Go Hard Or Go Home Episode 7: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

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Go Hard Or Go Home Episode 6 recap
Go Hard Or Go Home Episode 7 Release Date, Spoilers And How To Watch

Go Hard or Go Home Episode 7’s release date is here. If you want to explore everything, you are in the right spot. We will also reveal Go Hard or Go Home Episode 7’s air date and streaming guide. The Warriors, an elite group of fierce fighters, stalwart athletes, and inspirational sportspersons, are based on a beautiful tropical island.

They are prepared to change the lives of eight participants and help them drive themselves to the limit. All of those candidates are in a rut; some just want to recover from protracted illnesses, some want to move on from traumatic experiences, and some need a change.

Fortunately, the Warriors are there to inspire them and support them as they undergo a series of taxing physical challenges to improve their bodies and minds. The Go Hard or Go Home Warriors are well aware of the transforming impact of fitness in their daily lives.

They are now assisting the candidates in eliminating all justifications, demolishing their demons, and crushing their self-doubt. At this intense boot camp, each warrior will be paired with a competitor and compete alongside them.

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Who are the contestants in the show?

Adele Nicoll

A GB Women’s Squad member, Adele Nicoll, puts the “slay” in bobsleigh. She is a shot-putting superstar and the current British Athletics Championship winner when she isn’t hurtling along luges at death-defying velocities. Adele is the ideal individual to aid the participants in Go Hard or Go Home in developing willpower because, outside of sports, she works as a care assistant in mental health units.

Go Hard Or Go Home Episode 6 recap

Ashley Cain

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The “Beast,” also known as Ashley Cain, will go wild on the island! Since losing his child to cancer, the 32-year-old former pro player has made it his mission to turn suffering into strength. “I go full on towards my difficulties,” he told Good Morning Britain after doing five marathons in five days in her memory.

“Pain gives me power. Because I connect with my daughter the most when I’m suffering and can push myself to ever-higher heights, I choose to do these tasks on particularly trying days like Azaylia’s anniversary or her birthday. My child is my superpower.”

Heather Fish

To her pals, Heather Fisher is called “Fish.” On the rugby field, this fish is unquestionably a shark.
The former pro rugby player won a bronze medal at the late 2018 Commonwealth Games and was a 2014 World Cup-winning team member. Fish also promotes mental health, so any Go Hard Or Go Home cast member who chooses her will get both mental and physical exercise.


Nesrine “Nez” Dally shatters barriers for hijab-wearing women worldwide in the Muay Thai ring while also shattering those of her opponents. Nez, dubbed London’s greatest personal trainer by the Evening Standard, created history as the first Muay Thai boxer to compete while donning the hijab.

Go Hard Or Go Home Episode 6 recap

“Finally, I felt I wouldn’t want to give my daughter the tale that “Your mother used to perform Muay Thai, and afterward she started wearing the hijab, and afterward she quit fighting,” she said to Grazia in 2021. So I changed that story, I thought.”


This flyboy is a gymnast who won a bronze medal at the Olympics, and he is now preparing to compete in Go Hard or Go Home. Nile Wilson earned the High Bar medal at the late 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, and he’ll have high standards for any competitor he mentors. The once-crowned European champion and five-time gold medalist at the Commonwealth Games is now prepared to enter this contest.

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Go Hard Or Go Home Episode 6 recap


Tyrone “Ty” Brennand transformed his life via fitness, working as a trainer for celebrities including Maya Jama and Nathalie Emmanuel from Game of Thrones. He admitted to The Prince’s Trust that “before I began my company, I was going around London causing trouble.”

He strongly believes in the benefits of yoga, and he is now prepared to go above and beyond to support his Go Hard or Go Home mentee.


As Waz transitioned from celebrity PR to the lead fitness teacher for Equinox, he moved from cocktails to crunches. Waz may be known to fitness enthusiasts as one of the instructors on the health app FIIT, but one contender will benefit from Waz’s intense exercises in person on the island.

When is “Go Hard or Go Home Episode 7’s release date?

Go Hard or Go Home: Episode 7 release date is March 6, 2023. Go Hard or Go Home Episode 7 will premiere via BBC iPlayer at 10 p.m. EST. Fans from across the globe will watch Go Hard or Go Home Episode 7 at 8.30 am IST (March 7), 2 pm AEDT (March 7), and 9 pm EST.

Go Hard or Go Home Episode 7: Where to Watch

Go Hard or Go Home Episode 7 will premiere on BBC iPlayer at times listed above for fans worldwide. Those countries that cannot access the app must download a VPN in order to view the show.

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