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Scream 6 Trailer Breakdown: Is Stu Coming Back As Ghostface?

Ghostface in the store at the start of the trailer
Ghostface in the store at the start of the trailer

In a brand-new Scream VI trailer, Ghostface makes an appearance in New York City. My boy will say, “Ehhhh, I’m murdering here.” Yes, there is a lot to discuss, so in this Scream 6 Trailer Breakdown, we’ll discuss the new footage we have, the wacky characters that appear, as well as the weird reason Ghostface is now staying in a tiny apartment in New York.

We will talk about all the returning and new characters, all the Easter Eggs to the previous Scream franchise movies, the previous nine Ghostface characters, references to other famous horror movies, and is Stu coming back as Ghostface. And boy it looks like there’s going to be a lot of action, stabbing, and killing. So let’s start the breakdown without asking someone “What’s their favorite Scary Movie”.

Scream 6 Trailer Breakdown

To start things off, Scream 6 shakes things up by sending the remaining members to college in the city of dreams, the concrete jungle. The Carpenter sisters are being hunted into a store by a person wearing a Ghostface mask, but their PTSD seems to be right behind them.

Scream VI Trailer Breakdown

Scream VI Trailer Breakdown

Now, the mask at the beginning of the trailer is different from those that appear afterward. This one appears to be a bit older and worn, similar to how Micheal’s mask appeared aged and worn in the 2018 Halloween remake, suggesting that it might be an original. The fact that Ghostface gives the alpha acting man the business suggests that he or she is clearly insanely after the Carpenter sisters.

He then moves on to the sisters, narrowly avoiding the store clerk’s approaching shotgun shot. Rather, turn the gun back on him, and that’s such a badass representation of a weathered Ghostface carrying some real heat.

Then there is this hilarious statement placed on the pillar to the right, “No exchange or refund on phone cards” which refers to Ghostface using up all of those prepaid minutes while questioning folks about their favorite horror movies. 

Although the two sisters make an effort to escape secretly, some broken glass reveals their position. All of this might be a total fake, with the real culprit being a thief in a mask they happened to find in an alley.  I believe the police will arrive shortly after this and arrest the fool.

Then Sam Carpenter’s voice may be heard speaking to someone. Since she is the daughter of Billy Loomis, I’m thinking that she is telling her new college classmates or perhaps sorority sisters about her escape from California, the fact that Ghostface’s evil has tracked her across the nation, and the possibility that some of her friends may also be in danger.

Then we see Sam holding the same worn Ghostface mask from the bodega sequence, with a bit of blood on it and her hands. I still think that Ghostface is taken out because Sam is holding the mask with the same navy jacket she was wearing in the bodega. So potentially it’s the next morning, and police are gathering information from the crime scene.

Returning Scream characters

Returning Scream characters

Returning And New Characters

There is a quick sequence showcasing new and returning characters. First is Liana Liberato as Carly, maybe Sam’s roommate. Tara standing with Chad Meeks, as you can see on his sweater the group is all attending the fictional Blackfield university in New York, that’s the College they are attending. Sam and Mindy Meeks, standing with a new character of Alison, who I’m assuming is a new friend or again roommate.

They’re all terrified because someone in a Ghostface mask is at the door. Mindy tells Alison to run, I’m guessing it’s because she’s newer to the group and has no clue who Ghostface is and since she is newer to the group, she is screwed.

My favorite part of this is Kirby. Kirby is back babaaayyy! I know many people assumed she died in Scream 4, but there is a tease of her still being alive in Scream 5. I think in a list of suggested youtube articles that Richie is looking at, but yeah she is back in this one.

It was rumored she went into law enforcement after the events of Scream 4, potentially as a detective, as you can see the man walking behind her is sporting a badge of some sort. So we can assume they are at the station, and yeah she is a detective interviewing the Carpenter sisters after the bodega attack.

Much like the sisters, it seems like Kirby moved across the country to get away from the PTSD of the Ghostface attacks. Personal nit-pick, where’s the pixie cut? I mean oooohhh man I love that haircut!

Ghostface’s New Lair And Easter Eggs

Now, this might be my favorite part of the trailer, as we get into Ghostface’s new lair. First, we see someone has graffitied almost a memorial to Ghostface on the wall. The quote of “What’s your favorite scary movie?” is shown, obviously being their iconic catchphrase, starting all the way back in the first movie.

Ghostface's new lair with lots of Scream Easter Eggs

Ghostface’s new lair with lots of Scream Easter Eggs

This appears to be an old abandoned theater, kind of reminiscent of the ending of Scream 2, as the old and new members investigate. I’m curious about what actually brought them to this place, or if it’s all a trap to get them in one place, and then close the gate behind.

Anyway, there is a whole treasure trove of easter eggs and references to previous Scream movies tucked away here. Whoever this Ghostface is, clearly is obsessed with the Ghostface lore, and in the words of Gale: “It’s a shrine”.

If we slow things down, the first police uniform appears to be from Woodsboro, potentially belonging to Hoss or Perkins from Scream 4. The gray shirt almost cut to shreds is Olivia’s also from Scream 4. Then there is this mask is ripped directly from Scream 2 when Sidney is performing her interpretive dance in the theater.

There are several pieces of Stab memorabilia in the glass cases to the left and right. There is a whole bevy of older outfits, as we can see Jill Robert’s blue flannel and pants from Scream 4. Debby Salt aka Mrs. Loomis’s blazer she wore in Scream 2. Casey’s boyfriend, Steve’s Varsity football jacket in the middle, and even the duct tape on the mannequin’s mouth.

Tatum Riley’s shirt and skirt from the first Scream. There is Stu’s bloodied shirt from the end of Scream, and Stu’s red silk robe he wore in that. Surprisingly if you look closely, the old CRT TV that fell on Stu at the end of Scream 1 is also tucked away by the robe. So this is a serious collector, how’d they get this?

There’s also a flag sporting the same colors as Woodsboro High, I’m assuming it’s their flag, The stupid fax machine from Scream 3, and the star or sun stage prop that Derek was hanging on at the end of Scream 2 tucked away on the left. I probably missed a couple of things.

The 9 Different Ghostface

But now the holy grail of the room, are the 9 different Ghostface outfits on stage, representing the 9 different Ghostface killers there have been. To jog your memory, Scream 1 had Billy and Stu, Scream 2 had Mickey and Mrs. Loomis, Scream 3 was Roman, Scream 4 was Jill and Charlie, And lastly Scream 5 was Richie and Amber.

9 previous Ghostface

9 previous Ghostface

Also, it’s pretty cool that there are little name plates at the bottom of each to show who wore them, and if you zoom in, the glass-encased one belongs to Billy. This brings about the theory that Stu is still alive or behind all of this. He’s the only character from the original film to have never 100% been confirmed to be alive or dead.

So I think it would be a wild series of events to know he has been behind the scenes orchestrating all of this. Now I think there was a rumor or early discarded script, maybe Scream 3 I can’t entirely remember, that had Stu sort of mentoring a cult of other Ghostface’s to do his bidding.

So with 9 costumes here, I can see the plot going that way, with a group of Ghostfaces, rather than our usual 1 or 2, because the later subway sequence does not look promising for our main survivors. Sure Mathew Lillard has denied any sort of involvement, but come on. Shaggy, say it wasn’t you.

The next sequence is a bit of homage to Ghostface calling their victim first to toy with them, which originated in the first Scream. Gale’s boyfriend maybe or whoever is snatched by this Ghostface which I love when slashers do blurry things in the background. But Gale totally seems like she can handle her own. Saying that “You know You’re like the 10th guy to do this”.

This is a great self-aware line because this will be the 10th person to dawn the Ghostface mask, so great writing team. However much like Dewey in Scream 5, I don’t think Gale is making it out of this one alive. It makes sense to finally hand over the franchise to the new generation.

Gabe And Sasha

There are several quick flashing moments in the film, it looks like a final showdown in the same theater where the Ghostface shrine is. From the shot of Tara and Sam, I’m convinced there are going to be a couple of Ghostfaces, because who is she looking at?

Tony Rivolori's Gabe

Tony Rivolori’s Gabe

Once again, hopefully, it’s the cult-like I theorized, because Chad is seen fighting one, and Willaims the police chief is also looking for one as well. There are several shots of the group having to scale across an apartment building to escape Ghostface, while he or she is about to drop the ladder. Very Home Alone of you, Ghostface.

And then we get a quick look at Tony Revolori’s, Gabe, and Samara Weaving’s, Sasha. More than likely they might be the opening famed kill sequence of the film because this is all we see of them. But if we pause on the Gabe shot. There is a poster for Vertigo behind him and an image of The Last Podcast on the Left. His shirt is also a nod to the movie Four Flies on Grey Velvet.

All of these deal with murder cases, crimes, true crimes, fake crimes, some sort of crime, I don’t know, but crime may be the running theme of this one. How funny would it be, that the Ghostface people are revealed to just be podcasters?

The Horror Movies References

And to close the trailer we get our group of Woodsboro friends riding the subway, with our first look at another new group member David, played by Josh Segarra. Now if he looks familiar, it’s because he just played Pug in the She-Hulk series a few months back.

Anyway, it looks like the group is having to escape Ghostface via the subway on Halloween night. The subway car is filled with horror, slasher, and other movie character references so let’s break them all down.

Lots of horror movie reference

Lots of horror movie reference

Starting with the guy dressed as The Babadook behind the group. In the next shot, there is a werewolf mask, that is Peachfuzz from the movie Creep, obscure reference, I know. Along with Pin-head from the Hellraiser franchise. Then there is the Creep mask from Creepshow. The woman with her back turned is dressed as Samara’s Weaving’s bride character from Ready or Not.

This is both a nod to her starring in Scream 6, along with Matt Bettinelli also directing both films. There is a Jason mask off to the right, that looks similar to the one he wears in Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan, which seems very fitting. A couple of tethered from Jordan Peele’s “Us” above Jason. And then there’s a quick look at a guy dressed as Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street, again another Wes Craven joint.

Anyway, it looks like the group may be trapped, and a Ghostface or several of them get Mindy. Potentially some clever editing, where she bites the dust earlier, and that’s why she’s not pictured with the full group at the start of this scene.

But yeah that’s Scream 6 baby. This trailer surprisingly has me super excited after me being wishy-washy with Scream 5, BUT if they bring back Stu, oohh hell yeah! And this looks a bit more brutal version of Scream than Scream 5.

And with the line “There’s never been one like me” I have faith they’re flipping the script once again. Anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this latest Scream 6 trailer. Did you catch any other easter eggs we missed, who’s behind the Ghostface mask, and are you seeing Scream 6 opening weekend?

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