When Does Naruto Meet Minato? The Father-Son Relationship

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Naruto Meet Minato.
Episode Number In Which Naruto Meet Minato.

A village in the nation of Fire Country called Konoha shuns an orphan who lives there. Elite humans who have developed their minds for battle and used their inherent energies and magic to their advantage reside in this settlement. They are known as shinobi or ninjas in Japanese. An orphan, Naruto wishes to become the greatest ninja in Konoha, known as the “Hokage” (fire shadow), to be recognized by the community and stop being despised. To master the fundamental ninja concepts and skills, Naruto enrolls in a ninja academy. Here, he meets Sakura Haruno, a pink-haired orphan prodigy, and Sasuke Uchiha, another orphan prodigy.

Together, they learn under the famed copyist ninja Kakashi and grow to become their best friends and defeat their foes. To endure and transform the hearts of his enemies, Naruto uses his “mind,” or ninja way, which combines love, understanding, and the “will of fire” (of the Fire nation). When he finally realizes his dream of becoming the Hokage, a new era of harmony among all ninja villages begins.

Hinata Hyuuga is a quiet, kind, and powerful ninja princess whom Naruto marries. She was his ninja academy classmate, fought alongside him in the Fourth Shinobi War, and they have two children.


A large portion of Konohagakure was destroyed in the Nine-Tails raid on the village twelve years before the start of the series, and many people died. To imbue Naruto Uzumaki with the Nine-Tails, the Fourth Hokage, the village’s leader, gave his life. Following the attack, Naruto was left orphaned, and the villagers ostracised him because they mistook him for the Nine-Tails itself out of fear and rage.

Even though the Third Hokage made it illegal to discuss the Nine-Tails in any way, the kids carried over their parents’ dislike of Naruto to their own relationships with him. Naruto made the promise that he would someday surpass all previous Hokages in the village out of his desire to be recognized.

In which episode does Naruto meet Minato?

Naruto Meets Minato Episode No. 167 of the Naruto series. Naruto finally encounters his father after years of perilous travel. “Planetary Devastation” was the episode’s well-known moniker. This episode completely altered Naruto’s viewpoint on his trip and his personality!

How Did Naruto Get To Know His Father?

Naruto engages in hard combat with everyone and everything he holds dear before his wrath overcomes him, causing him to break one of the seals and transform into the Nine-Tails Beast Mode. As a result, Naruto and Pain engage in horrific combat that results in a lot of death and devastation in the form of a nine-tailed beast. With each change and each seal broken, Naruto continually transforms.

When Pain realizes Kurama may easily defeat him, he directs the beast to a remote location where the Planetary Devastation attack will be launched. Nevertheless, the conflict continued, and Naruto continued to exhaust himself by changing forms—sometimes becoming eight-tailed. With each change, Kurama continued to have more influence on Naruto and more power. The nine-tailed fox was patiently awaiting the third and final seal.

Naruto Meet Minato.
Moment When Naruto And Minato Met.

Fortunately for Naruto and the rest of the world, Naruto’s father falls on the beast and prevents breaking the third seal. Naruto had never seen his father before and was unaware that he was the Fourth Hokage at the time.

Who Is The Father Of Naruto?

Naruto’s grandfather was Minato Namikaze, who served as the Leaf Village’s Fourth Hokage. Among the people, he was known as the Yondaime Hokage, which is Japanese for “Fourth Fire Shadow of Konohagakure.” He gained notoriety worldwide for his exploits and was dubbed Konoha’s Yellow Flash. During the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox’s assault on Konohagakure, Naruto’s father sacrificed his life bravely.

To give his newborn son Naruto a significant portion of the fox, he gave his life. The qualities that Minato Namikaze was most admired for were his bravery, his fighting prowess, and his determination to go to whatever length to rescue as many lives as he could. To rescue as many people in hamlet as possible, he chooses to implant the nine-tailed demon fox inside his only son.

The nine-tailed demon fox can be controlled thanks to Naruto’s training, goals, and blood, which helped him grow up to become one of the most powerful shinobi in the whole world. Naruto was raised to become one of the most powerful shinobi in the whole world and was able to command the nine-tailed demon fox because of his lessons, goals, and blood!

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