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What are Marvel’s Thunderbolts? The Fresh Marvel Timeline

Marvels Thunderbolts

What are Marvel’s Thunderbolts? Thunderbolts will mark the ending of Phase 5 of MCU. Marvel Cinematic Universe sometimes becomes a very confusing place with continuous change in the traits of superheroes and villains. So, in Thunderbolts, the responsibility of saving the whole world is going to fall on the shoulder of supervillains instead of superheroes. Well, we can understand the need for supervillains as the Avengers are already gone with the Endgame.

According to the reports and some sources, Jake Schreier is selected to direct the Thunderbolts of Marvel. The movie was revealed in the SDCC 2022, but there is no information regarding the cast and the storyline we will be served with. However, the one very clear thing is the release date of Thunderbolts. Thunderbolts will be released on 24 July 2024, marking the end of MCU Phase 5.

Who are the Thunderbolts?

Thunderbolts are the actual supervillains who disguise themselves as superheroes to save the world from destruction. As depicted in the various series of Marvel Comics, each leader of Thunderbolts has an agenda. Still, the team becomes a good force in the process.

Marvel's Thunderbolts

These supervillains always disguise them to fulfill their greed but end up genuinely becoming superheroes while they think that they were just acting. Well, they surely do good things, but their way of saving the world is too brutal when compared to the real superheroes. Just like any superhero team, Thunderbolts also have a slogan for their missions called “Justice, like lightning.”

How did the Thunderbolts originate?

In 1997, the supervillain team made their first appearance as The Thunderbolts. Writer Kurt Busiek and artist Mark Bagley created the original team of Thunderbolts in Marvel Comics. The first and original team of Thunderbolts was led by mysterious Citizen V, who is a patriotic hero. During this time, Avengers and Fantastic Four have disappeared, leaving a power vacuum for the Thunderbolts to take over.

Although, they proved themselves as worthy successors to the Avengers. Thunderbolts are still hiding a dark secret which is revealed at the end of The Thunderbolts. It is revealed that Captain V is Baron Zemo and the other Thunderbolts are also the former members of the Masters of Evil. It is considered one of the best-kept secrets in the history of Marvel Comics and stands as one of the iconic moments.

Marvel's Thunderbolts

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What to expect from Marvel’s Thunderbolts movie?

As we have discussed earlier in this article, that Thunderbolts will mark the end of Phase 5 and will be released after a gap of two years. Fans are curious about the cast and the supervillains they will be able to see disguised. Although we know nothing about the cast, according to some sources and reports, Baron Zemo can lead the Thunderbolts in the MCU too. As the Avengers are gone world need new superheroes who will save them from all kind of destruction. This marks the entry of Thunderbolts into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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