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Attack on Titan Season 4: Story So Far & Episode Schedule

Attack on Titan Season 4: Story So Far & Episode Schedule

Attack on Titan by Hajime Isayama is a staple series for anime fans all around the world. With a satisfying conclusion to the Season 3 Part 2 back in July 2019, fans had been eagerly waiting for the next season. This wait was soon over, as the fourth and final season was announced. This season was to be taken over by MAPPA after three seasons produced by Wit Studio. The change in the studio did lead to some discussions, but nevertheless, the fans were excited by the very prospect of the anime returning so soon.

The final season is to follow up after humanity found out the truth hidden in Grisha Jaeger’s basement. The Survey Corps were on their way to discover the secrets of Paradis Island. On their journey, they witness the sea for the first time, but Eren realizes that the freedom, he has so longed for, is on the other side of the sea. So now, we continue as the Survey Corps head to Marley, to fight for the freedom they have wanted for so long.

This season of Attack on Titan will be supposedly be divided into two parts, of which the first 16 episodes have been listed. This season covers “Marley” and “War for Paradis” arcs and has started airing from December 7, 2020. This article will cover season 4’s story so far and the episode schedule for the next month.

Attack on Titan Season 4: Story So Far & Episode Schedule

Eren realizes that the freedom he had so longed for is on the other side of the sea.

Episode 1

“The Other Side of the Sea”

The episode starts as we follow Marley’s expansionist phase. They have been engaged in a four-year war against the Mid-East Allied Forces. The Eldians, who are considered to be devils by the Marleyans, are being used to dig trenches. And when they get a direct hit, the unit gets blown away. Between them was one of the Eldian Warrior Candidate, Falco, who is saved by his brother, Colt. As he takes him back to the trenches, we meet some new faces who are all warrior candidates, namely Gabi, Zofia, and Udo. They were all sent to the battlefield to bring down Fort Slava, which would also serve as a final test for the candidates as well. Colt, who was the heir to the Beast Titan, proposes to General Theo Magath that they use the power of the Warrior Titans.

Attack on Titan Season 4: Story So Far & Episode Schedule

But soon, the Marleyans soldiers find out that the Allied Forces have an armored train that could kill a titan with a single hit. And fearing the loss of a titan, Theo refuses the plan. Gabi takes it upon herself to unarm and disable the train with hand grenades. This allows Pieck’s Cart Titan and Galliard’s Jaw Titan to attack the fort. Then Eldians transformed into Pure Titans that were dropped down from an airship above, causing destruction and mayhem. Reiner’s Armored Titan helps in taking over the fort while Zeke’s Beast Titan throws ammunition towards the ships of the Allied Forces’ fleet. The Marleyans are successful in capturing the fort and win the war, but during this, they realize the existence of weapons capable of injuring even the Titans. This leads Marley to recognize that they need the power of the Founding Titan more than ever.

Episode 2

“Midnight Train”

Back in Marley, as a military strategy meeting takes place, the generals are concerned as to how other nation’s weaponry had evolved. Theo feels that humanity has finally eclipsed the powers of Titans. And the titans would be useless if they were to face bombardments from enemy nations. Zeke, who is also present in the meeting, proposes to use his last year of life to attack Paradis Island. He feels on the meantime, Marley’s Military rebuilds itself, they must retake the Founding Titan. Later they head back home on a train to the internment city of Liberio. During the train ride, the surviving Eldian soldiers praise Gabi for her courage and celebration. During which Falco expresses his concern with Gabi becoming the Armored Titan but soon changes his statement after he gets threatened to be reported. Reiner encourages Falco to become the Armored Titan himself, thus saving Gabi.

Gabi is praised for her courage.

All of them reach back home and bid farewell to one another as they reunite with their families. Gabi and Reiner, who are cousins, have a meal with their family. In comparison, Falco tries to help a pair of traumatized Eldian soldiers. Later, in a meeting the Warriors have, Zeke expresses how they were in danger if Marley were to be considered weak. So, they must take control of the Founding Titan and the resources of Paradis Island. For this, he plans to use the Tybur noble family and their War Hammer Titan to narrate the offensive against Paradis. The Tybur family were the ones who were successful in driving King Fritz into exile. Being so influential among the nations, Zeke proposes that the Tyburs publicly announce their involvement during a festival in Liberio. This festival was to be filled with dignitaries from several other countries.

Episode 3

“The Door of Hope”

This episode is one that draws us near to Reiner’s past. We come to know how he and his mother were abandoned by his Marleyan father. Thus leading to his strive for being one of the Warriors and an honorary Marleyan. As there is an invasion taking place, we are introduced to each of the titan and the one who inherits it. Zeke Jaeger as the Beast, Annie Leonhart as the Female, Pieck Finger as the Cart, Marcel Galliard as of the Jaw, and Bertholdt Hoover as the Colossus. And even after being the weakest among the candidates, Reiner is chosen as the Armored Titan while Porco is left out. Later, we find out that Porco was actually sabotaged by his brother, Marcel, so that his brother is saved from the dangers of battle.

Reiner remembers his past and struggles.

Four of the warriors: Annie, Bertholdt, Reiner, and Marcel, are shipped off to Paradis on a mission to reclaim the Founding Titan. During their mission, Ymir, who was then a pure titan, emerges from the ground and devours Marcel. Reiner, who now knew how he became a Warrior wants to prove his worth and convinces Annie and Bertholdt to continue the mission. This takes us to the time when Armored and Colossal first attack Wall Maria back in Season 1. After the mission, they join the Training Corps as refugees and meet with Eren and the rest. As Reiner imagines this, he contemplates suicide but reconsiders because of the role he had to play to warrior cadets. During this, Falco engages in conversation with one of the wounded soldiers from the last episode. The man admits that he has been faking trauma-induced amnesia so that he isn’t sent back home.

Episode 4

“From One Hand to Another”

The episode begins with Reiner running into Falco, who was posting letters for Kruger. He was doing so from outside the internment zone to avoid interception. Willy Tybur and his family, who possess the War Hammer Titan, finally arrive in Liberio. Willy meets up with Theo Magath near the statue of Helos and has a discussion regarding wars. We even are left with a bit of trivia to identify who the War Hammer Titan was within the family. Willy aims at restoring the balance between Eldia and Marley and therefore asks Theo’s assistance. They both form an alliance; however, the planning for an all-out offensive against Paradis continues.

Back at the hospital, Falco meets up with Kruger, where Kruger thanks him for his help with the letters. Soon after, as Falco leaves, one Mr. Jaeger approaches Kruger and asks him to stay away from Falco so as not to ruin his hard work. They discuss life choices and regrets, and that’s when we realize that the man was, in fact, Grisha Jaeger’s father.

Attack on Titan Season 4: Story So Far & Episode Schedule

Eren greets Reiner as they meet after four years.

Later, at the dinner party, as the Warrior candidates perform waiter duties, Willy announces his theatrical play to be performed after the festival in the Libero Internment Zone. During the festival, the warriors and the candidates enjoy foreign food and are in high spirits. Later that night, as the theatrical play was about to begin, Falco fetches Reiner. He leads him to a secret basement location where Kruger awaits them. Reiner goes in shock as he realizes immediately that the man in front of him was, in fact, Eren Jaeger. Eren greets him coldly, mentioning that it has been four years since they last saw each other.

Episode 5

“Declaration of War”

The episode follows up with the events in the last episode as Eren greets Reiner and asks him to sit down and listen to the performance above. Meanwhile, Willy begins his theatrical presentation where he starts narrating the history of Eldia. Being part of the Tybur family, he has inherited their memories. He first starts with the well-known story of the Marleyan Hero, Helos, how Helos formed an alliance with the Tyburs and drove out the Eldian King Fritz. However, he reveals that it was all a ruse. The story was actually fabricated by Fritz and the Tyburs creating the myth themselves. In actuality, it was Fritz who anguished over the constant infighting and took it upon himself to end it. King Fritz actually wanted peace himself and willingly chose to go to Paradis Island with his fellow Eldians.

Being the Founding Titan, he vowed to renounce war; thus, his ideology was passed through his bloodline. Due to this, his successors desired peace, but that wasn’t the case for the current holder of Founding Titan, Eren Jaeger. During this, Pieck and Porco are led to a trap by a Marley soldier, preventing them from transforming into Titans. Back in the basement, Eren dwells Reiner into their past as enemies. But now, after arriving at Marley, he had realized that both of them were actually quite similar. The only difference was the contrasting beliefs due to their upbringings.

Attack on Titan Season 4: Story So Far & Episode Schedule

Just then, Willy declares Eren as a threat to peace as he was not part of the Fritz bloodline and therefore hadn’t inherited his vow. Just as Willy declares war on Paradis, Eren does so too. He transforms into the Attack Titan, demolishing the building as he grabs Willy and tosses him up to consume him.

Episode 6

“The War Hammer Titan”

We see a flashback as Willy bids farewells to his family, he discusses with Magath regarding the high probability of an ambush. But for his cause, he is willing to become a martyr. We are brought back to the present as Willy is tossed up to be devoured by the Attack Titan. After which, it goes on a rampage causing massive fatalities to innocent bystanders, including Warrior candidates Zofia and Udo. Willy’s sister, Lara Tybur, who had inherited the War Hammer Titan, starts to transform when the Attack Titan starts assaulting it. But, she soon overpowers him using her abilities to create various weapons. Magath orders his men to shoot armor-piercing shells at the Attack Titan. Meanwhile, the Panzer Unit rescues Pieck and Porco and inform them of the situation. Just then, the Survey Corps start their assault on Marley, killing soldiers as they move about the city.

Attack on Titan Season 4: Story So Far & Episode Schedule

War Hammer Titan

In the meantime, the War Hammer Titan forces Eren out of the Titan body. And just as she is about to kill him, Mikasa attacks Lara on her nape with thunder spears. However, this doesn’t kill her, and she regenerates. Eren realizes that something’s off about the War Hammer Titan as he saw it transform from its base to its head. He realizes that Lara’s body is actually underground and is connected by a long white tendril. Eren transforms back into the Attack Titan again and severs the cord. As the War Hammer Titan falls down, Eren prepares to devour her. But, Porco’s Jaw Titan latches onto the Attack Titan’s neck and attempts to eat Eren, when Levi arrives, slashing its jaw-joint. This prevents him from biting, and he witnesses that the human Scouts were actually attacking him head-on. It is making him realize that they are the real devils of Paradis.

Attack on Titan Episode Schedule

After the declaration of war by Eren, his comrades have finally arrived on the battlefield. Death has started circling Marley, and the future episodes will follow Eren and the Survey Corps’ fight for their freedom.

The Episode Schedule till the end of February has been released and is as follows:

1. Episode 7: “Assault” – January 25, 2021

2. Episode 8: “Assassin’s Bullet” – February 1, 2021

3. Episode 9: “Brave Volunteers” – February 8, 2021

4. Episode 10: “A Sound Argument” – February 25, 2021

5. Episode 11: “Counterfeit” – February 22, 2021

The episodes will release on every Monday, 12:10 am JST. Be sure to change the above time to your time zone to watch the episode as soon as it airs. You can watch all the episodes by Attack on Titan on Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Funimation.

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