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Chainsaw Man Chapter 104 Release Date: Yoshida’s Unknown Motives!

chainsaw man anime release date announced
Denji from Chainsaw Man

If you ask us to name any one series that is breaking all the set records at the current time, we would take no time to name Chainsaw Man. This series is one of the most anticipated series of 2022 not just in the manga segment but also in animation form. Fans are waiting for the adaptation because the manga gained huge success in the industry because of its unique storyline and ultimate gore characters. Recently, the series remained in a centre of debate among fans after the serialization of its 103rd chapter.

The series revealed a lot of things in a single chapter. In addition to this, the chapter opened the scope of major reveals for the 104th chapter. Since, the anticipation on the god level, this often led to confusion and doubts among fans. Even on the Internet, there is so much confusing and false information available that can make the situation even worse that’s why we have decided to cover every single thing you need to know regarding Chainsaw Man chapter 104 release date and spoilers. Every single thing is covered in this piece of content so make sure to read this till the end.

Chainsaw man is a Japanese manga series based on the life of a normal boy of Denji whose life changed by just one incident. After the death of his father, he was drawn into a huge debt. Even after trying so much, we seemed unfit to repay his loan in any circumstances. One fine day, the Devil Hunter organization attacked Denji and later killed him. The loyal dog named Pochita sacrificed himself to save his master and was killed in the sequence. However, things won’t end here as Denji is reborn as a devil-human hybrid along with his dog, Pochita, and called himself as Chainsaw Man. 

Chainsaw Man Chapter 103 Recap:

Chapter 103 of Chainsaw Man was one of the most anticipated and unique chapters of the series so far due to many reasons. The chapter was focused on Chainsaw Man’s identity among the public and it was shown that most young people considered him a superhero however some just think the opposite of this ideology. Some people are accusing him and cursing him for stealing the demon hunter’s job.

Chainsaw Man

Highest Ranking Manga on NYC Times: Chainsaw Man

Denji seems quite unaffected by all this propaganda and in the chapter, it seems that Denji does not really care about people’s opinions about him. Later we saw that Denji confesses to Yoshida that he is the chainsaw man as he loves to remain in the center of attention. Still, we do not know his real motives for Yoshida and it is obvious that he is hiding something from everyone. The chapter was loved by almost all the readers and remained a topic of discussion on Twitter and other social media platforms. We are expecting much more entertainment from the upcoming chapter. Let’s see what it will get.

Chainsaw Man 104 Release Date & Expectations:

Chainsaw Man chapter 104 is all set to release on 14 September 2022 for most of the audience. Since the last chapter leaves no cliffhanger to guess for the next chapter, we certainly can’t predict the spoilers for the next chapter. At this time, it won’t be even possible to predict the exact spoilers as creators keep this kind of information confidential. However, we will update this article in case there would be any major reveals regarding the series or the chapter. Make sure to bookmark this article for future reference.

Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man

Read Chainsaw Man Online:

All the chapters of Chainsaw Man are available to read on Viz’s official website or the shonen jump mobile app. Both platforms provide a huge collection of manga to read for users on a freemium basis. You can read the latest chapters free of cost however it requires an active subscription to enjoy the rest of the chapters.

Even though the subscription price is quite affordable. Since Manga creation requires utmost dedication and hard work, we should only use legal sites to enjoy as this helps creators financially and encourages them to continue doing the good work.

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