Behind Every Star Episode 9: Release Date & How To Watch

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Behind Every Star kdrama Episode 8 recap
Behind Every Star Episode 9: Release Date

Behind Every Star, Episode 9’s release date is here, and people following the drama are excited. This piece will mention Behind Every Star Episode 9 after recapping Episode 8, so let’s go. Sunny Lim has difficulty adjusting to corporate life in Korea when Eun appears.

Director Chang tells the actor he wants to talk with him about a role in a movie, but the child is more curious to find out how his dad is doing. Tell me if anything occurs, please. Je-in tries to console her friend as Hae-jun, worried about what he’s hearing about the receptionist’s auditions, tells Jung-don to leave Sun to the younger agents.

According to her, actresses who get involved in controversies with their managers face harsh criticism. Hyun-Joo reassures Sunny of Method’s generosity by giving her food after seeing Je-inability’s attempts to locate Sang-UK after she sees him leaving the bar where she is currently sitting. The two are forming a friendship at this point.

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Behind Every Star Episode 8: Recap

The next day, Je-in plans to visit Ji-hoon at his workout facility. The actor points out the “sleazy” behavior of being surrounded during an exercise and then expresses his disapproval of the current offering of “a fresh vision,” making for an initially uncomfortable interaction.

Behind Every Star kdrama Episode 8 recap
Jane in Behind Every Star.

When Je-in argues that she might have made his firing from Lee Eun’s program successful, Ji-hoon begins to pay attention. Je-in informs her coworkers of Matsumoto’s rejected hiring offer to their targets, while Hae-jun gives the agents a sizable monetary incentive to bring in Kim Ji-hoon.

She describes Star Media’s strategy as “selecting Korean TV over movies because they generate more money” before soliciting Won-assistance Jae to show Ji-hoon that offers were declined on his behalf quietly. Je-in is compelled to decline Sang’s request to see Ji-hoon that evening, clearly disappointing the agent.

He asserts that she will continue to be Jung’s customer elsewhere, claiming that since she has already let go of her crush, the two shouldn’t worry about other people’s thoughts. The following day, Hee-sun is paired with the director, Je-in declares her certainty in closing the transaction with Hoon on the stage, and Jun provides the agent with a dress to wear as a sign that Method’s employees are “in a separate class.”

Behind Every Star kdramaEpisode 8 recap
A still from episode 8 of Behind Every Star.

But things turned out differently than expected. Gi-bong shows up just as Ji-hoon recommends a private meeting with Je-in, revealing his rivals’ plot to persuade the actor to work for them. He continues, upset at the Star Media retribution scheme: “You’d better take care of your stars before Way hits rock bottom.”

Disappointed, Je-in decides to dump her drink on Gi-bong before telling Ji that she believed what she had said about him having to pursue whatever he thinks is right. Before an angry phone discussion with Hae in which she cautions the incoming president against going on a “power trip,” she says upon her departure, “You should cut relations with an agency that solely thinks about you as a cash cow.”

Jin states his wish to have Hyun-Joo serve as his assistant manager if he successfully obtains the top position on the talented design team, as Director Ma hurries out to deal with his wife’s decision to list the property for sale.

Behind Every Star kdrama Episode 8 recap
A scene from episode 8 of Behind Every Star.

In the meantime, Je-in apologizes to an enraged Hae-jun, who dismisses the veteran agent for her actions. But as it turns out, Ji-hoon has decided to enroll with Technique, and this choice is swiftly reversed. Myung is suggested to leave her position and become an advisor by Sunny, who walks by Hyun without saying a word.

Sunny feels there is little reason to keep Myung-ae on board. To the dismay of other workers, the employee who has been with Method since its inception has been called a “slacker” An. Sunny later admits that she used Hyun-information Joo’s to help Hae-jun make this dismissal decision, but she advises her to see it as a contribution.

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Behind Every Star Episode 9: Release Date

“Behind Every Star Episode 9,” release date is December 5, 2022. “Behind Every Star Episode 9” is set to air at approximately 10:30 pm Korean Standard Time on tvN in Korea. International fandom can watch Behind Every Star episode 9 at 8.30 am EST, 7 pm IST, 12.30 am AEDT (December 6), 5.30 am PT, and 1.30 pm GMT.

Behind Every Star kdrama Episode 8 recap
Ma Tae in episode 8 of Behind Every Star.

Behind Every Star Episode 9: How To Watch

For viewers of the show outside of Korea, Behind Every Star episode 9 will be exclusively accessible with Netflix or Netflix basic (with ads). Fans who wish to watch Behind Every Star episode 9 when it premieres in their country must verify the dates and timings we provided.

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