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Agency Episode 10: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

Agency Episode 9 recap
Agency Episode 10 Release Date

Agency Episode 10’s release date is out. The post will update this new Korean drama‘s fans about everything they might want to know about before the new episode drops. A quick recap is provided first for all who missed it before delving into Agency Episode 10’s release date and streaming guide.

We saw that Chairman Kim threw a fit because he couldn’t bribe or trick his way out of a conviction, despite screaming at his attorneys and tossing money at people. Chairman Kim is upset that the legal system is functioning remarkably well. They choose to control public opinion because they cannot exploit the system.

They need pitches for a novel publicity campaign from five agencies. VC Plan and one other agency only attend the conference; this is the only one who wants to avoid getting involved in this company’s turmoil. Geun, Hanna’s great-grandfather, is very interested in the advertising competition for Woowon, the business owned by Chairman Kim, his future wife.

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What happened in Agency episode 9?

He also appears to be evaluating Hanna’s skills in the meantime. Chairman Kang does not consider Hanna for the position since he assumes his son Kang will acquire the business. Hanna appears just as eager to disprove her father as she is to take over the business in the future.

Agency Episode 9 recap

Ah from Agency.

Young advises Hanna to take a more proactive stance in demonstrating her suitability for managing a conglomerate. Hanna is determined to win the company’s advertising contract and gain a valuable employee.

With Woowon’s consent, Hanna instructs Ah and Chang to develop unique advertising campaigns for the undertaking. Ah-in and Chang are now required to work in dispersed teams without access to the agency’s resources. Ah-In understands the objective here is to free Chairman Kim by swaying public opinion.

While Ah’s team struggles to draft their message, Chang’s team quickly creates plans and copies. Because of Ah’s pressure to design the ideal advertisement, she exhibits a rude personality as a leader. Ah’s crew is left alone after Chang pulls a dirty trick and steals all the greatest freelance copywriters in the business.

Agency Episode 9 recap

Ah and her team.

Ah, who is having trouble managing, makes a trip to her psychiatrist to get additional medication. Soo, furious, reluctantly agrees to prescribe them if Ah-in agrees to refrain from consuming alcohol while taking them and commit to therapy. Unsurprisingly, Ah Soon nearly betrays her word and begins consuming alcohol while taking medication.
Hanna then opts to see each team during the crunch to choose her final options. Hanna may need to be more knowledgeable about the profession, but she certainly has a good sense of reading individuals and circumstances. She characterizes Ah-in as unpredictable but useful and Chang as stable yet predictable.
 Due to the short time before the deadline, Ah’s team still has a lot of work to do. They can’t find the thread and are worn out and desperate. Then Eun makes a surprise appearance. Does the agency run this “jail”? She screams after feeling wronged, which provides Ah’s objective a direction: error in justice with the tagline, “The law isn’t perfect.”
Ah interrupts their team meeting at the corporate headquarters by asking Young to help her find Bae, the legal head. It doesn’t take Ah long to persuade him to support her because he has also been tasked with trying to keep President Kim out of jail.

Agency Episode 9 recap

A still from Agency Episode 9.

He brings her to this grimy legal office to hire an attorney he knows. Ah makes him a three-billion-won offer to carry out her plans. The last episode ended with Ah anxiously anticipating the presentation and trying to perform a miracle.

When is the Agency Episode 10 release date?

Agency Episode 10 release date is Feb 5, 2023. Agency Episode 10 will premiere via JTBC at 10.30 pm KST. Fans from nations other than Korea can also stream Agency Episode 10 via the streaming service mentioned below at 7 pm Indian Standard Time, 12.30 am Australian Eastern Daylight Time (Feb 6), 1.30 pm Greenwich Mean Time, and 8.30 am Eastern Standard time.

Agency Episode 10: Where and how to watch

Agency Episode 10 will stream via Viki at the times we listed above via Rakuten Viki. The international watcher has to match their local time with the one written here to stream Agency Episode 10 easily when it comes out in their region.

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