Ja Morant’s Baby Momma: Who is the Athlete Dating Now?

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Ja Morant’s Baby Momma
Who is Ja Morant’s Baby Momma? (Credits: YouTube)

Want to know who Ja Morant’s Baby Momma is? American professional basketball player Ja Morant has been playing for the Memphis Grizzlies for a while now. The athlete was also the first-team All-American while he was a sophomore in 2019.

The Memphis Grizzlies athlete recently made headlines after falling on his injured hand and incurring a severe injury. Morant ended up staying on the floor as it was an alarming moment that grabbed eyeballs from fans and NBA insiders. Former NBA player Matt Barnes took to Twitter as he wrote that if Ja continues to attack the basket that way, his career won’t be very long while adding how it is going to be hard to convince the young athlete to change how he plays because it often leads to big wins.

Ja Morant has earlier suffered multiple injuries during his time in the NBA, and his most recent injury came just last week as he was seen hurting his hand in the opening game of the series as he went on to end up missing a game because of his injury. Let us find out who is Ja Morant’s Baby Momma.

Who is Ja Morant’s Baby Momma?

Ja Morant’s baby momma is KK Dixon. The two have welcomed their daughter named, Kaari Jaiden Morant. While not much is known about Morant and Dixon’s current relationship status, the two continue to Co-parent their daughter, and the athlete cannot get enough of the little bundle of joy.

Ja Morant’s Baby Momma
Who is Ja Morant’s Baby Momma? (Credits: SportsLumo)

The popular basketball player earlier did put up an adorable post about his daughter Kaari on Instagram, saying how she lights up his life in his darkest hours and how Kaari’s love gives him the strength to overcome life’s challenges. Another adorable video resurfaced on Twitter where little Kaari was genuinely concerned about her father’s injury and was seen asking her mother about Morant’s whereabouts.

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Who Is KK Dixon?

KK Dixon and Ja Morant reportedly started dating sometime around 2018 and, a year later, welcomed their first child together. However, fans speculated some trouble in paradise as the two seemed to unfollow each other on social media giving rise to split rumors.

KK Dixon is surely a talented woman who is enjoying a successful career as an entrepreneur, author, and social media influencer. Dixon also reportedly was a member of Fisk University’s volleyball and basketball team. However, she eventually chose a different path of career for her.

She went on to launch her own company called Dixon Brands LLC, as the brand aims to support and link people by encouraging them to discover their true potential while fulfilling their lives. She is also a gifted author who has penned several children’s coloring books titled Kaari & Kree’s Ultimate Colouring & Activity.

Ja Morant Talks About Dillon Brooks’ Being Suspended?

It seems like there have been rising speculations about Dillon Brooks’ being suspended; fellow athlete Ja Morant has recently opened up about it, saying that he wouldn’t be surprised if that happens. Grizzlies superstar Ja Morant stated that given the fact of how they treat Dillon, he wouldn’t be too surprised.

Ja Morant’s Baby Momma
Ja Morant (Credits: Sporting New)

Earlier, LeBron James praised Ja Morant, saying that the athlete is so good at attacking the rim that one would want to try to keep bodies in front of him and would keep trying to make life on the perimeter. James added that how once an athlete gets going from the outside, the player can do whatever he wants offensively.

Ja Morant recently went all viral on social media after he had a failed slam dunk attempt over LeBron James in Game 4, where he was seen trying to jump over James. However, James managed to take charge and took the turnover. This failed attempt went on to face somewhat mixed responses from fans on Twitter. 

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