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One Piece

Ryokugyu From One Piece: Everything To Know

Admiral Ryokugyu Silhouette
Admiral Ryokugyu Silhouette

Oda might create more mysteries rather than solve them, but finally, it seems that the mysteries started bursting out with each of the latest chapters of One Piece. In the latest manga chapter, something crazy happened, and we finally witness the much-awaited disclosure of one of the most prominent and hyped characters of One Piece. But before moving further, We want to warn you that this article contains heavy spoilers related to the latest chapter of One Piece manga. So if you are avoiding spoilers or don’t want to get spoiled, then you can stop reading from this point. Well, If you have made up your mind, In this article, we will discuss everything related to Ryokugyu, aka Green Bull. We will talk about everything that has already been disclosed and my own theories that I personally think to make great sense.

There are countless things that make One Piece one of the best shonen anime, but for me, the best part of the series is its too many characters and their role and impact on the overall storyline. There is a huge difference between good writing and great writing, and Oda proved this point by involving a huge number of characters in the show and using them at the appropriate times so they could have an impact. Luffy may be the protagonist of the series, but his fellow crewmates, followers, and fleet make him the greatest captain in the sea.

Ryokugyu: The Introduction

Just before the Wano Arc, In the Reverie, the system of warlords had been abolished by the world government, and now all the existing warlords are mere pirates. We all knew that this would happen at some point in time as the warlords were creating lots of havoc under the name of the world government and navy, and the world government was costing high stakes just because of these pirates. Even Fujitora mentioned it in Dressrosa that he would abolish this in the future. But wait? How warlords, Fujitora, and the System of Warlords is connected to Ryokugyu? Yes, it is, All the dots will be connected till the end of the article, so keep reading.


Admiral Ryokugyu in Anime

In the Reverie, we saw Fujitora enjoying noodles with someone and having a casual conversation about the system and tasty food in Marie Jois. Then we saw the silhouetted figure of Ryokugyu, the ADMIRAL of the Navy Headquarters. Akainu ordered him to take down Fujitora, but he overlooked his order and was doing his own things. The introduction of this character might not be as flashy as Kaidou or Big Mom but enough to give any One Piece fans chills down the spine. It was also revealed at this point in time that Ryokugyu is quite fond of beautiful girls, and he hasn’t eaten anything for the past 3 years.

GreenBull’s Real Identity & Powers

In One Piece chapter 1052, We saw Green Bull heading towards Wano in the end when the Straw Hats were enjoying their banquet. It was revealed that he can fly with his powers, but in the latest chapter, It was finally revealed that the real name of Ryokugyu(GreenBull) is Aramaki. It was also revealed that he is quite a fan of Akainu and often follows his orders. He wants Akainu to appraise him for his dedication toward him. Finally, it was revealed that Aramaki is behind Luffy, and he is all set to take him down just for the Akainu’s approval.



If we talk about his powers, It was revealed in the chapter that he can use forest-type powers to consume his opponents. We saw him digesting Queen and King along with other Beast Pirates. Now, many fans would argue that Queen and King were weaker at that time, but this argument makes no sense. Even if they were in their ideal state, they would have no chance in front of Aramaki. The name of his devil fruit wasn’t revealed, but it seems that it was a kind of Logia-type devil fruit. As Oda revealed the mystery of Aramaki, It eventually creates more mysteries, and this is the kind of thing I love about One Piece. It never feels dragged or unnecessarily stretched.

Is Aramaki The Forest God?

Well, the concept of Gods in One Piece is quite vague, and before Wano, Celestial Dragons were the beings treated as the Gods, but since the Skypea arc, The concept of different types of God was rolling up, and we haven’t given that much attention on these references until we saw Luffy as Nika ( Sun God ). In Skypea, the forest god was also mentioned, and we finally think that the dots are finally connecting, and Aramaki may be the Forest God with awakened devil fruit.


Aramaki showing terror

Since we know very little about devil fruits, it can also be a thing that Aramaki can awaken his forest fruits’ powers according to his will. He might know something of which Straw Hats are still deprived, and it can give him an edge if they go on the battle in the future chapters. Luffy still can’t awaken his Hito Hito no Mi according to his will, and he might be in serious trouble if he couldn’t use Nika’s powers against this Admiral.

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Is Aramaki Stronger Than Yonko?

This question may become one of the asked questions on the Internet, so we decided to cover this point here on. I have a greyish opinion against this point. If we take the point that Aramaki is stronger than Emperor, then why World Government didn’t order him to take down Kaidou beforehand. But there are many counterpoints that clear this argument. According to me, Aramaki is on the same level as Yonko. World Government didn’t use him to Annex Wano just to avoid the scar on their image. If they ordered him to take down Kaidou, there would be a full-fledged war against the emperor’s huge fleet, and the navy and the government had to suffer a huge loss. It could be the Marineford 2.0. Even if he managed to take down Kaidou in the end, there would be no benefit as the consequences would be greater than the benefits.


Yonko Kaidou

After the alliance of Kaidou and Big Mom, there would be no chance for Aramaki to win this battle alone as it would be nearly impossible for him to take down two yonkos at a time. Even World Government had to suffer an heavy cost if they took just one wrong decision. Now, the two emperors are gone, and Luffy and his crew might be in the fatigue stage, It can be the best time to take down these pirates for the sake of the World Government.

Will Aramaki Fight Luffy In Wano?

As the great Onigashima war is recently over and Luffy emerges as the new Yonko with 3 billion berries, will there be another battle in Wano? Well, no one knows what will happen in the future chapters, but according to me, there won’t be a long battle as of now. The great battle was recently over, and Oda won’t start another huge battle just after this. There might be the other way Oda will choose to settle things up, and the fight seems very fewer possibilities. Again, I want to confirm that these all are just mere speculations and that actual results might differ.


Where To Watch/Read One Piece?

There are many websites that allow us to read and watch One Piece legally over the Internet. If you want to read all the chapters of One Piece, then you can head toward Viz Official website. Here you can read all the recent chapters free of cost and can buy all the released volumes at a very affordable price. Apart from One Piece, you can access many other top-class mangas with your single subscription.

If you are an anime fan, you can consider Crunchyroll to enjoy One Piece. You can access thousands of anime on Crunchyroll with just your one subscription, and this platform is known as the warehouse of anime. You can binge all the episodes of One Piece here and simulcast the latest ones as soon as it hits Japanese television. We at Otakukart always support official sources to read and watch anime as this helps creators financially and encourages them to continue doing the good work.

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