Who Is Canelo Alvarez? Mexican Boxer’s Wife, Career and Net Worth 2023

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Who Is Canelo Alvarez?
Canelo Alvarez (Credits: Getty Images)

Canelo Alvarez is a Mexican professional Boxer with multiple titles, belts, and medals. From light middleweight to light heavyweight, including unified titles, Canelo has been winning for years. He won multiple championships, hence is called a champion in boxing. Also, he became the only undisputed champ at super middleweight, which earned him WBC, WBA, IBF, WBO, and Ring magazine titles by 2023.

Canelo’s winning history is very long, including many prestigious titles, and all of these helped him earn an amazing fortune. Apart from his boxing career, he owns multiple businesses and has been a Television personality too. He leads a luxurious as well as a stable life with his wife and daughter. Read on to know more about the Mexican champ. 

Who Is Canelo Alvarez’s Wife?

Currently, Canelo Alvarez is happily married to Fernanda Gomez. The couple has a beautiful little daughter, Maria Fernanda Alvarez. It is not the first relationship of the Mexican professional boxer. He was engaged with other women before marrying the love of his life. Canelo’s first relationship was with Karen Beltran, who was his childhood sweetheart. The couple welcomed their kid, Emily Cinnamon Alvarez, in 2007. But the relationship didn’t work out, and they got separated.

Canelo Alvarez with his wife, Fernanda Gomez (Credits: Getty Images)

He welcomed his second child, Mia Ener Alvarez, with his second girlfriend, Valeria Quiroz. Again, the relationship didn’t work out, and they had to part ways. After that, Canelo fell for his business partner, Nadia Sepulveda, and was blessed with a son, Saul Ediel Alvarez. Like the previous two relationships, this one ended too. Canelo dated more women, but he stopped when he met his future wife, Fernanda, in 2017. He married her in 2021, and he is still with her. They might stick together in this relationship for a longer period.

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Canelo Alvarez’s Boxing Career

Canelo was fond of boxing, but the driving force for him was his brother. When his elder brother, Rigoberto, debuted boxing professionally, Canelo, too, wanted to get into it. Therefore, at the age of 13, Canelo started practicing more and more so that he could be a boxer. He had two more brothers, Ramon and Ricardo, and both of them were professional Welterweight boxers. Now, you might have got an idea why Canelo is so amazing in his work.

He had his family to support him a lot professionally, but yes, all the efforts were Canelo’s. In 2004, Canelo participated in Junior Mexican National Championship and won. He was a runner-up and received his first medal (Silver). It was the greatest motivation for him. He practiced more, and in 2005, he became Junior National Boxing Champion. When he was 15, he became a proud and popular champ with forty-four wins and two losses.

‘Canelo Alvarez vs. Callum Smith’ Fight Night (Credit: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom)

Before the beginning of 2017, he got his first title as Jalisco Welterweight after he won against Ricardo Cano. By 2021, Canelo Alvarez became a champion, and he earned the title of Super Middleweight Champion. Moreover, he got massive famous and made an enormous fortune. Well, he is still working hard, and we will be watching him a winning more.

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What is Canelo Alvarez’s Net Worth in 2023?

Canelo Alvarez’s estimated net worth in 2023 is around $180 million. He is a professional boxer with lots of medals and belts, and yes, he deserves them all. His boxing techniques and all the hard work he put into his dream career are rewarding him by making him one of the most popular and wealthiest athletes. Outside the ring, Canelo has his businesses, too, from where he makes a portion of his fortune. In 2022, Canelo made around $90 million from his fights.

He fought with Dmitry Bivol and lost, but the amount he earned was around $50 million. Similarly, he was guaranteed $45 million for a fight with Gennady Golovkin. Apart from boxing, Canelo owns multiple businesses, from real estate to a Taco Restaurant. Well, he is an active investor, so he keeps on investing in multiple companies and earns millions. He owns a luxurious house and multiple cars, including McLaren and Rolls Royce.

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