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Chef’s Table Season 7 Release Date Confirmation and More Updates

Chef's Table
Chef's Table

We’ve already established our undying love for documentaries on here. I mean, why wouldn’t we? They are informative yet fun to watch, and they leave you feeling great at the end of the day (for the most part). We are out here always looking for the best of documentaries to bring to you. During this search of ours, we’ve stumbled upon Chef’s Table.

There are several documentaries about food out there, and each one is special in its own little way. While some are even paced and serious, others leave some room for goofiness and fun. Chef’s Table is one documentary that has a little bit of everything. Why are you talking about it now? You’re asking. Well, we are happy to let you know that we’ve caught wind of some interesting information on the seventh season of the show. But before we get into that, we need to look at what has happened in the series.

Chef’s Table: what is it about and who is involved?


Chef’s Table is a documentary series that first premiered on Netflix on the 26th of April 2017. It is lauded to be the first original documentary to stream on the platform. To date, the series has six seasons, and it has managed to gain a fan following amongst people who are into documentaries, reality shows, and food.

The format of the documentary features a series of 4-6 episodes. Each episode in the series involves a different chef who talks about their career, relationship with food and cooking, and their personal culinary style. David Gelb created the show. According to him, this is the unofficial follow-up to his previous documentary – Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

The series so far:

Fans and critics have praised the documentary series for several reasons. The main one here is how the scenes are shot and the flow they exhibit. It is easy for the audience to watch and understand as the series does not have any gnarly transition between two episodes. Apart from this, the makers have also made sure to feature guests who make sense to the documentary as a whole. Every chef featured here has something to offer. They complement the aesthetic and beautifully elevate the show.

Chef's Table Season 5

Chef’s Table: Season 5

Another great reason to watch the show is the amount of representation it gets on to. The documentary features a new c0untry in almost every episode. This way, the viewers learn and know several things about a country, its culture, and its cuisine.

Chef’s Table Season 7: Everything you need to know

Chef’s Table’s latest season came out in 2019, and people have been looking forward to the next installment ever since. The COVID19 pandemic had instilled a deep fear into the hearts of the people. But in recent times, we’ve gone from being afraid of there not being another season to being hopeful. We want to let you know that the culinary Gods have finally answered our prayers! News of the next season has finally hit the internet, and we are more than happy to bring it to your attention. This has come at the right time as the new year is around the corner. The audience expects new works of entertainment to come their way, and a documentary as popular and beloved as Chef’s Table is something that would be welcome with much gusto.

From the looks of it, we will get to witness the new season sooner than expected. With promises of an 8th season having been made already, fans of the show are truly in for a delight. Although there isn’t a set release date for the new installment, rumors have it that it will be some time in early to mid-2021. If these rumors are true, we will have rolled into the new year in style! Watch this space for the latest updates on this documentary!

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I'm Vijayalakshmi Devanathan, a 20-year-old queer writer and journalist. I'm a huge film buff who's also passionate about art, culture, literature and rockabilly. My pronouns are they/them and you can reach out to me at

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