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Where Was True Colours Filmed? Filming Locations

Where was True colours filmed?
Where was True colours filmed?

True Colours, a brand-new Australian television show from SBS and NITV, kicks off its NAIDOC week debut. Erica Glynn and Steven McGregor are the series’ creators, writers, and directors for its four episodes. The plot revolves around a police detective who relocates back to their hometown only to become embroiled in an inquiry with startlingly intimate ramifications.

This path has been traveled many times before, notably in two excellent recent Australian productions: The Dry, a feature film, and Mystery Road: Origin, a television series. Since it’s release, fans have been asking about the scenic locations where the shooting has taken place. Let’s learn more about this drama series and answer the question in demand: Where Was True Colours Filmed?

What’s True Colours All About?

Rarriwuy Hick plays investigator Toni Alma in the four-part drama True Colours, which Erica Glynn and Warren H. Williams co-created. The plot of the series starts with Toni Alma, who is reluctantly ordered to look into a strange vehicle accident in her hometown, where she encounters hostility from the residents. Toni protests when a superior tells her to go back to Peadar Theendar, saying there is “too much family” there and that many people won’t speak to her. No one will speak to us, says the superior, but at least some people will speak to you.

Where Was True Colours Filmed?

Where Was True Colours Filmed?

The conflict between white-oriented policing and Indigenous beliefs and customs is one of the script’s most intriguing elements. Toni sometimes has no control at all, even if he has a badge. This would be funny in another setting, but in this one, it’s serious and complex, combining parts of a police investigation with cultural knowledge. Late in the play’s run, Toni scolds her uncle Samuel, saying, “Don’t you hide underneath our culture… you choose the traditional line whenever it suits you.” This is when the drama’s moral complexity peaks.

True Colours also discusses topics like apology business, kinship ties, and the commercialization of Aboriginal art. Even though the cultural insights are fascinating, True Colours’ structural concentration is on procedural and film noir elements that, despite being skillfully presented, are overused. Even while the scenarios feel stale and too dependent on the traditional detective series script, it may be a compliment that you don’t question True Colours’ realism, especially its sense of community.

Cast of True Colours

In this drama series, we can see Detective Toni Alma being played by Rarriwuy Hick. Samuel Alma, played by Warren H. Williams, and Luke Arnold plays Toni’s ex-boyfriend, Nick Gawler. The Bull, portrayed by Errol Shand, Liz Hindmarsh, played by Emilie de Ravin, and Trisha Morton-Thomas plays Theodora. A gingerbread man, played by Ben Oxenbould. Toni’s mother-in-law, Isabelle Martin, is played by Miranda Otto.

Where Was True Colours Filmed

It was shot entirely on location in the Macdonnell Ranges, including the town of Amoonguna, east of Alice Springs. The series, which embodies Arrernte culture and language, includes hundreds of pieces by Central Australian artists.

Where Was True Colours Filmed?

Where Was True Colours Filmed?

The Southern Northern Territory is home to the MacDonnell Ranges, called Tjoritja in Arrernte. The range, which spans 644 kilometers (400 miles) in central Australia, is made up of parallel hills that stretch to the east and west of Alice Springs. The mountain range includes numerous breathtaking gorges and gaps, in addition to locations of Aboriginal importance.

Within an hour’s drive to the east of Alice Springs are significant locations for the local Arrernte people, several of which have examples of Aboriginal rock art. These include N’Dhala Gorge, Trephina Gorge, Emily Gap, and Jessie Gap.

Where to Watch True Colours?

On July 4, 2022, True Colours made its simultaneous broadcast debut on SBS Television, National Indigenous TV, and SBS on Demand. It ran for four nights in a row. Viewers can still watch this drama on SBS on Demand, but the availability may differ based on their geographical location.

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