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What Happened To Kyra On Reba? Where Did She Go In Season Five, Explained

Kyra Hart

The 2000s era saw many awesome sitcoms released every then and now. One such sitcom was Reba. The protagonist of this feel-good comedy is a single mother who puts forth a lot of effort every day. Despite its relatively short run on television, the show Reba was able to cultivate a loyal fan base.

After airing for six seasons, the television program Reba was taken off the air in 2007. The show is built around the life of  Reba McEntire and her kids. Fans of the program and members of the cast were surprised to learn that the production had decided to cancel it, especially in light of its early popularity.

Kyra Hart was a well-liked main character in the program. She had a lot of brains and spirits. In the first four seasons, Kyra played a significant role, but she was noticeably absent in the fifth. 

Kyra Hart in reba season 5

Kyra in Reba was a feisty individual and quite intelligent.

Who Portrayed The Character Of Reba In Kyra?

Kyla Hart is just like her mother was when she was the same age. She may not seem like it at first, but she is really the most insightful and reasonable member of her family. Her identical sibling, on the other hand, isn’t always so understanding. 

Kyra Hart was played by the talented actress Scarlett Pomers. Because of her background in cinema, she had the skills necessary to succeed in this capacity. It would seem that the Star Trek series was where she got her start in the acting business. 

Pomers began her career in the entertainment industry at an early age. She has appeared in a significant number of music videos and advertisements. Her role as Naomi Wildman in the Star Trek: Voyager television series was one of her greatest performances.

Several of her current followers became her fans thanks to the  Reba sketch comedy series. Scarlett’s performance as Kyra is considered by many to be among her most impressive acting accomplishments.

Somers had announced that she planned to call it quits in the year 2014. These days she is spending most of her time honing her abilities as a singer and a photographer now that she has established a stable base in the public eye. She is also managing her web-based jewelry company -The Mermaid’s Lure.

What Happened To Kyra In Reba?

There were still a lot of questions about Kyra’s departure. The role of Reba’s middle kid, played by Scarlett Pomers, was a comedic one. After the show finished in 2007, several of the cast members remained active in the entertainment business; however, Pomers did not.

In 2010, she released an extended play under the band name SCARLETT. Meanwhile, reports were circulating that production for Season 5 was about to commence, and it was then that the public learned about Scarlett’s health problems. Kyra’s small stature is nothing new.

The actress reportedly lost a lot of weight due to her anorexia, getting down to a weight of 73 pounds at one point. She was struggling due to her eating disorder and hence decided to quit the show. 

Scarlet Pomers in Reba

Scarlet Pomers Struggled With Anorexia and had to quit.

Only two episodes in the fifth season focused on her. After finishing her rehabilitation, she returned back. Scarlett announced her retirement from acting after the show’s sixth and final season was filmed so she could focus on directing and singing. 

Pomers spent much of the time it needed to film Season 5 in a rehabilitation center to cure the persistent health issues. Eating disorders demand time and therapy for proper healing. Hence Scarlett had to remain away from Reba to focus on her ill health. 

Scarlett garnered a lot of acclaim due to the Reba series, so there’s good reason to believe she would have kept acting after Reba. Despite her absence in Season 5, the show’s writers still managed to do a fantastic job of building up Season 6.

The show’s protagonist, Reba, was the one who first received Kyra upon her return and questioned her hastily about her whereabouts. Kyra replied that she had gone to eat, thus indirectly hinting towards her eating disorder. 

Scarlet Pomers Struggled With Anorexia 

People who struggle with eating disorders have unique obstacles. It can be an arduous task to battle these, especially as a celebrity, when your looks define everything. The public tends to have an exaggerated perception of the way all this is portrayed in media.

The media’s preoccupation with unhealthily slim Hollywood models and actresses contributes to the development of damaging beauty standards. People with anorexia often overdo it physically but don’t fuel up to make up for it.

Scarlet Pomers Anorexia

Scarlet needed time to focus on her poor health.

 She was dealing with a medical ailment that required treatment. Thus she was unable to continue filming. Incredibly, Pomers bounced back from her illness quickly enough to be back to work on set. By the time she reached the peak of her long and illustrious career and retired in 2014, her health had significantly improved.

These days she spends time interacting with her followers on social media and displaying her photography skills. She wants to spread awareness about the prevalence of eating disorders and how to beat them.

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