Jeff Lowe Net Worth In 2020: Early Life, Allegations, Controversies and All You Need to Know

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There are numerous stories created a buzz on Netflix, and a most recent one was zoo owner Joe exotic and his competitor rival Jeff Lowe. Although much information about their struggle and rivalry still not updated, people believe that they both fall out of each other on the bases of money and fame. Well, Jeff Lowe, who came to spotlight after managed Evel Knievel’s son stunt performer Robbie Knievel. Jeff himself revealed and admitted that he found engaging and interested in look after and grew up alongside big cats and tigers.

Jeff Lowe

From there on, Jeff Lowe able to create a massive impact on his pet animals and breed like an adorable and caring zoo owner. His forefathers also the history of pet business, and Jeff was continuing his forefather’s legacy to take care of the big cats. Before he met Joe exotic, Jeff already grabbed the attention as zoo owner and breaded the cats for many lavish parties in Las Vegas.

Early Life

Animal enthusiastic and passionate love for big cats, Jeff Lowe, form an early age, always quite fond of playing with the adorable pet animals. He recalled some of the best moments when he was in toddler and found extremely attached to them. Jeff Lowe has later operated the pet business from Colorado and Las Vegas. At the time both Joe and Jeff met each other, Jeff denied permission to buy a cub, and later Jeff told Joe that he wants to open a sanctuary to run the business in Colorado.

Jeff Lowe

As Joe was several allegations and suspects of bankruptcy and fraud, Joe was anxious about Jeff to look after the pet business and breed the animals. But it was a not best and wise decision for Joe as he had charged for spoiling his public image and was not mentally prepared for this kind of setback.

Controversies and Allegations

Jeff and Lauren brought back their own zoo in 2016, and both immediately started to give makeover the zoo for creating a fantastic impression for all animal lovers. They rebrand the zoo name as Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park. It reckoned that around the time of ownership, the park was privately owned Exotic Animal Park in the USA, having a capacity to occupy 230 tigers and lions. Jeff also planned to open up a pizza restaurant near the zoo location.

Jeff Lowe

Jeff Lowe had a forgettable past life where he landed at many controversies and got jailed for violating and later caught by cops for carrying tiger and cubs without a license and commits several offenses under his name sheet. In current days, police and investigator are pretty much active in their investigation to find out his place where he runs and do the pet business. After getting complaints from animal advocate police as the law say, Jeff did not have any legal license to dispatch animals to other cities. As a matter, they forcefully seized the Jeff zoo, and Jeff had no choice but forced to pay $10,000 for the crime.

Jeff Lowe Net Worth In 2020

Jeff Lowe

Zoo owner and animal lover Jeff Lowe although often dragged into many allegations and breaching the rights of animal law, did have earned some net worth mainly running the pet business. Though his net earning still not figured out, many people said that he ownership of the zoo makes his bank balance lot wealthier to say at least.


Well, Jeff Lowe has been an ardent animal supporter and done significant work for helping animals stay safe and healthy. Though he commits some crimes as of now, never get arrested. He is currently the CEO of G.W.ZOO and mostly operates all his activities as a dominant entrepreneur does.

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