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Three Bold Siblings Episode 48: What Is Next? Time, Recap, Release Date & Streaming Guide

Three Bold Siblings Episode 48
Three Bold Siblings Cast (Credit: Viki)

One of the critically acclaimed Korean drama series, Three Bold Siblings, has been receiving much love all around the world. Released in the year 2022, Three Bold Siblings have completed 47 episodes of the first season, and fans are highly anticipating the plot of the upcoming episode. So, When the next episode of Three Bold Siblings is going to release? Read till the end to know everything.

The story of Three Bold Siblings will take you to the world of Kim Tae Joo and her family, who are seeking familial happiness but always encounter some shocking truths that break their motivation. She meets Sang Joon, an actor who starts working on her medical documentary and soon expresses his love for her.

After getting married, Tae Joo gets to know that even Sang-Joon’s family is struggling with many troubles, conspiracies, and betrayals. Both of the protagonists try to make their lives happy while solving all the problems that their families come across.

The story of the first season is soon going to come to an end, so the show now has been becoming more intriguing for fans. As fans have been eagerly waiting for Episode 48, here we bring you the release date schedule that you can follow to watch your favorite family drama, Three Bold Siblings, on the exact day and time.

Three Bold Siblings Episode 47: Recap

The Episode begins with Lee Sang Joon confronting Young-Sik’s mother about the ripped painting. When Lee Sang Joon comes up with evidence on his laptop, Young-Sik’s mother tries to destroy it, and the same proves that she was the one who ripped the painting. Young-Sik does not like Sang Joon’s behavior towards his mother, and he warns him not to behave the same again, or he will have to pay a huge amount of suffering for it. 

Young Sik’s mother then demotivates her son about his paintings, telling him that his stepdad is the artist and he does not like his art. Subsequently, she takes money from him and leaves the house. On the other hand, Ms. Oh books an appointment with her ex-husband regarding his decision to break the deal with her company.

Three Bold Siblings

Young Sik from Three Bold Siblings (Credit: KBS)

Mr. Sin reveals to Ji Hye that the doctor’s business card that Ms. Oh gave him, saying that she had only 6 months to live, was fake and it belonged to the fitness trainer. That is why he decided to break the contract considering the lie that she told him. Subsequently, all the crimes and corruption that Mr. Cho did gets revealed by Mr. Sin in front of Ji Hye.

When Mr. Sin visits So-Rin’s house to send wishes to her father about his degraded health, So-Rin’s family confronts him about his Ex-wife’s doings and also reveals the truth about Ji Hye not being Mr. Sin’s biological daughter.

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Three Bold Siblings Episode 47

A Still from Three Bold Siblings Episode 47 (Credit: KBS)

In the middle of the night, Sang Joon’s grandmother starts crying and calling out for her son. Sang Joon suspects that it may be a sign of dementia, but Tae Joo makes it clear that she had a bad dream because of the stress. 

Ji Hyun confronts her mother about the lie that she told everyone regarding her health condition. Ms. Oh tells her why she wants Ji Hyun to be closer to Mr. Sin because she wants Ji Hyun to take over the company. Ji Hyun, who does not accept to act according to her mother’s sordid plans, then discovers that she is not the biological daughter of Mr. Sin.

So – Rin works diligently in her family restaurant while her father is taking rest because of his terminal illness. Mr. Sin visits So-Rin’s café to meet her last time before ending things with her. He expresses his feelings about being a father to Ji Hyun and apologizes to So Rin for not being a great partner. After ending things, So Rin decides to give him one last chance.

Three Bold Siblings Episode 48: Release Date

As episode 47 revealed many things about the several characters of the show, fans are eager to know how they are going to endure the pain while keeping themselves strong to conquer the future difficulties that will come their way.  The 47th episode of Three Bold Siblings was released on 5th March 2023, so here’s all you need to know about the release date of the upcoming episode, which is releasing super soon.

Three Bold Siblings Episode 48: Release Date

Ji Hyun discovers the truth about her real father – A Still from Three Bold Siblings Episode 47 (Credit: KBS)

Episode 48 of Three Bold Siblings is going to release on 11th March 2023 at 8 PM KST on the KBS channel. A watching guide is given for you to follow so that you can watch the episode on the given date and time without any delay.

  • Pacific Time: 11th March 2023, Saturday, 3:00 AM PT
  • Eastern Time: 11th March 2023, Saturday, 6:00 AM ET
  • Indian Time: 11th March 2023, Saturday, 4:30 PM IST
  • Japanese Time: 11th March 2023, Saturday, 8:00 AM JST
  • British Time: 11th March 2023, Saturday, 11:00 AM GMT

Three Bold Siblings Episode 48: How To Watch

Each new episode of Three Bold Siblings airs every Saturday and Sunday at 8.00 PM KST on KBS. You can also watch the show online if you do not have access to the KBS network. Viu and Rakuten Viki has made available some episodes of Three Bold Siblings for free, while for the latest episodes, you have to buy a subscription. Additionally, you can watch all the latest episodes of Three Bold Siblings on Amazon Prime as well.

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