The Boys Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date Revealed

The Boys Season 2 premiered today on Amazon Prime Video platform and the first three episodes were released simultaneously. The rest of the episodes will be released every Friday from here on until October 9, 2020. “The Boys Season 4” Episode 4 is scheduled to release on September 11, 2020. Amazon Prime Video will air the new episodes on its premium streaming service every week.

If you are not familiar with “The Boys”, it is a series made on a superhero comic book and the first season was released in 2019. It was renewed for a second season in February 2020 due to the high demand. “The Boys” is about a few vigilantes that are up against the evil superhero organization called Vought. Season 3 for The Boys is also confirmed.

Vought runs the organization called The Seven which is a group of evil forms of every popular comic book superhero. The leader is Homelander, a psychotic and evil version of Superman. We also have others like Wonderwoman, Aquaman, and even more. But most of them are trained to not care about the people. They only exist to make Vought more popular in the world.

Hughie and Billy Butcher kidnapped one of the members of The Seven called Translucent and ended up killing him as a message of War against the Vought and Homelander. They found more people that had grudges against the Superheroes. With that, the superheroes decided to go up against this group and they go into hiding until they can figure something out.

The Boys Season 1 Recap

In the first season, Hughie Campbell met the vigilante named Billy Butcher after he was devastated that his girlfriend was killed due to a racing superhero on the sidewalk. Hughie held a deep grudge against the superheroes afterward helping Billy out and finding more allies along the way.  Frenchie, Mother’s Milk, and Kimiko are the rest of the members of this group.

On the other side, Vought is the organization that has privatized Super Heroes. They have made a chemical called Compound V which is injected into young kids to turn them into Superheroes. This chemical is the secret behind the huge success of this company. They chose the strongest superheroes created from their experiments and keep peace in the world using these Seven. Their next goal is to put superhumans into the military to further control the country’s affairs.

This series is straight-up not for kids. There is a large amount of violence along with curse words and weird sexual references. This show tries its best to depict the impact on a world where Superheroes are evil. In one scene, Homelander lets the passengers of an entire plane die because he could not stop the plane from crashing mid-air. You may not be used to seeing superheroes with such a mentality from superheroes but this show will surprise you.

The second season is out. The first three episodes are available to watch. We are met with most of the same cast but there are some new additions as well. The Vought has recommended a new superhero called Stormfront to replace translucent in the team. She is the third female superhero in the Seven now. She uses the powers of lightning and looks like a female version of Thor. The world faces the threat of Super-Terrorists, created outside of America against the seven. Each member of The Boys is also on the top wanted list. Billy Butcher survived after having a close encounter with Homelander but he is still missing from the scene. We expect him to make an appearance in Season 2. The Boys will keep fighting against the Vought organization as their lives depend on it.