Overgeared Chapter 178: Release Date, Recap & Where To Read

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Overgeared (Credits: Kakaopage)

The legendary assassin ‘Daluka’ was finally mentioned in the latest chapter of ‘Overgeared.’ So this only makes fans look forward to more details about the ‘Overgeared Chapter 178’ release date and time which we will soon look at in detail. People have been saying that Daluka was the genius of an Era. That he was the master of both Kasim and Doran. 

But everything about Daluka is shrouded in mystery, and it is mostly treated as hearsay. Unlike his mysterious nature, his teachings were thoughtfully passed through generations. Ten years ago, Ernal’s royal family managed to obtain one of Daluka’s books. The royal family then proceeded to take 5000 orphans from the kingdom and trained them based on the book’s teachings. 

Out of them, only 40 children managed to absorb some of the teachings, and although no one ever managed to fully absorb all of the teachings in the book, the skills they did acquire were more than enough. The 40 children became the Silver Dragon Squadron, a group that had never once failed the royal family. 

Overgeared Chapter 177 Recap

So they should have already kidnapped the Duke’s wife, yet they are still within the outer walls. The place seems to be a mystery, so although they have hidden their traces, many farmers have already noticed them. They don’t seem to be normal farmers, so this means that they have no time to waste and have to hurry up.  They donned Daluka’s clothes, a skill that spreads crypsis and pushes their stealthiness to the limit. 

On the other hand, the farmers have been acting strangely and started talking in encrypted language. They called everyone over, saying that they had got some potatoes. So they might be referring to the intruders that have been sneaking around the farms so that they can discuss a strategy to deal with them. But one of the farmers started to move in unfamiliar ways, rushing to take the potatoes and telling everyone that Mr. Bland had told them to share. 

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Overgeared Chapter 178
Overgeared Chapter 178 (Credits: Kakaopage)

They have also heard that only around a hundred people can use such high-level skills as ‘heist.’ So to think that Bland would use it to monopolize food was something that they never expected at all. He is the son of a noble, but based on how he eats, this does not seem to be the case. At first, Bland used to eat just so he could survive, but now these potatoes alone make him lose his mind. 

He came to the farms as a hostage and spent quite a few days wallowing in sadness. The seven flavors of the potatoes were what cheered him up. So it seemed like he was quite hungry, so everyone offered him more to eat until he was satisfied. 

Overgeared Manhwa
Overgeared Manhwa (Credits: Kakaopage)

Overgeared Chapter 178 Release Date.

Overgeared Chapter 178 will be released on May 16, 2023. New chapters of the manhwa are usually released once every five days to so. But there might be delays at times. With the latest chapter released a day ago, then we can expect the next one to be released in the upcoming four days at the least. For more details on the release schedule of the manhwa for different countries and their time zones. You can refer to the information provided below for ‘Overgeared Chapter 178.’

  • West Coast [Pacific Daylight Time]: 7:00 AM PDT (May 16, 2023)
  • Central American and Canada [Central Daylight Time]: 9:00 AM CDT (May 16, 2023)
  • East Coast [Eastern Daylight Time]: 10:00 AM EDT (May 16, 2023)
  • Britain [Greenwich Meditarian Time]: 5:00 PM BST (May 16, 2023)
  • India [Indian Standard Time]: 8.30 PM IST (May 16, 2023)
  • Singapore [Singapore Standard Time]: 11:00 PM SGT  (May 16, 2023)
  • Philippines [Philippines Standard Time]: 11:00 PM PST (May 16, 2023)
  • Korea [Korean Standard Time]: Midnight KST (May 17, 2023)
  • Japan [Japanese Standard Time]: Midnight JST (May 17, 2023)
  • Australia [Australia Eastern Daylight Time]: 02:00 AM AEDT (May 17, 2023)
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Where To Read Overgeared Chapter 178 Online?

You will be able to read ‘Overgeared Chapter 178’ online on the Kakaopage magazine and its affiliated websites as well as publications. So always be on the lookout for new chapters, as the manga does not take long to release new chapters. So always make sure to read from official sources to show support to the manga creators.

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