Grimcutty Hulu Ending Explained: The Apology

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Grimcutty ending needs an explanation, and we are here for it. This is the horror movie released by Hulu, and honestly, it brings out some of the worst fears that teenagers might have right now. I mean, a meme ghost, tell me about it. Now parents and children are two completely different parties. We don’t understand them, and they would never understand us.

This movie also highlights this generational gap and focuses on how things can get out of hand so much that both of them will actually try to kill each other, yes, literally kill each other. We witness the Chaudhary family in the lead with their daughter Asha. She comes across a Grimcutty, an internet meme cum ghost.

But her parents refuse to believe her, thinking that it is just a side effect of watching too much screen and believing weird things online. Asha is an influencer who makes ASMR videos for social media. Kamran is a saxophone player. Asha is disappointed in her parents as she got into creating content and went off the track that they set for her (college).

Well, the origin of this terrifying figure began with a child whose mother locked him in because he was using too many devices. Thus, he goes into the kitchen and takes a knife to stab her own mother to death. Actually, he had spotted Grimcutty, who ordered her to do so.

Grimcutty Hulu Ending Explained
A still of Asha and Cassidy from Grimcutty

How Does Asha See The Grimcutty?

At the Chaudhary household, they are worried that Asha is having too much screen time and thus have a no-screen day. Later, it turns itself into a no-screen week where Asha desperately wants to have her phone because of how much it could impact her reach and followers. When her father disagrees, this is when she first sees Grimcutty.

Although, her parents neglect her claims thinking that she might be saying such absurd things in order to seek attention now that she is not getting any from her phone. Grimcutty cannot be seen by her parents, who come to harm Asha and end up cutting her a bit. Her parents thought that this was just her doing self-harm because of the lack of social media.

When she finally is able to escape the house, she goes over to her school and finds out that she is not the only one who is facing the wrath of Grimcutty. There are other kids who are also facing the same issue. She and Cassidy bunk the school time and go to a house party in the neighborhood. Here, they find a laptop.

Here, Asha connects with her brother, who is good at technology. She asks her to find out the location of Melinda James, the woman whose house all of it started with Grimcutty. Although, Asha’s parents find her at the party and are quite furious at her for breaking out of the house. Later, Grimcutty attacks Kamran.

Grimcutty Hulu Ending Explained

Asha and Kamran both wake up in hospital beds. Kamran is not in his senses, and the doctor says that it would take time for the same. They think that Asha has mental health issues and should meet with a psychiatrist. Asha is awake, and after her parents leave the room, she opens Kamran’s laptop to find out Melinda’s address.

Turns out that it was Melinda who started the Grimcutty meme. She used to write blog posts about the same. When Asha finds her out, Melinda shuts the door in her face claiming that she does not want to talk about it at all with her. Thus, Asha sneaks into her home and finds her son locked in a closet. Attempting to save the little boy, Melinda points a gun at her.

As Asha’s mother reaches Melinda’s place after seeing the address as well, Melinda says that she is locked into a room. As Asha looks in the rearview mirror, she sees that Grimcutty is approaching them. But when her mother calms down, it goes far.

The formula for keeping it away is to keep the parents cool. Soon, we see that Amir and Asha get into a hysterical fight. But as Amir senses the connections, too, he calms down and saves his daughter’s life. At the end of Grimcutty, he apologizes to Asha and Kamran.

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