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Antlers: Upcoming Horror Movie Starring Keri Russel

We all love some horror flicks, and horror fans all-around have been waiting for the Guillermo del Toro produced Antlers to be released. We have sins and bits of the movie that just left us in awe, a very scary monster going on a rampage, Sold!

But unfortunately, we were deprived of the movie on its first release date. The release was postponed and they yet have to come with a new one. let’s look at what we know so far.

Behind The Scenes

Antlers is an upcoming supernatural horror film that will undoubtedly take away a few nights of our sleep. It’s being directed and co-written by Scott Cooper. The story was adapted from a short story called “The Quiet Boy” by Antosca which was published in Guernica magazine in 2019.

Antlers 3

In terms of the cast, we have Keri Russel headlining as the main protagonist of the movie. We also have Jesse Plemons, Graham Greene, Scott Haze, Amy Madigan, Rory Cochrane, and Jeremy T. Thomas. We have the legendary Guillermo del Toro producing this horror movie.


Skip this part if you don’t want any kind of spoilers about the movie. Horror is best watched without knowing a single thing that is going to happen next.

The story is mainly focused on a very scary creature, the lore of the wendigo. This creature has a very interesting backstory, it was born because of years of colonization. When the English colonized the Americas, they laid waste on a ton of indigenous tribes.

This in turn caused the people of the tribe to starve, malnourished, and without any support, the only option was to resort to cannibalism. So the creature is a sort of a collection of skeletons of the people all combined up to be a very scary-looking monster. This entity craves human flesh and goes on a rampage.

So we set our eyes on a small town in Oregon where Julia Meadows, played by Keri Russel is a teacher. Paul, played by Jesse Plemons is her brother and the local sheriff. The both of them have a suspicion that one of Julia’s students might be secretly sheltering a supernatural creature.

The Lore Of The Windigo

Skip this part as well if you don’t want any spoilers about the creature that is going to be appearing in the movie. With the Antlers movie going to depth the wendigo, let’s learn a little more about this lore. The wendigo is a very scary-looking creature that lives on human flesh and the negative energies of people.

The wendigo is a lore that comes from the First nations Algonquian tribe. This creature has been adapted many times in the horror genre, but Antlers aim to have a different adaptation to the creature. That wants to paint the wendigo in a way that pays respect to its Native American roots.

The starvation of the tribes was caused when the English colonized the Americas and completely took away their resources. This in turn caused the tribes to go into cannibalism, and this is how the creature is born. It can be seen as representing colonialism and greed.

Release Date

The movie seems to be one of the worst-hit projects by the Covid-19 pandemic. We were supposed to be seeing this legendary tale all the way back on April 17th of 2020! But the pandemic easily put a stop to that. It was later moved by almost a year to February 19th, 2021. Which you may notice is also over, and now there are no signs of the movie.

We all were looking forward to this legendary tale for a long time now but the pandemic is relentless and doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon. But in a surprising turn of events, we have a new release date!

The film is set to release on October 29th, 2021. But this time because of the times the film was postponed, we are having a hard time getting our hopes up. There are talks going around that the movie may completely give away its theatre release and be released on streaming platforms.

Others say the October release is set in stone and that it will not be changed. In our opinion, it doesn’t matter how the movie releases, let’s hope the date doesn’t go beyond October.

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