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Stray Ending Explained: What Went Down?

Stray Ending Explained
Stray Ending Explained

Players command a cat in the video game Stray as it explores an underground metropolis. Their main goal is a simple surface escape and reunion with the cat clan. As they travel with the cat and a tiny drone by the name of B-12, players gradually realize that there are only robots in this metropolis. To where did everyone vanish?

How did the planet end up in its present condition? The cat doesn’t care because it is a cat, and cats don’t care. However, the animal does connect with vitamin B-12. And eventually, the cat finds the exit outside it has been searching for. However, as the conclusion demonstrates, leaving that city has a cost that will probably make you cry. Here’s a breakdown of Stray’s conclusion.

Stray Ending Explained

These are some explanations about the game’s conclusion

Stray Ending Explained

Things don’t exactly turn out well in Stray, B-12, your dependable robot friend. B-12 figures out in the final chapter of Control Room that the processing power required to bypass the system and unlock the city will fry his tiny drone body. B-12 continues to do it. He collaborates with the cat to break into the Control Room computers while taking a flurry of electronic zaps along the way. His drone body is unable to continue and falls to the ground. B-12 appears to pass away, and the cat spends some time napping beside his lifeless robot body.

This player was hoping that B-12 would speak in muddled technobabble and come out of one of the computers, proving that he had survived and transferred his consciousness to some other type of hardware. Unfortunately, nothing of the sort occurs, so we are forced to believe that B-12 is extinct.

Consciousness Levels Discussed

This is even more tragic when you realize that B-12’s consciousness originated in the mind of a scientist who is now long dead. It does appear that B-12’s passing may have signaled the official end of the human race because we didn’t encounter any other humans in the game. More people or conscious beings may be still alive in other parts of the world than we realize. Eventually, the cat and B-12 reach the fortified city’s command center. In contrast to the other parts of the underground metropolis, this one is spotless. In a sense, the area represents the metropolis at its peak.

Furthermore, it appears to be the only exit. Unfortunately, the process of confinement is still ongoing. The doors are, therefore, still locked. B-12 approaches the control room’s center with the cat’s claw and finds the rest of its memories there. B-12 was imprisoned because he was once a human scientist who witnessed the epidemic that wiped out humanity. B-12 tried to put his consciousness into a robot body in his original form, but something went wrong. He was thus left in an electronic coma for hundreds of years. The cat provided the scientist’s last recipient of a body, the B-12 drone. B-12 is more eager than ever to help the cat open the city because, in a sense, he is the only person left on Earth. However, to avoid the lockdown, he must activate several systems. B-12 experiences electrical blowbacks when interacting with computers, which harm the electronics of his drone. By the time B-12 is ready to unlock the doors, he acknowledges that he was aware doing so would require giving his life.

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How does the city fare?

The game’s concluding chapter opens up the walled city where you spend most of Stray’s narrative. This is made possible by the cat and B-12 messing around on various computers. A massive roof opens up in the Control Room’s large window, allowing the city to experience daylight for the first time in years.

What occurs to the Zurk family?

In the cut-scene that plays when the city is opened, several characters from earlier chapters step into the sunlight for the first time. This is interpreted as a success by the robots. But the city’s opening means certain death for the Zurks (those spooky adorable blobs of trash-eating bacteria gone bad).

You may recall that earlier in the game. You assisted Doc in creating a light-based weapon capable of killing Zurks. When Stray ends, many Zurks die, suggesting that sunlight has the same effect. We see a lot of the splatter, but it’s unclear whether any Zurks survived. However, given that some resided in sewers, we wouldn’t be surprised if they did (where the sunlight may not have reached).

The loss of so many Zurks will, however, make life much less terrifying for the robots and other living creatures in the city. The robots’ post-apocalyptic quality of life has significantly improved, making the Stray ending happy (unless you’re a Zurk, that is). It became clear throughout the game that the cat and B-12’s primary objective was to leave the city and experience “the outside,” so it’s nice that they were able to make things better for everyone in the city on the way out. Now that the robots in the city can live in less painful conditions, perhaps more will follow the cat’s example and leave the city on their own.

Stray Ending Explained

The Cat from Stray

How does the cat fare?

The main cat character of Stray successfully flees the city in the film’s very last scene. Our feline hero escapes the walled city through a large metal door that is now open after collaborating with B-12 to override the Control Room. The cat climbs a large flight of stairs while still being controlled by the player and moves along a grassy area that has become overgrown. The cat can now freely roam the outdoors without being restricted by urban boundaries. The cat leaves when the player loses control. We’d once more describe this as a happy ending.

But now that B-12 has passed away, and the cat is without its sci-fi jacket and drone, it won’t be able to communicate with or comprehend any robots or people it encounters. Nevertheless, earlier in the game, even though B-12 was imprisoned, the cat did manage to cooperate with robots to some extent. So there is still hope!

What the cat will do next and what it will find outside the city are both unknown. Will the cat eventually run into the other cats from when the game began? Will the cat find other walled-off cities that need its help, opening up the door for endless Stray sequels? Will the cat find out what happened to the human race and the planet as a whole? Will the cat find a way to bring back B-12? The answer to all those questions is ‘we don’t know, so let’s just let the satisfying Stray ending sink in for a while. Thanks, fur the memories, cat friend.

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