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Ao Ashi Episode 22 Release Date: A Tough Call For Esperion!

Ao Ashi Episode 15 Recap

Gone are the days when the shonen genre used to rule the anime industry, and it was the only genre with a huge number of watchers. The time has changed now. Yes, the shonen is still popular and has its own audience, but fans are now shifting toward the other comparatively newer genres like sports. This genre proves that there’s no need to involve flashy battle scenes and jaw-dropping action to get massive popularity. One of the series, Haikyuu! gained massive popularity from the audience worldwide and set an example for the other shonen animes. Following the same genre, there’s one such anime currently ongoing named Ao Ashi is becoming a massive success with each episode and gaining lots of attention from the audience from Japan and the rest of the world.

There can be many aspects to its this much success, but two of which we can think of are its ultimate storyline and well-written characters. Ao Ashi’s every episode brings new reveals and keeps fans on the edge of their seats. The same happened with the 21st episode as well, and this certainly created a whole new hype for the 22nd episode in the industry. Since the hype is real, fans have many doubts regarding the episode’s release date and spoilers, and that’s why we have decided to cover every single thing you need to know related to Ao Ashi’s episode 22 release date and spoilers.

Ao Ashi is a Japanese manga-based anime series written and illustrated by Kobayashi. The story features the major protagonist of the series Ashito Aoi, a middle school student with exceptional football skills. One fine day, Fukuda, the football coach, asked him to join his created team. Fukuda always wanted to create a talented Japanese football team that could rival world-level teams. The journey of Ashito and the hurdles he faces along the way is quite entertaining to watch.

Ao Ashi Episode 21 Recap:

Episode 21 of Ao Ashi was one of the most entertaining and anticipated episodes of the series so far. The episode beings with the conversation between Koji Satake and Nozomi. They were sharing their game experience with each other, and the conversation started to become interesting as they started mentioning some of the weirdest challenges they faced throughout their career. The focus shifts to the Esperion players, who are very desperate to win the game and are training really hard for a favorable outcome. The game starts from the Esperion side, and it seems they are all set to counter Musashino’s counter shots and playing in a very strategic way. We saw Ashito stuck in an undesired situation, and he even had a foul, thus giving an advantage to the opponent side. 

Ao Ashi

Ashito and his team

The episode not only did great in the pacing of the storyline but also did impressive work in overall animation quality throughout the episode. The animations were constant, and we noticed no flaws in any of the frames. In fact, the OST used in the episode was very impressive and suited to the sequences running on the screens.

Ao Ashi Episode 22 Release Date & Expectations:

Episode 22 of Ao Ashi is all set to release on 10 September 2022 for most of the International audience. The raw format of the episode will be out around 02:55 PM IST. The subbed version will come out at 05:30 PM IST. Since the last episode of the series aired recently, we can’t predict the spoilers of the 22nd episode at this point in time. Even the official preview of the episode isn’t out yet. In case there will be any major updates regarding the episode or the anime itself, we will update this article for sure, so don’t forget to bookmark this article for future reference.

Ao Ashi

Ashito from Ao Ashi

Watch Ao Ashi Online: Streaming Details

All the episodes of Ao Ashi are available to stream on Crunchyroll. You will be able to stream the upcoming episodes as well on the same platform as Crunchyroll also supports simulcasting. Since Crunchyroll has a huge library of popular animes like One Piece, Naruto, Demon Slayer, etc. You get access to all the popular titles with just your single subscription. 

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