How To Fight Chapter 154 Release Date: Yoo Hangang Enrolls In Class B For Loser

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How To Fight Chapter 154
How To Fight Chapter 154

How To Fight Chapter 154 reveals the mystery behind the Gangster Academy, where Hobin investigates Jin’s murder case. Hobin has invaded the Gangster Academy to find out what caused Jin’s death. This happened after Jin’s girlfriend visited NewTube Channel and asked for help. After invading the Gangster Academy, Hobin passed the exams and defeated a guy in a sparring test.

The placement exams ended, and the teacher decided to put the students in different classes. The teacher reveals that the Academy puts the students into two different classes. Class A is for the students who perform well during the evaluations. The students can even talk with the Academy director if they are from class A.

The teacher adds that class A can be reconsidered as where everyone is guaranteed to be employed. Class B is where all the failures are gathered, and Hobin raises his hand. Hobin realizes that he passed his exams after knocking out his opponent, but he is surprised that he is put in class B. He reminds the teacher that he was put in the wrong class.

The teacher reveals that Hobin is in the right class and that there was no mistake since the other class is not for rookies. He explains why Hobin was put in that class. As a reminder, Hobin is now called Yoo Hangang since he can’t let other students know who he is. He knows that if they learn about his name, they will realize that Hobin is that popular guy from NewTube Channel.

How To Fight Chapter 154

The teacher also added that many points were taken from Hobin’s test since his decision-making skills and adaptability to each situation were lacking. Yoo Hangang can’t believe that he is placed in a class for losers. The teacher admits that a class for losers suits Hobin’s character since he rembles a nerd.

Previously on How To Fight Chapter 153

Yoo Hangang realizes he won’t learn anything if he stays in a class for losers since the mystery behind Jin’s death might be in class A. He realizes he will fulfill the request if he finds his way to class A. Yoo Hangang realizes that a class for losers is one that the director doesn’t care about.

He decided not to the case scene and wait for the right time. But he is also surprised that another trough punk is placed in a class for losers. Yoo Hanngang realizes Seo Haesuin is not supposed to be in class for losers. He realizes that something is off and Seo might also be on a mission. Yoo Hangang wonders if a class for losers is where he will learn the truth about Jin’s death.

He hears some punks calling him. A chubby punk with a skinny brat and a skinny lover lady asks Yoo Hangang who he is. The skinny brat believes they know each other better since they are both in class for losers, making them the losers. Yoo Hangang wonders if those guys are Extroverts. He greets them, tell them his name, and asks bout Chaho-Jin.

The skinny lover lady reveals everything about Jin, and Yoo Hangang realizes he is getting somewhere. But the trio wonders why Yoo Hangang is asking about the upperclassman Jin. They also reveal that Jin received a business card like Yoo Hangang and died later. The skinny brat reveals that during their last test, they all messed up, and their teacher called three idiots.

How To Fight Chapter 154
How To Fight

The skinny lover lady admits that if things start as they are, they will complete their time in a class for the losers. The chubby punk comments that they will pass the next test and move to class A. 

How To Fight Chapter 154 Release Date

How To Fight Chapter 154 will be released on 6 November 2022. Yoo Hangang is glad he will take another test and move to class A. But he wonders what the next test will be since the first one is tough and the second chance might be tougher than the first one. Check out How To Fight Chapter 154 updates. 

Read How To Fight Chapter 154 Online – Raw Details

You can read How To Fight Chapter 154 online on the official websites. Teacher Docheol talks with his students, and his boss remind him to call him the Academy director. Jo Ilsan met with a teacher and talked about the next test. They also talk about Gung. Yoo Hangang got arrested, revealing the mystery in the next chapter. Let’s meet after How To Fight Chapter 154 is released. 

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