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Anime Review – One Piece Episode 958

One Piece Episode 958

One Piece Episode 958 took the anime from focusing on events at Wano and updates us on what’s happening outside. The Reverie has just ended, and with it, a lot of updates came. The major one being the abolition and hunting down of the Shichibukai. The marine has deployed almost all of its soldiers and is now fully occupied. Meanwhile, news about Kaido and Big Mom joining forces have arrived at the Marines HQ.

The previous episode of the anime focused on the events outside, and so did the last one. Events at Wano are at a halt, even though there isn’t as much action on that side. The events developing are interesting. The world government s usually tried to cover up the news, but Big news Morgans was adamant this time and refused any bribes. The next episode is hinting more developments on the Wano raid.

The anime will then focus again in Wano as the moment to set sail for the fire festival has finally arrived. The last two episodes mostly focused on God Valley events where Roger and Garp stopped the Rocks Pirates. It was where Garp came to be known as the marine hero and made a name for himself.

One Piece Episode 959 comes out this weekend with more action back in Wano country. All the events from the outside world have been covered. And it is about time the anime focuses on the ongoing Wano fight once again. Black Beard also made an appearance after a really long time. He is now setting to conquer the world instead of just watching the marines try and take it for themselves. This makes one wonder what he could be up to next.

One Piece Episode 958: Roger and Garp vs. Rocks Pirates at God Valley

Roger Ship

Roger Ship

The fight was hinted at in the previous episode of the name when Big Mon and Kaidou’s alliance came to light. When the marines heard about this, they wondered if this would mean the Rocks Pirate’s return. The Rocks Pirates are revealed to be a group that Big Mom, White Beard, and Kaido all belonged to. So if you wonder who the Rocks Pirates are, you can read a full article about them: One Piece Teases Roger & Garp vs. Rocks Pirates

The Marines have now dispatched full forces to hunt down the Shichibukai after their system was abolished. This means that it is yet another war on the outside world. The Shichibukai are very powerful on their own, and this will lead to a very intense battle. The likes of Mihawk, Boa, and Weevil are making easy opponents out of the Marines. But it is just a matter of time before they deploy their admirals. 

So we will later see how the hunt for the Shichibukai will turn out. One Piece 958 focused more on the events and developments at the headquarters of the marines. Akainu is aware of the developments at Wano and has declared that they are now fully occupied and have no enough forces. Wano is a solitary nation and is not on good terms with the world government, making their intervention difficult.

With the Marines out of the picture now, the anime will return at the events in Wano. The preview of the next episode shows that the day for the fire festival has arrived. But it seems Orochi and his men moved ahead of the alliance as they are now ambushed.

One Piece 959 to Come With More Updates.

With the action back in Wano now, the rendezvous point that the alliance went on was Port Tokage. But no, they arrive there to find no ships and their allies gone. The episode will expand more on this when a new episode is released over the weekend. It has now been two weeks since the last time we saw events at Wano. The anime will likely focus on Wano for many episodes to come as the raid starts.

We are caught up with what is happening outside; the revolutionary has received bad news. Black Beard is on the move. So next time he appears, we will get to see what he is up to. But that will be for later in the year as now the anime is about to focus on the raid at Wano fully. 

The upcoming fight is a big one, the straw hats and their alliance is planning to attack during the night of the fire festival. So all these events that are coming will be taking place in just one night. But it will span a lot of episodes in anime that could even go beyond June this year.

Well, to show courtesy to those who do not follow the manga, let’s leave the story developments up to the point where the anime has teased. A lot is going on in the manga, and we can’t wait to see the anime’s full scenes. For more updates on the anime releasing this week, you can check out our Weekly Anime Updates and Manga Highlights.

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