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One Piece

One Piece Chapter 1077 Is Delayed: New Release Date & Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1077 Is Delayed Details

One Piece Chapter 1077 is the next for the manga and the fans have been looking forward to the release of the chapter in the latest issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine. However, the manga is delayed till the 15th issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine and as much as the fans want to see the new chapter as soon, there is a wait time for the fans.

What’s more depressing for One Piece fans is the fact that the new episodes of the anime won’t be airing this week as well. It is due to the national marathon in Japan that will take the broadcasting slot of the anime. But nevertheless, the manga will be next week, unlike the anime.

The fandom is really looking forward to the new chapter of One Piece following the events that took place in the latest issue of the series. Whenever Shanks appears in the chapters of One Piece, fans consider that chapter as one of the best chapters of the series. We can’t blame them because of the hype this character has created in his run since the start of the series.

It is not a stretch when we say that Shanks is one of the most mysterious characters in the fiction genre let alone in the manga and anime industry. The hype for the next chapter is even more due to the fact that Oda-sensei might finally do the unbelievable and showcase Shanks in an action sequence. Thus, fans are asking when is the new chapter of One Piece is dropping and what is going to happen in it.

While we do not have the exact answer for the latter, we surely do know the release date of the new chapter of the series so let us provide you with the new release date of One Piece Chapter 1077, various times it will arrive, and we will also include where you can read the latest chapter once it is released.

But before we dive into all of those details for the said, let us take speculate what we can expect from the upcoming chapter of One Piece. With that being said, here we bring you the latest updates on the One Piece manga and its new chapters.

One Piece Chapter 1077 Expectations

One Piece Chapter 1077 Spoilers (What To Expect From It?)

The first expectation that the fans are expecting from the One Piece Chapter 1077 is to Shanks marching toward Kid and hopefully get into a fight. However, I’d like to note that do not get your hopes for the fight high as Oda has never shown many fights outside of the straw hats bubble.

We were looking forward to the fight between Teach and Law, however, it’s been ages since the fight was presented and Oda-sensei might have finished fighting off-screen. But what we surely can expect from the One Piece Chapter 1077 is to see the progress on Egghead island and see where the story is headed. 

I do highly believe that the traitor is going to show up in the upcoming chapter and all hints point toward Lilith. This is speculative on my part though. The team-up of Lucci, Kaku, Zoro, and Luffy will be something we can look forward to in the upcoming chapter as well.

It will be an easy fleet for them to take the seraphim down with their combined attacks. We had already seen them taking care of two of them and the remaining two will be easy to deal with. The spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1077 will start emerging from Monday, March 6th, and the raw scans for the chapter are expected to be out by Thursday, 9th March. Check out the new release date for One Piece Chapter 1077 below.

One Piece Chapter 1077 New Release Date And Time

One Piece Chapter 1077 is now going to be featured in the 15th issue of the Shonen Jump magazine which is going to be released on Monday, March 13th, 2023 at midnight Japanese standard time. Following are the various new timings for the One Piece Chapter 1077;

  • 07:00 hrs Pacific Time on Sunday, 12th March 2023
  • 09:00 hrs Central Time on Sunday, 12th March 2023
  • 10:00 hrs Eastern Time on Sunday, 12th March 2023
  • 20:30 hrs Indian Standard Time on Sunday, 12th March 2023
  • 02:00 hrs Australian Standard Time on Monday, 13th March 2023

Where To Read One Piece Chapter 1077?

After its release in the magazine, the digital version of the One Piece Chapter 1077 will be made available to read on Viz Media and Manga Plus for free.

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