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2020 Mercedes GLE Coupe: Launch Date, Specification, and Price Details

2020 Mercedes GLE Coup
2020 Mercedes GLE Coup

People used to buy SUV before because it was practical, but now the demand is increasing among them. Maybe, the car gives a sporty feeling to people who don’t bother even if it is not that useful. Everyone seems ready to enter the second generation of Mercedes GLE Coupe now.

The car has reportedly become more agile as the wheels have been kept 60mm closer, and the roof has been raked. One of the drawbacks of the car is that we wouldn’t find the seven-seat option, and the boot capacity has been decreased. However, you can expect more space inside it because the car is a bit larger.

What will be the price of Mercedes GLE Coupe?

The expected price is set around £70000. It can vary a bit and may drop a bit, but the range of the price will be £64000- £66000.

What are the specs of Mercedes GLE Coupe?

The car will be coming with a strong 400d engine, which is not only smooth but also very powerful, and it works better together. A big battery will be provided to manage the car’s long drives. The battery can make the car run 62 miles in a go in a single charge. It gives the car an edge over other cars like Audi Q7 TFSIe and BMW X5 45e.

We will be getting the electric model, which is super smooth. One of the noticeable features is how the car automatically switches between coasting when you come off the accelerator or use the brakes.

The engine’s small diesel will not be that thirsty, and the face has been inspired by the X-Class pickup truck. We will get featured like a full LED heads up display and MBUX infotainment system. Further, there will be driver assist feature and safety features such as E-Active body control and Active Stop.

When is the launch date of Mercedes GLE Coupe?

The launch date is expected to be in January of 2020, and some other sources say that it will be in spring 2020.