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New Mortal Kombat Movie Drops The First Trailer

Every person who calls themselves a gamer has surely played the game Mortal Kombat once in their lifetime. As of right now, a film is going to release that has its entire concept inspired by this popular game. Recently, the creators have shared a trailer about this forthcoming film and surely it looks as violent and full of action scenes as the game is. The movie will be distributed to the cinemas so that it could reach an audience by Warner Brothers Company. In this upcoming movie, we will witness actor Lewis Tan enacting the character of Cole Young. Cole is an MMA Fighter who is very, very curious about the scar on his chest which is shaped just like a dragon.

The character takes this weird sign on his body as a birthmark, as many people have already suggested the idea to him, and thus, he is completely unaware of everything. Later in the scenes, we witness that Cole gets admitted to battle in a very popular tournament called Mortal Kombat. Well, as a disclaimer, I am telling you that there are going to be a lot of action sequences in the film because Cole has the fate of the entire human race in his hands as he is taking part in the Mortal Kombat tournament.

As for the trailer, the clip has provided a lot of key insights into what this upcoming film might actually look like. We have seen the human version of the other characters from the game such as Sonya as well as Kano and Raiden. The character list also has included Jax and Liu Kang along with Shang Tsung. Because the entire genre of Mortal Kombat is of action, we also have Sub Zero as well as Scorpion who are the warriors in supernatural dueling, or we can say the unofficial mascots that the game never announced publicly.

The new Mortal Kombat film is going to serve the die-hard fans of the game as well as the previous films called Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation from the 90s in the form of a hard reboot. It is set to showcase all the violent action scenes that are in the game too.

As for the release date of Mortal Kombat, the film started its production very early, even before the pandemic happened. This gave all the creators a chance to carry out the post-production process during the lockdown in the comforts of their home. Even a trailer has been released for the film and it looks amazing. We have linked it down in the article so that you all can get even more depth about the story that this new Mortal Kombat film has to offer us. Now, we shall head over to the section where we will discuss the launch date of this film. Warner Brothers have finalized that the new Mortal Kombat film is set to release on the 16th of April 2021. As the new policy of Warner Brothers states, the film will drop out both, on HBO Max as well as in the cinemas too.

The new Mortal Kombat film has to offer us a variety of updates that we never knew we needed. Simon McQuoid serves as the director of the film while Greg Russo as well as Dave Callahan took up the responsibility of screenplay. This tale is highly anticipated by all the audience and part of this factor lies in the hands of the ensemble cast list employed by the creators. It includes Lewis Tan who is set to reprise the role of Cole Young. Then we have Jessica McNamee who will enact the character of Sonya Blade. Mehcad Brooks plays the part of Jackson Jax Briggs. Ludi Lin will reprise the role of Liu Kang. Max Huang is going to enact the character of Kung Lao.

Then we have Tadanobu Asano who will play the part of Raiden. Josh Lawson is set to reprise the role of Kano. Chin Han is going to enact the character of Shang Tsung. Hiroyuki Sanada will play the part of Hanzo Hasahi, also known as the Scorpion. Then we have Joe Taslim who is set to reprise the role of Bi-Han, also known as Sub Zero. Then Sisi String is going to enact the character of Mileena.

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