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Ottoman Chapter 29: Release Date & Where to Read

ottoman manga
Ottoman Manga

Ottoman as the name suggests this manga is not a story about the Ottoman Empire but about an average nine-to-five salaried man who dreams of becoming a mangaka one day. Seems like the life story of a real mangaka right? Wait for the twist.

Soya Gomi the protagonist of this story works at a publishing firm creating cartoons for magazines and television. He aims at becoming a famous and well-known manga artist who creates art for a living. He is doing that in his current job but his boss disapproves of his ideas and he is forced to draw something he doesn’t want to.

The only supporting person he has in his life is his loving Wife Yuuki Gomi. One day Soya met with an accident while returning from the office and was on the verge of death it was when he was saved by an alien species that merges with him and took control of his body. This fusion resulted in the creation of the Otto-man meaning husbandman

Today we are going to be talking about the upcoming chapter of Ottoman, Chapter 29. We will provide you with all the information about the chapter from Release dates to spoilers so stay tuned till the end. But before let’s talk a bit about the previous Chapter of Ottoman.

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Ottoman Chapter 28: Recap

Chapter 28 of Ottoman is named I’ll Attack boldly and is quite fitting for the chapter. Chapter 28 was released recently on 3rd February 2023. The chapter starts with the Draconian Assassin Nana Neko trying to attack Soya but in a very different way than you can possibly imagine.

Ottoman Manga

Soya Gomi

After a hard day at work, Soya comes back home tired and started preparing dinner for himself and his wife. Gibura then mentions the negative smell around the office and Soya just drags it off saying if he is not smelling it now it’s nothing to worry about.

Suddenly Nana Neko jumps onto the balcony of Soya’s apartment with quite a very provocating outfit and tries to seduce Soya. That’s when Gibura tells Soya to be on his guard as she is one of the Draconian. Then we get to know more about Nana’s abilities.

Nana Neko, the third daughter’s ability is lust, she powers up by absorbing the negative energy produced from wicked lust leaving the person whose energy she drains with no willpower and unable to move.  Also, she has an ability named petrify. 

This ability allows her to make the other person move restricted and she continues to seduce them until they gave in to the temptations. She tries this trick on Soya but our dense main character was too powerful for it. 

This little trick of hers doesn’t work on Soya as he loves his wife very much. Pretty frustrated about this Nana continues to try hard desperately to make Soya give in to her ability and it’s when Yuuki walks in and the chapter ends.


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Ottoman Chapter 29: Release Date

Ottoman is a monthly manga and is scheduled to be published at the start of the month. There may be some cases where the manga was delayed for two months but as for now, there is no information about the delay. 

Ottoman has shown a tendency to release two chapters of every issue in the past couple of months. So it’s very likely that the next issue will feature both chapter 29 and chapter 28. With this, Ottoman Chapter 29 is scheduled to release on Thursday, 2nd March 2023.

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Ottoman Chapter 29: Where to Read

There are no official online English publishers for this manga as of yet. The author Shinnosuke Kanazawa has made this claim that they want their story to reach the international level and has even asked several publishers to take on his work.  

If you know how to read Japanese you are in luck because Young Shounen Jump streams Ottoman. You can read the manga both online and order the manga itself on their website. Though the manga will be in Japanese so you will have to wait for a while before it officially starts publishing in English.

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