Vinland Saga Chapter 198 Delayed: When Will it Come Now?

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Vinland Saga Main Theme Behind Series Explained

Vinland Saga is one of the most anticipated series among fans due to many reasons. There are countless reasons that make this series a true contender for the all-time best series. Not only in the manga industry but also in the anime world. The first season itself proved its greatness with the ultimate twists, soundtrack, actions, and everything you can expect from a top-tier anime series.

Moreover, the series was animated by the famous, Wit Studio and they need no explanation of how amazing they have worked in Attack on Titan and other popular anime. As some fans wanted to know the storyline without waiting further for the anime, manga is definitely the best choice. As expected, the manga didn’t disappoint fans and it is going till now with full swing. In fact, the storyline in the past few chapters is so good that it made fans highly anticipate the upcoming chapter. As of now, 197 chapters have been released and there are so many contusions regarding chapter 198.

There’s a lot of fake information available on the Internet as well and fans are really confused about what to believe. To end each and every doubt of fans related to Vinland Saga Chapter 198, we have decided to cover this article. Make sure to read the complete article to get updated with each and every single piece of information.

Vinland Saga is a Japanese manga-based series that features a great warrior, Thors. He was a fierce warrior and a brave man. His son Thorfinn also wanted to go on adventures just like his father however his father didn’t allow him to go until the day, the major incident happened. That incident marks the beginning of the series and it is going strong till now. It is a must-read series if you cherish great action, brutal characters, and Vikings.

Vinland Saga Chapter 197 Spoilers:

Chapter 197 of Vinland Saga was one of the prominent chapters of the series so far and featured the gore action sequences. we get to see loads of great moments in the series. We saw Thorfinn in a furious situation as the blood of LNU is spreading in Vinland. Even the people fear coming closer to the leader of the rival. Later, we saw Ivar confronting the news of opponents planning to kill Thorfinn.

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Vinland Saga
Vinland Saga

Ivar is also in wrath mode as he can’t allow anyone to come closer to Thorfinn. On the other hand, Thorfinn is still analyzing the situation and asked everybody to analyze the moments. Thorfinn’s plan is still a complex thing to execute and it seems that his plan has no practical execution as of now. The chapter was majorly focused on building up the important moments for later use. Overall, the chapter was quite great. Now, we have high expectations from chapter 198.

Vinland Saga Chapter 198 Release Date & Spoilers:

Chapter 198 of Vinland Saga was supposed to release on 25 October 2022. Unfortunately, Yukimura Makoto, the writer of Vinland Saga missed the deadline and the chapter got unexpected delay. Yukimura also mentioned the reason behind the delay via tweet. He mentioned that he is totally healthy. He just missed the deadline and also apologized for that. However, For us and all of the Vinland Saga fans’, his health is the utmost priority. It is good to know that he is totally healthy. We would update this article whenever we get the new official release date. Until then, stay connected to us for all the major anime news and updates.

How To Read Vinland Saga Chapter 198?

All the chapters of Vinland Saga are available to read on the Kodansha Platform. Chapter 198 will also release on the same as this is the official publisher of the series. It is to be noted that, you might need to get an active subscription to enjoy the complete series. You can check the suitable plans from the official website of Kodansha. 

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