Doctor Romantic Season 3 Episode 5: How To Watch, Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

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Dr romantic season 3 episode 5
Doctor Romantic Season 3 Episode 5 (Credits: SBS)

After the 4th episode of Doctor Romantic Season 3 gripping storyline, it is taking forever for the fans to wait till the 5th episode.

K-Drama fans are familiar with the excitement of waiting for Season 3 of their favorite drama, Doctor Romantic. The series has maintained its popularity among the audience, with each new episode dropping out. We cannot wait for the new and upcoming episodes has kept in store for us.

The third season’s first episode was released on the 28th of April, and the latest one was released on the 6th of May, 2023. The series telecast at the SBS every Friday and Saturday. It has a runtime of 1 hour and 10 minutes. The previous seasons have received positive feedback and an immense amount of love, support, and recognition. And this season has also successfully become a buzzworthy drama.

Doctor Romantic Season 3 is a South Korean ongoing television series that centers on a medical romance and drama between patients and doctors working in the Doldam Hospital in the province of Gangwon. 

It all started with Dr. Kim Sa Bu and his story, along with other doctors of staff struggling for the patients to give the best quality care while handling their personal concerns. He is known as one of the best surgeons in the medical field. But due to a traumatic incident, his life changed, and he even had to change his name from Boo Yong Joo to Kim Sa Bu.

Doctor Romantic consists of a total of 16 episodes with engaging and entertaining stories. We also get to see the continuation of the love story of Seo Woo Jin and Cha Eun Jae. This couple’s name is enough to lure the audience toward the series. Their electrifying chemistry has once again become the talk of the town. 

There’s an interesting cast lineup in the season as well, like known faces, including Ahn Hyo Seop, Lee Sung Kyung, Kim Joo Heon, Kim Min Jae, So Ju Yeon, Han Seok Kyu, Im Won Hee, Yoon Na Moo, etc. 

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Do not miss catching up on the 5th episode of Doctor Romantic Season 3, which will premiere globally on the 12th of May on the respective platforms.

This article will help you with the details of Doctor Romantic Season 3 Episode 5, its release date, the preview of Episode 4, and the streaming guide of Doctor Romantic Season three. 

The Plot of Doctor Romantic Season 3 

Before starting season three, it would be great if you first binge-watch season two of Doctor Romantic. So that the inside stuff will make sense to you or you will not feel what things are tossed at you.

In the third season of Doctor Romantic, the dream Kim Sa Bu has longed for years will turn into a reality. It will be possible to fulfill Ba’s ardent goal of opening the Regional Trauma Center at Doldam Hospital after three years. But with the opening of the Center, it has to deal with the increasing volume of events and casualties that the hospital is facing now.

dr. romantic season 3
Doctor Romantic Season 3 (Credits: SBS)

It makes Kim Sa Bu and his staff feel more responsible toward their patients. And they work together tirelessly to give their patients the best care possible despite overcoming several obstacles in the medical sector, even though they have to take care of their personal hardships and formidable moral quandaries.

This season will continue the brimming romance of the protagonist, Seo Woo Jin, portrayed by Ahn Hyo Seop, a GS expert raised by the title of Little Teacher Kim ensuing season two, and beautiful and charming CS expert, Cha Eun Jae, portrayed by Lee Sung Kyung. They are now seniors and have been dating each other for three years. 

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Let’s Catch Up With Doctor Romantic Season 3 Episode 4 

Episode 4 showed how things got tense up went the fire broke nearby area patients were panicking about the situation caused by it, and everything was haphazard.

Firstly, despite the athlete’s surgery going well and winning the war against the injury, the doctor team’s night was far from over-finished due to a nearby fire that scattered several victims. They needed to give them treatment as soon as possible.

The teacher himself, Kim, and Cha Eun Jae were the ones operating on the patient of skiing who nearly lost his leg but was saved by them. On the other hand, Seo Woo Jin and other team members at Doldam Hospital were in charge of fire patients. They hurried to aid the sufferers of the accident of fire breaking down at a neighboring manor. They gave it all to save them.

dr. romantic s3
Doctor Romantic Season 3 Episode 4 (Credits: SBS)

But Lee Dong Hwa (portrayed by Lee Shin Young) engaged Dr. Kim and Woo Jin in a heated argument due to his rude and ignorant attitude. Meanwhile, Dr. Cha Jin Man (portrayed by Lee Kyung Young) is seen as furious over Eun Jae as she abandoned her ethical obligations as an experienced to back Teacher Kim’s ridiculous methods of ministering to the skiing patient. But Dong Hwa started to have second thoughts about the victim after founding a lighter in the old victim’s hands. He was in no way not doubting her.

When Woo Jin began to be provoked by Dong-hwa, Sa-bu snapped at him and instructed him to handle all patients moderately. And when Dong Hwa uncovered that another individual was genuinely accountable for the fire, he learned a lesson from it. While everything was happening, Woo-jin was the one who conducted the surgery on the aged woman.

After a tiresome and stressful day, the group finally got some downtime, but then again, a new problem was waiting for them. The following morning, Cha Jin Man shocked them by removing the best and undergone medical professionals out of Doldam just to put Kim Sa Bu in a challenging situation.

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And at last, when Jin Man commented on his lack of confidence in the things he had learned from Sa Bu, Woo Jin tried to leave the place by declining the offer, only to be stopped by his comments.

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Release Date Of Doctor Romantic Season 3 Episode 5 

Dr. Romantic Season 3, episode 5 will be on the screen on the 12th of May, 2023. According to Korean Standard Time, the episode will be broadcast on the SBS Network in South Korea at 10 P.M. Fans from other countries who are waiting for the 5th episode of Doctor Romantic Season 3 can watch at the following dates and hours:

  •  India: At 6:30 P.M Indian Standardard Time on the same day
  • Australia: At 11:00 P.M Australian Standard Time on the same day
  • Europe: At 1:00 P.M Greenwich Standard Time on the same day
  • USA: At 9:00 A.M Eastern Standard Time on the same day 
  • Canada: At 9:00 A.M Eastern Standard Time on the same day 
  • Japan: At 10:00 P.M Japan Standard Time on the same day 

How To Watch Doctor Romantic Season 3 Episode 5 

Episode 5 of Doctor Romantic Season 3 will air on SBS in Korea. And in a few countries on the platform Disney+ for a subscription of $8 per month. For fans in other regions, the series is available on Viu, Viki, and Kocowa. Previous seasons of Doctor Romantic are streamed on Netflix and Viki. 

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