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Where Was Aquamarine Filmed? All Filming Locations

Where Was Aquamarine Filmed?
Where Was Aquamarine Filmed?

Let’s grab some summer vibes from the beginning of the century with some sunscreen, and let’s talk about where was Aquamarine filmed. This 2006 Aussie-American production stars JoJo, Emma Roberts, and Sarah Paxton is based upon the Children’s book penned by Alice Hoffman. Elizabeth Allen directed this movie.

This movie is one of the first cult films for many Gen-Z’ers out there. And though it didn’t do well in the box office, it managed to be ranked among the best mermaid movies out there by outlets like Teen Vogue and USA Today. So, without any further ado, let’s examine what this movie has and where it was filmed.

Where Was Aquamarine Filmed?

Emma Roberts and JoJo in Aquamarine playing Claire Brown & Hailey Rogers


close associates Before Hailey moves to Australia due to her mother’s work as a marine biologist, Claire and Hailey are enjoying their last few days of summer vacation together in their small beach town of Baybridge, close to Tampa. Hailey asks the ocean god for a miracle to convince her mother to reconsider moving; moments later, a severe storm develops. The girls sneak into the neighborhood pool the following night and find Aquamarine, a mermaid who was brought in by the storm. Aquamarine makes friends with the girls and tells them that she fled her home because she was pressured into an arranged marriage. Aquamarine needs to convince her father that true love exists in order to break off the engagement.

Hailey and Claire’s longtime crush on lifeguard Raymond has caught the attention of Aquamarine, who can transform her tail into legs during the day as long as she stays dry. They hesitate, but when Aquamarine explains that if you assist a mermaid, you get a wish, they finally agree, hoping to stop Hailey from moving. Aquamarine is rejected by Raymond at first because she isn’t human and doesn’t understand how love works. The girls pledge to use techniques from teen magazines to woo Raymond in the following three days. Cecilia, the spoiled daughter of the local weatherman who is also interested in Raymond, leads a group of popular girls who, unfortunately, get in the way.

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Friendship Buildup

At a local dance, Aquamarine and Raymond become friends, but she is compelled to leave because she transforms again at dusk. She kisses him goodbye and tells him to meet her at the pier in the morning. When the three girls follow Aquamarine to the water tower where she is staying, Cecilia learns her secret. Aquamarine is prevented from climbing down by her unhooking the ladder, and she calls the news to expose her on live television. The town’s enigmatic handyman, however, assists Aquamarine in escaping, and she grants him a wish. As retaliation for embarrassing the family on national television, Cecilia’s father seizes her car.

The Knot

The next morning, Aquamarine inquires about Raymond’s feelings for her. Since they have only gone on one date, Raymond acknowledges that he likes her but has not yet fallen in love with her. He says he wants to take things slow with her. When Cecilia interrupts and shoves Aquamarine into the water, where she transforms back into a mermaid, Aquamarine is devastated. To Cecilia’s dismay, Raymond is shocked but rushes to get his rescue board to save her.

The Ending

Hailey and Claire dive into the water to save Aquamarine after her father conjures a huge storm that drags her back home. They explain that they love her when Aquamarine asks why. The storm subsides after the girls’ friendship successfully persuades Aquamarine’s father that true love exists. The girls get their wish, but they choose not to use it to stop Hailey from leaving because her mother worked so hard to make it come true. Instead, they keep the wish and bid Aquamarine farewell, though she makes a promise to come back. They kiss after Raymond invites her to see him as well. Raymond thanks the girls for their courage and for introducing him to Aquamarine when they return to land. When Hailey and Claire part ways, they each tell the other they will miss one another.

Where Was Aquamarine Filmed?

Queensland has shores and jungles!

Where Was Aquamarine Filmed?

Queensland, Australia, is a world-renowned tourist destination known for its beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, and Great Barrier Reef. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of activities in this diverse and scenic state, from swimming and surfing to hiking and bird watching. Queensland is also home to a number of unique cultural experiences, such as the annual Brisbane Festival and the Woodford Folk Festival. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach holiday or an action-packed adventure, Queensland has something to offer everyone.

Queensland has become a popular destination for film and television productions in recent years, thanks to its diverse landscapes and locations. Productions such as San Andreas, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and Kong: Skull Island have all been filmed in Queensland. The state offers a wide range of filming locations, from cityscapes to tropical islands, making it the perfect place to create a variety of different stories. Queensland is also home to a number of world-class studios and production facilities, which makes it an ideal place to film large-scale productions. With its growing film industry, Queensland is fast becoming one of the most exciting places to make movies.

Where Was Aquamarine Filmed?

The beautiful Queensland shoreline

Aquamarine Trailer

Where To Watch Aquamarine?

If you wish to stream Aquamarine, you can do it from the Starz channel on Amazon Prime Video, the Starz standalone platform, Spectrum on Demand, DirecTV, and the Roku Channel. You can also rent or purchase the movie from Apple iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies, Vudu Fandango, YouTube TV, the Microsoft Store, Red Box, DirecTV, and AMC on Demand. With this, we conclude our coverage of this topic here at Otakukart. Thanks for your attention, happy streaming, and see you soon!

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