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Why Did Morbius Say I Am Venom?

Why Did Morbius Say "I Am Venom"?
Why Did Morbius Say "I Am Venom"?

Morbius said, “I Am Venom,” and this needs an explanation. The statement has been confusing fans since the film was released in cinemas this year. It is a superhero film whose plot is based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. The film is set within the Spider-Man Universe by Sony. Daniel Espinosa has directed this film for Sony Pictures Releasing. The film stars actor Hared Leto in the lead role of Dr. Michael Morbius.

The main plot of the film features Michael and Matt, the surrogate brother of the doctor. They become vampires after they have cured themselves of a rare blood disease. The film follows their adventures as a villain. Morbius was a huge success at the box office. It was made on a budget of 75 to 83 million dollars. Upon its release, the film went on to score a decent 163.9 million budget.

Now, the thing that is confusing the fans the most at this point in time is why, why in the seven hells did Morbius say that he was Venom? Is the movie set in the same universe as Venom, or do they have a similar timeline? Well, kind of, yes. Thus, here is an explanation of what actually went down when Michael said that dialogue and blew the head of fans right off.

Why Did Morbius Say "I Am Venom"?

A still from Morbius of Jared Leto

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Why Did Morbius Say I Am Venom?

Morbius is now confirmed to be in the same universe as Venom. Also, the dialogue is actually very true in the film. It is because Morbius has done what he does best, Morb. In this scene, our main vampire has successfully managed to Morb into Venom and thus, says the line, “I Am Venom”. This scene also gives fans a throwback to when Morbius was just a kid. Although growing up, he had a really tough childhood and was brought up in a toxic environment. He was known as Bruno before becoming Doctor Michael Morbius.

Now, you guys should also know that Morbius was not always meant to say the dialogue in the film. Actually, it was a mistake, but the directors decided to keep the line into the final cut, given the fact that it gives them more content to create a story upon. It was style lines meant for Tom Hardy.

The after, Jared Leto was given the scripts back before he could say the line. It is because Michael is still popular with the phrase, ‘It’s Morning Time’. The creators had Morbius confirm the line a third time in order to play their mistake right. Because of this teeny tiny mistake, which actually turned out to be pretty awesome, there is a huge possibility of an epic crossover.

Morbius Updates For The Future Films

The director of the film talked about how they will merge the two timelines for the fans. Another fact that has come forth from the interaction with the officials is that there is a new Spiderman. Yes, Morbius will also contain a Spider-Man, even though he has not been revealed to the public yet. Although, it is not long before we get to know our characters in the upcoming projects of the film.

Another news that was revealed by the director is that actor Michael Keaton is coming back to play the role of Toomes that we saw in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Now, how will Toomes fit into another universe, you might think? As per the official information, the man is to develop a new Vulture suit, given the fact that he has a lot of resources helping him with it once he switches his universe. Another part of Morbius is going to be fire with all this crazy information and how the directors are planning to fit the story right into it.

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