Anemone Wa Netsu Wo Obiru Chapter 30: Release Date & Where To Read

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Anemone is in heat Chapter 30 Release Date
Anemone is in Heat Cover Page

Anemone wa Netsu wo Obiru (アネモネは熱を帯びる), also known as The Girl Doesn’t Know Her Heat is your everyday Yuri/Highschool manga. It is written and illustrated by Ren Sakuragi and started serializing in the year and is currently published by Manga Time Kirara Forward.

The manga revolves around a high school girl named Nagisa Ootsuki. Nagisa is very embarrassed and ashamed about the fact that she failed her high school entrance exam. However, she is willing to shed this shame and her former self and applies for another school.

The reason that Nagisa failed the entrance exam was that she was not able to attend it, and the reason for that is that she stopped mid-way to the exam center to help a girl named Mashiro Komiyama, who collapsed and was unconscious in the middle of the street.

Nagisa missed her exam, but she had a very optimistic mindset, so she got admitted to a private school nearby and tried to forget everything that happened in the past and move on. The only problem was that the girl she saved that day Mashiro, the reason she could not go to a high-level school, was also studying with her.

Anemone wa Netsu wo Obiru
Anemone wa Netsu wo Obiru Cover

Nagisa is confused and has no idea how to deal with all these complex emotions she has. This was the plot of this fairly new Yuri manga. Today we will talk about the upcoming chapter of Anemone Wa Netsu Wo Obiru, Chapter 30, and provide you with the information you will need before reading the latest chapter. 

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Anemone Wa Netsu Wo Obiru Chapter 29: Recap

Before talking about the upcoming chapter, let’s have a recap of the previous chapter of Anemone Wa Netsu Wo Obiru, Chapter 205. Chapter 205 of Anemone Wa Netsu Wo Obiru was released almost a month ago, on 24th February 2023, and is titled Smile. 

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The chapter starts with Uda Waiting for Riri at the park before their little date to the amusement park. They meet up, and Uda has planned the whole day, but first, they go to a nearby pond to see some birds. 

Then they went continued forward and reached the ocean side. However, Uda’s planning failed when the beach was closed due to renovation purposes, but Riri kept the spirits high and told Uda that walking with her peacefully was fun enough. 

The Girl Doesn't Know Her Heat
Anemone wa Netsu wo Obiru Chapter 29 | Riri & Uda

Then Riri suggests that they should go and check the nearby aquarium. Both of them went to the aquarium and had a really great time looking at different kinds of fish, including some sharks like the hammerhead. Then Riri goes and buys a pair of fish keychains from the gift shop for both of them.

Then they go to their next stop, the Ferris wheel. It was the first time Riri was on one, so she was a bit perplexed about the situation, so she insisted on sitting beside Uda to feel comfortable. Riri then goes on to tell Uda how she was sad about the fact that she cannot do anything about the fact that the person she like doesn’t like her back. 

Further, Riri thanks Uda for always being there for her, and no matter how hard it was for Uda not to tell her real feelings to her, she decides to play the good friend card for a little while longer just to see the girl she likes to smile. 

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Anemone wa Netsu wo Obiru Chapter 30: Release Date

However interesting and intense the manga can be at times, the one thing they are not good at is frequent updates for the fans. The manga is a monthly issue with one chapter every month, and on top of that, there are frequent delays, so the fans have to wait a very long to read the upcoming chapters of the series. 

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The next chapter of Anemone wa Netsu wo Obiru Chapter 30 will be released on Monday, 17th April 2023. Given below is the release time for the upcoming chapter according to different time zones. 

  • Japanese Standard Time: 9:30 PM on Monday, 17th April 2023.
  • Australian Eastern Standard Time: 10:30 PM on Monday, 17th April 2023.
  • Indian Standard Time: 06:00 PM on Monday, 17th April 2023.
  • Central European Time: 01:30 PM on Monday, 17th April 2023.
  • Pacific Standard Time: 04:30 AM on Monday, 17th April 2023.

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Anemone wa Netsu wo Obiru Chapter 30: Where To Read

You can read all the chapters of Anemone wa Netsu wo Obiru, along with the upcoming chapter 30, on the website of their official publisher Manga Time Kirara Forward by Houbunsha. However, there are no official publishers for the English scans, so English readers may have to wait for a while before reading the series in the English language. 

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