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Al Thaman Episode 14: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

Al Thaman

Finding Ola, Paranormal, and Al Rawabi School for Girls have catapulted us to the pinnacle of the golden age of Arabic television series. More episodes have included fantastic directors, amazing photography, and brilliance with unusual stories in recent years, all of which are publicly accessible on various streaming sites.

The debut date for Syrian artist Bassel Khaiat’s Television series “Al Thaman” (The Price) has been set. Racine Jammal, Nicolas Mouawad, Sara Abi Kanaan, Sabah Jazairi, and others are additionally noteworthy “Al Thaman” cast members.

Fikret Kadi directs the series, which is modeled on the Turkish thriller “Binbir Gece,” also referred to as “1001 Nights” and “Love Remains,” which appeared in 2006.

Khaiat, born on August 29, 1977, is an established Arab actor whose outstanding talent, especially in difficult roles, has garnered him recognition both from critics and the public at large. Khaiat made his debut appearance in 1992 with “Kan Ya Ma Kan,” which was preceded by a string of popular serial dramas.

Episode 7 still shot

Al Thaman

Hethen shifted his focus to Egyptian drama, landing his first role in “Neeran Sadeeqa,” his maiden Egyptian television show (2013). His outstanding performance as Qazzaf grabbed the eye of several Egyptian television producers, who cast him in more physiologically challenging roles that showcased his distinct skill.

Al Thaman Recap

Sarah is getting ready for an interview process with an established construction firm. To increase her recruitment prospects, she must pretend to have a son. When all prior attempts to secure a loan for her kid’s treatment fail, Sarah pursues Ibrahim, the grandfather who has forsaken his son and grandchild.

Sarah realizes, after abandoning all hope, that setting a good example is the only way to save her child. Nadia and Ibrahim disagree. Zein’s emotions for Sarah are changing, and she is thinking about retiring. Nadia acts without first consulting Ibrahim.

Sarah’s intense feelings for Ibrahim drive Zein to put her under more strain at work. After escaping her home, Nadia takes refuge with Sarah. As Ibrahim’s condition deteriorates, his grandfather offers Sarah assistance but realizes it is too late. Sarah and Zein fly to Dubai on a special assignment.

Promo shot ofrazan and basil

Al Thaman

Zein apologizes profusely for his proposal to Sarah. Ibrahim wishes Nadia would return home. Zein and Karam meet Sarah on a humanitarian visit to a local hospital. Zein’s guilt rises when he uncovers the truth regarding Ibrahim. The corporation reconsiders its strict maternity policy to accommodate Sarah, but she has other plans.

As Sarah decides to quit the company, Zein attempts to apologize. Nour and Firas have enrolled Salem in a new course. Zein confides in Wael about his emotions. Sarah must choose between two fresh employment opportunities, while she will soon accomplish another remarkable goal.

The rapport with Zein & Karam is deteriorating. Zein retreats to his mountain refuge after his conversation with Sarah to reflect on his past. Salem finds Firas’s secret when conversing with a coworker.

Al Thaman Episode 14 Release Date

The program was so popular that after just a few episodes, it was renewed for a second season. Yes! Season 1 has already begun, and Al Thaman has aired several programs. Fans are so engrossed in the drama that they were eager to find out when the following episode, Al Thaman episode 14, will air after the previous one.

The 14th segment of Al Thaman season 1 shall air on January 26, 2023. Al Thaman Season 1 is currently among the most popular programs, with episodes following one another. One of the primary reasons for the series’ popularity is the engaging plot of Al Thaman season 1, which drives fans to hunt out Al Thaman season 1 episode 14.

Al Thaman: Streaming Guide

The show will air on Shahid VIP and MBC 1. Shahid is both a free and paid service that provides a wide range of both short and long-form content entertainment for all members of the family; don’t skip out on your preferred stuff!

Shahid users may see a limited amount of content for free or subscribe to one of the subscriptions to have access to a world of spectacular entertainment and sports. The AED 29.99 monthly cost comprises a seven-day free version of Shahid VIP in addition to unlimited access to MBC 1.

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