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Ghost Hunter Season 15 Episode 7: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Ghost Hunter Season 15 Episode 7 release date is quite soon. The series focuses on a reality TV series that focuses on paranormal activities and being with the supernatural elements of the Earth. It was made for Syfy initially and has now shifted over to other platforms, such as the Travel Channel. In the lead premise of this show, we see Jason Hawes as well as Grant Wilson.

They have found a group called TAPS, which means The Atlantic Paranormal Society. Throughout the episodes, we see them investigate such elements, which we talked about, using modern electronic equipment. They think that this equipment is actually apt to detect the paranormal activities which are going down in the world.

At the beginning of the show, we saw that the duo actually worked as plumbers at Roto-Rooter before. At night during these days, they would go off and film the series and check out all the ghostly sites. The lead investigators on the series right now are Jason Hawes and Steve Gonsalves, along with Dave Tango and Shari DeBenedetti. There have been a lot of investigators on the show till now who have changed or left the show over time.

Ghost Hunter Season 15 Episodes Recap

Back in Ghost Hunter Season 15 Episode 4, titled Phantom Island, we saw that TAPs had started a new investigation. Although, this case has led them to be stuck in the middle of the Ohio River. They are also up against a historical mystery that has been going around the local people for ages.

The group is also looking forward to meeting with the mysteries that are at Blennerhassett Island. Later in the episode, we saw that the whole team just reunited with the Ghost Brothers in order to reach out regarding the very scandalous past that is led on here.

Ghost Hunter Season 15 Episode 7 Release Date

Picture of the Ghost Hunter TAPs Team from Season 15

In Ghost Hunter Season 15 Episode 5, titled Cursed Coliseum, we saw that TAPs are looking forward to a pile of paranormal cases for their next projects. They select the one where visiting the Mississippi Coast Coliseum is necessary. Steve Shippy was invited to this episode to work with the group.

The people who have been working at this location have been scared for a while, but the group comes in and provides a logical explanation for the activities that have been taking place. In Ghost Hunter Season 15 Episode 6, titled Ship of Lost Souls, we saw that our ghost hunter crew has now boarded the Battleship New Jersey.

The people have claimed that there is a ghostly sailor who still is on the ship. Dustin Pari, as well as Kris Williams, get down to understand the logic behind it all and make sure that everyone is doing okay on the ship.

Ghost Hunter Season 15 Episode 7 Release Date

Ghost Hunter Season 15 Episode 7 release date is on the 12th of November 2022. The episode is titled Poltergeist Prison. It will drop out on the Travel Channel at 9 PM Eastern Time. New episodes release every week on Saturdays.

How to Watch Ghost Hunter Season 15 Episode 7

Ghost Hunter Season 15 Episode 7 can be watched easily when the episode airs on The Travel Channel. Later, the episodes will also be available to stream from Discovery Plus. Fans will need to buy a valid plan of 4.99 dollars in order to watch the episodes.

Ghost Hunter Season 15 Episode 7 Spoilers

Ghost Hunter Season 15 Episode 7 is titled Poltergeist Prison. In this episode, we will witness that TAPs have been summoned for a case in North Carolina. Here, we will see them arrive at a distillery that once used to be a prison. According to the owners, there has been considerable unexplained activity in the region which has been concerning them.

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