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Damn Reincarnation Chapter 50: Release Date, Spoilers & Where to Watch

Eugene Lionhart | Credits: Youtube

Manhwa has taken over the internet with insane artworks, extraordinary stories, and especially color panels. Where manga can become monotonous after a while, Manhwa stays interesting all the way through.

Many Manhwa like Solo Levelling, The Beginning After the End, and Lookism are already some of the most loved series out there by the fans. They are popular enough to get anime adaptations for a number of series like God of Highschool and Tower of God. Solo Levelling anime is also announced for this summer, 2023.

Today we are going to talk about Chapter 50 of Damn Reincarnation, also known as ‘My Blasted Reincarnated Life.’ It is an Isekai/Adventure manhwa dealing with monsters and demon lords. 

Our Story starts three hundred years ago with a warrior hero named Vermouth. Vermouth, with his companions, traveled around fighting demon kings and defeating them. In one such fight, after defeating three of the five demon kings Vermouth and his companions were moving forward to finish the remaining two.

They encountered a hoard of minions and dragons. They fought and killed all of them. Suddenly Vermouth was ambushed by a demon and when the monster was about to stab Vermouth, Hamel Dynas, one of his companions, saved him by jumping between them. 

Vermouth quickly defeated the demon, but Hamel lost his life. The Story then time skips to the present time, and we see a thirteen-year-old child named Eugene Lionhart. Eugene is the Reincarnation of Hamel. He was reading a kid’s book which was about The Legendary Hero Vermouth and how Hamel saved him by giving up his life.


Vermouth Lionhart | Credits: Youtube

Soon we get to know that Hamel was reincarnated as one of Vermouth, the hero’s descendants. Hamel realizes that this new body is far superior to his past life. He had higher stats and was able to achieve extraordinary feats at a very young age. Hamel’s abilities were close to being a genius, but Eugene is on a totally different level.

The new body isn’t the only new thing Eugene had to deal with. He questioned all his ideals and everything he fought for in his past life when he saw that humans and demons co-exist in this world.

Hamel, with his extraordinarily gifted body, continued his unfinished journey from his previous life. He went on adventures learning more about the existence of demons here in this world.

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Damn Reincarnation Chapter 49: Recap

The chapter starts With Eugene telling the Green magic tower master about his past life as Hamel The Foolish. After this, the spirit asks Eugene to swear that he is Hamel Dynas reincarnated in front of the Witch Craft.

The master then told him about the incident a week before Senya retired. Senya seemed ill at that time, and she told the master that her familiar spirit had died; she was angry. Senya further mentions that someone dug up Hamel’s grave, and a week after that, she vanished.

The grave of Hamel cannot exist because when Hamel died, he had Belial’s curse, and this curse annihilates the body and soul, but the fact that he is reincarnated as Eugene means his soul is not damaged, also means that his body is intact. This can only mean one thing that Senya must’ve been involved when Hamel died.


Balzac Ludbeth

Eugene then was returning, thinking about the whereabouts of Hamel’s Grave. It was when Balzac Ludbeth interrupted him. Balzac shows his concerns for Eugene going to Luhar and Nahama. Northern Luhar is very close to Helmud.

There are many demon species in Helmud, and some of them even disobey the demon king of incarceration, and he is not the only demon king present in Helmud. Demon King of Ruins is also in Helmud though he doesn’t mean any harm to anyone.

Balzac mentions that even if the demon kings are peaceful, the demons may think otherwise, and they would do anything to break the silence of their kings. He also mentions high-power demons who wish to take the spot of the demon king, as only two of the five demon kings are alive. 

One such demon is Duchess Zabella. Eugene thinks that he may not be able to defeat a strong demon with his current power level. So he decides to go to Nahama first to get a little bit stronger and then continue his journey to Luhar.

Ludbeth tells Eugene to be cautious in the deserts because of Amelia Merwin. She is a great dark mage with a contract with the demon king of incarceration and a huge amount of freedom from the king. He then gives an envelope to Eugene to hand to Amelia in case he encounters her.

If Eugene does so, despite whatever he may have done to her, she will cause him no harm. Eugene opens up the envelope, and the chapter ends with a cliffhanger making us wonder what is in the envelope.

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Damn Reincarnation Chapter 50: Spoilers

Damn Reincarnation official spoilers are not yet available, but it’s safe to assume that Eugene is still going to stay one day before leaving for Nahama, as mentioned before in chapter 49. 


Vermouth Lionhart and his Companions | Credits: Youtube

As for what to expect from chapter 50, back in Chapter 48, Eugene mentioned the farewell party hosted by the Red magic tower for him. So it is easy to assume that the next chapter will most probably contain the scenes of the farewell party.

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Damn Reincarnation Chapter 50: Release Date.

Damn Reincarnation is a weekly series on Kakaopage’s official webtoon website with new chapters every Friday. So Chapter 50 will be released on Friday, 17th January 2023.

 Since it’s a very famous series, fans won’t have to wait long for the English scans; they will be available a couple of hours later on the same site.


Damn Reincarnation Chapter 50: Where to Read?

Damn Reincarnation is written by Kiki and Mokma. The official streaming rights for the online version of the series are with Kakaopage. You can read all the latest chapters on this website with official raw scans and spoilers by the authors.

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