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M3GAN Ending Explained: Is M3GAN Still Alive In The Robot?

M3GAN still alive in Elsie
M3GAN still alive in Elsie

Let’s talk about M3GAN, which is one of the best ways to kick off 2023. So we’re here to talk about the M3GAN Ending Explanation, its story, and the message it gives. Because M3GAN is here to stay and we’ll talk about that in the ending. If you have not seen M3GAN, definitely go check it out, it is worth the hype.

This is the first from Universal, Blumhouse, and Atomic Monster. As we know, Blumhouse and Atomic Monster are on the verge of a deal where they would pretty much be pumping out horror after horror after horror in this new deal that they’re doing. But M3GAN very much so comes from the minds of James Wan and Akela Cooper. If you don’t know Akela Cooper, you probably have heard about the movie Malignant.

Akela Cooper has written Hellfest, Malignant, and now M3GAN and is actually going to have Nun 2 as well this year. So it’s been a very fire run from Akela from all of these movies. So we’re very excited to see what she comes up with next because M3GAN is a hit.

M3GAN Movie Explained

So you basically have Gemma who is this toy-robotics person and she works with this advanced Toy making company and they’re trying to get ahead of the competition out there because their toys are now being ripped off by other companies. So she has this deadline to make a new toy more affordable, but at the same time, she has this passion project, which is M3GAN. M3GAN is an acronym for the Android she’s working on to be the only toy that you’ll ever need.

Gemma taking in Cady

Gemma taking in Cady

And then you also have Cady, who has just recently lost her parents in a car accident. And Cady is actually the niece of Gemma, Cady’s mother, of course, being Gemma’s sister. So now Gemma comes into having to be the guardian for Cady alongside doing all of these other things for the company. So Gemma starts to really get really frustrated with all of this. And also Cady’s not really in the headspace for it all as well.

And you really start seeing this drama unfold in the movie that I did not expect it to be. And it got into a very deep state that I was not expecting M3GAN to go into at all, especially from the trailers and marketing and all that. And it does get deeper and there are some more emotional parts of the movie, which we will talk about in a bit.

Eventually, Cady and Gemma do actually find some ground and they start to sort of have a bond over the robotics that Gemma works on, including one of the first robots that Gemma ever worked on. This is a way for her to sort of introduce Cady to her world and everything she does, which Cady finds fascinating as well.

Eventually, this leads to Gemma’s breakthrough of how to create the perfect toy and what she was working on, which was M3GAN. And she works day and night and eventually, she is able to complete M3GAN. And we see that M3GAN is this sort of autonomous robot of sorts that’s able to communicate and sort of come up with the right ways to take care of the child, entertain the child, and all of that.

M3GAN Project Gets A Green Light And The Movie Theme

M3GAN has a very uncanny valley look. If you’ve already seen the teasers, the trailer, the posters, and all that, you know what I mean. Uncanny where it feels real and looks real, but at the same time, you know, there’s something weird going on as well that’s very much so like a basic premise of what uncanny is.

Cady meeting M3GAN

Cady meeting M3GAN

We have M3GAN who now comes into Cady’s life and Cady and M3GAN initially really hit it off. We see this in a presentation that Gemma has made in order to show off to the boss that this is something better than working on the cheaper version of the toy we already had before. This will literally put us light years away from the competition and we are going to go full speed ahead with this, right?

This is the way, this is the best thing that could ever possibly be. The boss initially was skeptical about M3GAN at the beginning of the movie, but now that he has seen M3GAN and all of its quirks tuned out and she now seems to be the perfect toy, he says full speed ahead, let’s do this.

We see Gemma pulling herself up away from Cady and sort of getting more into her work and letting M3GAN become the parent of sorts. And you start to sort of see these parallels with technology nowadays and kids, where you pretty much have a lot of kids who have become so dependent on these devices that they pretty much are more of parents now and sort of a babysitter. And the parents detached themselves away from the child a little bit more.

So I think that’s definitely one of the things that the movie was going for. And its social commentary is how much distraction kids are actually using in order to keep themselves preoccupied. And the parents are actually becoming more detached from everything because of that. So, very much so a warning indeed.

M3GAN Gets Corrupted

Eventually, we see M3GAN start to become a little bit more corrupted because she has this sort of like code in her, which she has to protect Cady at whatever cost it is. Whether it’s somebody who’s being mentally abusive, or physically abusive, and sometimes these lines can be a little blurred. Because it could just be somebody raising their voice at Cady, trying to get their attention such as Gemma and M3GAN will actually go after them.

This leads to M3GAN’s first switch to completely try and protect Cady at whatever cost that is when Cady accidentally gets bit by the neighbor’s dog when they actually are trying to find one of Cady’s arrows that she was playing with. And we see that M3GAN is not happy about this. She is pretty much going to get revenge on the dog and she does end up killing the dog.

M3GAN after the bullying Boy

M3GAN after the bullying Boy

We see that this also happens with a kid who was sort of bullying Cady as well when they were trying to see which school she would go to. Kid gets his ears ripped off clean and then eventually thrown and the car slams with him. And I was there thinking, did not expect the kid to get hit by that car and all of this that happened. I thought it was gonna be one of those moments, in movies where there’s like a car coming, then somebody saves the kid.

No, the kid died and M3GAN is just like, “Well, it was it was something I had to do. I was protecting Cady”. And this eventually leads Gemma to think there’s something really wrong with M3GAN. Because M3GAN eventually does go after the neighbor who had the dog before. Because the neighbors starting to become a little bit more suspicious about what’s going on with Gemma, Cady, and M3GAN.

And we see that the neighbor has now been killed by M3GAN. And Gemma now absolutely knows something’s going on. So she tries her best in order to get rid of M3GAN and try to sort of figure out what’s going on. M3GAN does not allow this, and the toy launch is on the same day, so Gemma has to choose what is going to happen. So she tries to put M3GAN away.

M3GAN Ending

Putting M3GAN gets Cady infuriated and it’s sort of like how when you take an iPad from a kid, Cady does not understand what the problem is with M3GAN and she just wants to make it back. Gemma realizes that she has to step up herself. She hasn’t been there for Cady after the loss of her parents, and she has to be the one that has to be there to support her.

She just can’t put technology in front of Cady’s face and expect it all to be OK because Cady needs a human-like attachment and emotional support, and a doll, a toy, or a technological device is not gonna do that. So Gemma steps up. At the same time, she says her team to just put M3GAN away and cancel everything. The boss isn’t too happy about this either, as he’s trying to find her.

M3GAN after the BOSS

M3GAN after the BOSS

M3GAN as she is being put away, however, is able to manipulate the situation and get out of there. Very much so it seems that she has killed the other team, but then she is out of there trying to look for Cady. When she comes across the boss, she tries to kill them as well and as well as the assistant to the boss who was trying to steal the M3GAN technology, which we’ll talk about at the end of why that’s important.

She eventually goes back to the house where she is trying to get Cady. The whole scenario with M3GAN going to the house is much more amplified as she gets into this very exotic car and she drives it over there, very campy, and very fun. As I said, this isn’t an absurd weird horror movie that definitely hits all the right notes in my opinion, very funny.

She gets to the house and confronts Gemma and they have a little fight. Cady is unaware of all of this until it gets very physical, and then Cady has to step in to save Gemma. She uses the other robot in order to help Gemma because the robot is larger, bigger, and stronger and she’s able to use this robot with these robotic hands where she can manipulate it using just her hands.

Cady grabs M3GAN and tries to destroy her but it doesn’t work. Even making it ripped in half, does not work again. This is not a doll that’s gonna let go. It pretty much has a very Child’s Play feel to it as well, as we see a torn in half M3GAN just trying to still kill Cady and Gemma.

And eventually, Gemma is able to remember what she taught Cady that the robots all have brains in the middle of their face. And that’s what you have to go through in order to destroy them. And Cady’s able to destroy that with a screwdriver, leading them to be safe now, as they go out and the police are arriving.

M3GAM Ending Explained: Is M2GAN Dead?

M3GAN is dead, no she’s not. We see that there is actually like an Amazon Alexa device named Elsie throughout the whole film that M3GAN was able to hack into. And so we think that it’s gonna be the end of M3GAN at the end until we see the Elsie device turned on by itself and look over to Gemma and also Cady.

Elsie Robot

Elsie Robot

Implying that M3GAN has sort of hardwired herself or uploaded maybe her consciousness into this cloud. And she’s able to now navigate through different electronics that are connected to the cloud as well. So M3GAN could just be pretty much anywhere and hide until she finds somewhere to upload herself again in order to come back for Cady, which I think we’re gonna see in M3GAN 2.

Also, there is a factor that we saw that the assistance of the boss actually took some of the files. We don’t know what they did with it. Maybe they were trying to sell it to another company or whatever. And the fact that another company could go out and do an M3GAN doll might just mean that we might actually get M3GAN in this sort of another way as well.

There is still the unresolved issue of the other toy companies that might still wish to create their own M3GAN versions, which could serve as a potential sequel hook. The code might fall into the wrong hands because we don’t know for sure if the stolen data files were ever seen by anyone else. Or, another person might decipher a similar code using the information provided to the press as inspiration. 

Just as we’ve seen that Chucky never really dies, I think M3GAN with our technology and everything, the clouds, storage, and all of that can very much so hide in a lot of different places and be that much more of a bigger threat. So I’m excited to see whatever they wanna do with M3GAN in an upcoming movie.

One of the basic themes around M3GAN was technology codependency. The word I wanna say is we try to hide our feelings and distract ourselves with technology so much it loses the human connection that we all have.

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