Black Clover Chapter 348 Release Date Is Delayed: Asta Comes To Rescue Yami’s Sister!

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Black Clover Chapter 348 Release Date Details

Black Clover Chapter 348 release date has been scheduled and fans of the series are excited to see the new powered-up Asta in the said chapter however the chapter will be released following a break next week due to the magazine break. This means that not only we won’t be getting the new chapter of Black Clover, but there also won’t be any chapters from the manga shonen categories.

The upcoming week is going to be dry for the shonen jump readers. Nevertheless, the third week of January will bless the fans with all the content from all the shonen jump manga as each one of them is a very exciting narration. Black Clover Chapter 347 played out very nicely.

We were expecting to see the Paladins show their true and we were excited to compare them with the Ryuzen seven members who displayed their flashing abilities one by one. Black Clover Chapter 347 did demonstrate the abilities of the Paladins but one expected them to be that strong. One attack from the Paladins was enough to take down the five of the Ryuzen Seven.

In addition, the most twisted and unexpected part of the latest chapter was one of Paladin’s abilities known as Boogeyman which manifests and takes the form of the opponent’s most fearful memories. When it was used against Ichika, we learned that it took the image of her father and brought the true incident of going down when the whole Yami clan was murdered.

It wasn’t our Yami of the captain of the Black Bull rather, it was Ichika herself who massacred her clan due to the Oni pill given by her father. As the latter began to lose all faith and hope in the battle, we saw Asta making an entry to stop the bad memories of Ichika.

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Given that Asta is back on the fighting grounds, fans are anticipating that Asta has completed training and may have gotten even stronger with new abilities. Thus, fans are very excited about the upcoming chapter that is Black Clover Chapter 348 so let’s discuss it in detail. Since there are no spoilers and raw scans available at the moment for the Black Clover Chapter 348, we can’t say for sure what is going to happen in it.

We do, however, have other important info for the Black Clover Chapter 348 such as the new and the exact release date for the chapter and where you will read the chapter once it is released without any worries. With that being said, let’s dive into all of those details for Black Clover Chapter 348.

Black Clover Chapter 348 Raw Scans And Spoilers

Black Clover Chapter 348 will likely continue with the current events and Asta will probably be demonstrating his new powers for sure. Given that there were two more Ryuzen seven members training Asta means that they can also join the battle now that Asta’s training has been completed.

So we can expect to see not only the new abilities of Asta in the upcoming chapter, but we can surely expect to see the two of the Ryuzen seven which one of them is considered the strongest of the Ryuzen seven as well. Since the release date for Black Clover Chapter 348 has been delayed by a week, the spoilers and the raw scans will also be delayed by a week and we can expect them to stop emerging from Wednesday, 18th of January 2023.

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We will surely have a new article discussing the spoilers for Black Clover Chapter 348 once they are available. But for now, check out the release date for Black Clover Chapter 348 below.

Black Clover Chapter 348 Expectations

Black Clover Chapter 348 Delayed Release Date

The new release date for all manga featuring in the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine including Black Clover Chapter 348 is scheduled to release on Monday, 23rd January 2023 at midnight Japanese Standard Timing. Since the time will vary, most of the regions will get the new chapter on Sunday 22nd January 2023.

Read Black Clover Chapter 348 Online

Like all the series of shonen jump manga, Black Clover Chapter 348 will be available on Viz Media and Manga Plus for readers around the world. The great thing about these platforms is that they let the users read the new chapters of most of the shonen jump mangas for free for a limited period of time.

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