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What Happened To Murray in The Epic Finale of Stranger Things Season 4 Vol. 2?


Vecna, you better beware because Murray Bauman‘s old alcoholic self has now turned into a Karate master! Gelman’s eccentric character Murray has had quite the transformation since he was first introduced in Stranger Things Season 2. Season 4 has him leading a separate sub-plot along with Joyce in the Soviet Union against the KGB. He’s no longer a sidekick on the margins, rather, he’s ‘kicking ass and taking names’ (Nikola Duricko’s Yuri can testify for the cause).

Naturally with Stranger Things‘ penultimate season coming to a close, one would like to know where Murray stands on the Dead or Alive meter. So, here’s all that we know about him after watching the final episode.

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Who is Murray?

Brett Clifford Gelman was previously seen on BBC’s Fleabag as Martin and unexpectedly on an episode of The Office too. Yet, it is with his role as Murray Bauman in Stranger Things that his quirkiness shines the most.

Murray Bauman

Murray and Joyce team up to save Hopper from the KGB in Stranger Things Season 4

Murray was but a shut-in disgruntled journalist when we first met him in his bunker in Stranger Things Season 2. His daily ensemble was his loose-fitting kimono with vodka as his only and best friend in the world until the Hawkings gang knocked at his door. His self-enforced alienation stemmed from his non-conformist attitude upon having lost faith in humanity.

However, after meeting the Hawkings troupe, the same hope was reignited as he found fellow human beings trying to save innocent lives from being eaten up alive by evil forces.


Couples can rely on Murray to resolve their unsaid issues and set them up. Just like that, Hawkings found its unsung couple’s therapist in Murray Bauman.

Until now, he was simply featured on the show as a recurring presence, but with Season 4’s arrival, he has been promoted to the stature of one of the main characters. As was observed this time around, he partnered up with Winona Ryder‘s Joyce. Forming their own little buddy system, the two flew to Russia in hopes of breaking out Hopper.

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Did Murray Die In The Final Episode of Stranger Things 4?

To answer that question, Murray’s fate steered him to safety after all, unlike one of our other beloved characters on the show. Flaunting his karate skills, he was able to lead us to Hopper in Russia. He played a huge role in uniting our star-crossed couple ‘Jopper’. It’s like his secret superpower now to set up couples after all their angsty exchanges. At first, it was Nancy and Jonathan in Season 2 and now Joyce and Hopper in Season 4. Looks like we will be needing his much-grounded humane side in the future as well.

More importantly, the show grew up along with the cast. They’re all charting into darker territory, which can be a lot overwhelming for some viewers at times. Thanks to Murray, we all can enjoy a bit of comic relief from time to time. Keeping things balanced like this further makes it easier to digest the overall current menacing tone of the Netflix series. As opposed to telekinetic superpowers and antagonists, we need someone on the ground to render things a bit relatable.


Our very own new “Karate Kid” Murray Bauman who’s got ‘arrows’ for fingers.

And thankfully, we have Murray for that, or at least, we think we do.

Nothing can be confirmed as of yet. We definitely saw him escape with his new allies Enzo and Yuri from Russia, but thereafter an “earthquake” shook the town of Hawkings. A major chunk of the town’s population was seen leaving for good while others were seeking refuge and supplies at the high school gym collectively. Some even died when the gates keeping the evils of the Upside Down at bay burst open.

We didn’t see him during the absolute final moments of the last episode, so all we can do is hope for his safety till Season 5’s return.

Will Murray Be In Stranger Things Season 5?

His presence remained unaccounted for at the end, so nothing can be ascertained right now. We’ll have to await more updates and news regarding Season 5 to confirm all the returning characters for the last and final season of Stranger Things. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for Murray till then because we could use all the help we can get. After all, Murray does have “fingers like arrows”, “arms like iron,” and “feet like spears”.

Season 4, Volume 2 of Stranger Things is now available on Netflix

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