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Loot Season 1 Episode 8 Release Date: Molly’s In For A Surprise!

Loot Season1 Episode 8
Loot Season 1 Episode 8

Let’s talk about the next episode of this Apple TV+ show, Loot Season 1 Episode 8. In the last episode, we saw Molly traveling to a vineyard for a date. Or what we think was a date. It was hard to decipher. So, why don’t we share the recap with you? But reader beware, as there are major spoilers ahead. The creators of the comedy series “Parks and Recreation” and “Loot” are Matt Hubbard and Alan Yang. It centers on Molly Novak (Maya Rudolph), the spouse of John Novak, one of the richest businessmen in the world.

However, when Molly learns about her husband’s infidelity, her entire world is turned upside down. After the divorce, Molly is left with an unbelievable sum of money and the desire to explore her identity outside of the marriage. The previous episode takes us to the opening of the student art center in an underserved neighborhood in Cerritos. Molly makes a speech on behalf of the Wells Foundation. Cerritos Smooth Grooves, a children’s dance troupe, performed after Molly finished speaking, and Molly was invited to join in.

Loot Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

Jean Pierre, the attractive man she met at the awards ceremony in the previous episode, was standing in the crowd and observing her. When he learned about her event, he stopped by on his way to a windmill farm in Palm Desert and flirtatiously asked her if she’d like to go out to dinner. Naturally, Molly replied in the affirmative, and Nicholas hurried over to fan her because she had been sweating during the conversation with the tall, attractive, French Jean Pierre.

Loot Season 1 Episode 8

What went down in the last episode?

They all disagree when Molly claims in the office that she is not Jean Pierre’s type. Surprisingly, everyone likes him except for Arthur. When Ainsley and Sofia look up Jean Piere on social media, they discover that he has never filed for bankruptcy, never married, and has been single for nine months since splitting up with his girlfriend. Jean Pierre then texts Molly to invite her to dinner at his vineyard. For their vineyard date, Nicholas buys Molly every outfit she could want, and Howard brings him a gift to celebrate participating in the play.

After Nicholas thanks him, Howard tricks him into going to the Cheesecake Factory that afternoon to meet his girlfriend, Tanya. Arthur enters Molly’s office as she is rummaging through her options while looking for an outfit. They become friends over going on first dates after a divorce, and he advises her to be ready for anything. He tells Molly before he leaves that she will look great no matter what she wears.

Molly’s Feelings

Molly feels good as she arrives at the vineyard wearing a designer scarf and a black midi dress, only to run into Jean Pierre hard at work under a barrel. At the same time, Molly is dressed nicely and standing in a rat-infested area while he is working on machinery in the vineyard. When he is free, Jean Pierre talks to Molly about his past and how he came to terms with his family’s wealth and legacy. He acknowledges that he was only in Cerritos to see her and takes her onto the lovely patio for a wine.

Picking Up

Jean Pierre and Molly enjoy wine on the patio when he tells her that she is unlike any other woman he has ever met and that she is everything. Until Jean Pierre’s tall, gorgeous, blonde partner Jacqueline joins them at the table, Molly rips off her scarf in her heat and is smitten. When concerned, Molly calls Sofia. Sofia looks her up and learns Jacquline is wed to a Tom Ford model. Molly is thrilled that this might mean a romantic possibility with Jean Pierre, but he interrupts her and says she is here for a business proposal.

Loot Season 1 Episode 8

Maya Rudolph in Loot


Tanya yells at Howard in front of Nicholas during an early dinner with Howard and Tanya because she feels like he liked another woman’s half-naked Instagram post. Tanya accepts Howard’s apology and thanks Nicholas, for his assistance after he persuades her to accept it. When Howard uses the restroom, Tanya admits she doesn’t think Howard is a good match for marriage as she and Nicholas become friends over cocktails and clothes. She responds that staying with him for eight years is simple when he inquires why. Nicholas is enraged that Howard is ignorant.


Arthur overhears Sofia talking to Molly at work and remarks that Sofia deserves a good date with Jean Pierre. Meanwhile, Molly is disappointed when Jean Pierre sends her home in a car in a formal manner and advises that they should have a conference call to discuss the business. After they return from lunch, Nicholas tells Howard about his conversation with Tanya. Tanya and Howard both believe he is lying, as do they.

Before accelerating away, Howard orders Nicholas to get out of the car and tells him they are no longer friends. Jean Pierre, riding a horse, approaches Molly’s car on the way home and begs her to stop. He apologizes for his stiff demeanor and acknowledges that he and she share a connection. Jean Pierre gives her a passionate street kiss as she begins to stutter.

Loot Season 1 Episode 8 Release Date

The eighth episode of Loot Season 1 will air on Apple TV+ on Friday, July 29, at around 12 a.m. and 3 a.m. (PT/ET), and 5 a.m. (GMT). “Spades Night,” the title of episode 8, will last approximately 26 minutes.

Where To Watch Loot?

Loot is an Apple TV+ original series. So, to watch it, you must get a subscription to that service.

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