unnaturally young as possible, Hawke stands out because it does not look like he has gone under any form of treatment, botox, or even plastic surgery. 

He definitely had his overall looks and style change over the years where he started off with his bed hair, lazy grin, artsy guy next door vibe to the scruffy nineties rockstar vibes to turning up at events in lovely formal attire to wearing ridiculous-looking hats to even more ridiculous shirts and then switching back and forth between these styles.

Recent appearance of actor Ethan Hawke (Credits: TMZ)
The recent appearance of actor Ethan Hawke (Credits: TMZ)

He has had phases with his hair, too, and one can sit all night discussing his hair history and his relationship with his scruffy weird beard. The point here is not Hawke’s style but the fact that the great actor has aged just like he should have, naturally and beautifully. 

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In an era where everybody is turning up at the doctor’s to get something or the other fixed or changed, Ethan Hawke sticks to his real, authentic self, refusing to give into the eternal youth agenda every celebrity tries to propagate.

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