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Is Genos Dead in One Punch Man Chapter 166?

Is Genos dead Chapter 166

One-Punch Man keeps punching us with killer storylines (literally). With One Punch Man being one of those famous manga series, expecting crazy plots should be classified as second nature. Mangaka Yusuke Murata will be taking us on a roller coaster ride. In the new chapter we see Genos being defeated by the omininous Garou. Bringing us to this question :Is Genos dead? Yes, in a way he is killed by Garou but there’s a big question mark if the creators decide to keep it that way.

The One-Punch Man Manga is at an unpredictable phase, where anything could go down. It’s the same as getting punched by Saitama himself.

Who is Genos?

Before we get into this article. Lets look into who Genos is. He is 19-year old cyborg who is Saitama’s beloved pupil.  The young cyborg strongly strives for justice while constantly trying to increase his authority. Genos is presently an S- Class Rank 14 and goes by the name Demon Cyborg with the Hero Association. They both share a very special bond and he’s very protective of Saitama.
Is genos dead?


One-Punch Man Chapter 165 Recap

It was finally time for the long-awaited battle- Saitama Vs Garou. Who knew Garou would turn into this indestructible being.  The fandom witnessed the unthinkable i.e. Garou punching Saitama. Garou even manages to accomplish Saitama’s Consecutive Normal Punches. Now at this point, he has reached the cosmic level after using the Gamma Ray Burst attack (surpassing Boros). Chapter 165 also included the fight between Garou and the S class heroes. Then it even shed light on Garou’s new form aka Cosmic Garou. 

Chapter 166: Disaster level “God”

We’re in the Endgame now as Garou launched his nuclear attack. We see Garou approaching earth, with his new God Powers making him seem undefeatable. His powers have reached to a certain level where his presence is enough to kill off people, especially the weaker ones.

Blast finally showed up amisdt the conversation of Garou and Silver Fang leaving both of them surprised by his appearance. You can see how grevious and concerning look on Blast, while he mentions how his very existence on the planet was endangering all the living things. Blast tries to change Garou with the little hope he had with idea to take him back where he should be. Moving further into the chapter, Garou proudly claims to the be the “Symbol of Fear” and we can feel the absolute evil coming from him. Here comes the part where Genos rushes in to take Garou down, but fails. Garou takes the chance to ridicule him and Saitama.

Blast takes the opportunity and attacks with Garou with everything he could, leaving us with a very epic battle scene (chef’s kiss). Then comes the heart breaking scene.

Chapter 166: Is Genos dead?

In order to bring out Saitama’s full strength, Garou reaches out to pick Genos up and yanks his core out killing him at the spot. We’re not certain if he’s dead or maybe he can be brought back to life as he was a cyborg.

Now the next scene is where we see Saitama standing there, realising he was late. We witness a small flashback, where Genos was mentioning how Saitama always managed to be there on time (not this time), questioning himself if he really had a Hero’s Intuition.

Coming to the end of the chapter we see, Serious Saitama and Garou exchanging punches which might end up shattering earth. I guess we’ll have to wait and I’m sure it’s going to be epic.

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