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Velma Episode 5 & 6: Release Date & Streaming Guide


Velma Episode 5 and 6 release date is close, and we will be getting the episode soon. With the series already releasing weekly, fans are curious to know how to watch Velma Episodes. Well, here we have packed all that much-needed information for you guys.

The series throws light on a mystery animated drama which also takes on comedy as its base genre. Velma Dinkley is a character in the Scooby Doo universe and is a proud member of Mystery Inc. This series focuses on her in the lead as she is trying to solve the crime that has happened to her mother and also the mystery revolving around the murder of various girls in the city.

Mindy Kaling serves as the executive producer of the series and the voice of Velma for the show. This is actually the first series in the whole franchise which does not actually feature a Scooby Doo character at all. It also focuses on Velma as the lead. We have seen how she was generally perceived as the brain of her group during the previous episodes of the squad. Charlie Grandy has created this series for a run.

The show starts in the form of an alternative universe for Mystery Inc., which is set in the other universe. The synopsis reads that the characters will have a love quadrangle between them which shall be revealed to us soon. I mean, we already know that Norville like Velma and wants her affection in return.

Although, there is not a lot of info about who Velma likes till now. Our girl is way more busy trying to focus on her mother and all the other cases in the city that she might hardly get the time to focus on these details but still, it would be good to know.

How to Watch Velma Episodes Online? Streaming Guide

A still from Velma

Only recently, with the series, we have seen how Fred has been having some issues and is the prime suspect in Velma’s eyes. It is because he is very insecure about his being, and even the phone of the latest victim was last seen at his house before going off.

The basic premise of the show has already been set by the creators, and it is going to expand even further as the episodes roll out. Thus, you can talk about this episode schedule we have mentioned for you guys.

Velma Episode Schedule

  • Velma Episode 1 Release Date – The 12th of January 2023 – Velma
  • Velma Episode 2 Release Date – The 12th of January 2023 – The Candy (Wo)man
  • Velma Episode 3 Release Date – The 19th of January 2023 – Velma Kai
  • Velma Episode 4 Release Date – The 19th of January 2023 – Velma Makes a List
  • Velma Episode 5 Release Date – The 26th of January 2023 – Marching Band Sleepover
  • Velma Episode 6 Release Date – The 26th of January 2023 – The Sins of the Fathers and Some Mothers

  • Velma Episode 7 Release Date – The 2nd of February 2023 – Fog Fest
  • Velma Episode 8 Release Date – The 2nd of February 2023
  • Velma Episode 9 Release Date – The 9th of February 2023 – Family (Wo)man
  • Velma Episode 10 Release Date – The 9th of February 2023 – The Brains of the Operation

Velma Episode 5 and 6 Release Date

Velma Episode 5 and 6 release date is on the 26th of January 2023. The episodes are titled Marching Band Sleepover and The Sins of Fathers and Some Mothers. It will drop out on HBO Max every week on Wednesdays.

How to Watch Velma Episodes Online

Velma Season 1 can be watched easily on HBO Max. The series drops two episodes every week on the platform. As per the analysis shared by HBO Max authorities, Velma actually broke the record for them as it was the most watched and premiered for the service for an original animated show. You can check in with the episode schedule regularly before getting on with the episodes and watching them online.

HBO Max costs 9.99 dollars a month with ads. This recharge plan is wildly popular among users who would love some HBO content along with others but also don’t want anything heavy on their pockets. Whereas the platform also offers a higher plan for those users who absolutely do not want to see the ads during their content. This higher plan is for just 14.99 dollars a month.

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