Black Clover Chapter 239

Black Clover Chapter 239: Release Date, Where to Read Online And Predictions

This post is dedicated to Black Clover chapter 239 release date, spoilers, leaks, and predictions. If you do not like yo read spoilers then might I suggest you all should stay away from this post. On the other hand, if you like spoilers then just enjoy the smooth ride. Black Clover chapter 238 was out recently and it did manage to turn a lot of heads.

The chapter was titled ‘Power of Zeno’. In the chapter, we did get to see what Zeno is capable of doing. It was basically Zeno vs everybody and surprisingly everybody was losing. So, Zeno did have q lot of reasons to smile about. The newest devil was on view and he is seriously powerful. Also, the health of Klaus, Yuno and Letoile are is awful. It looks like Klaus and Letoile are going to die. The chapter was pretty great.

Black Clover Chapter 239 Predictions/Spoilers

Black Clover manga is warming up to another Asta show. Now, that the good wizards have played all their cards, it is time now for Asta to come forth and produce some extraordinary magic in order to rescue the situation. So, in the next chapter of Black Clover manga, that is chapter 239 we get to see after the destruction caused by Zeno by using just 55% of devil’s power, Asta and others need to sort of a way of going after Zeno and killing him.

Black Clover Chapter 239

Whether or not Yuno survives remains to be seen as well. We will know that in Black Clover chapter 239 as well.

Colored Panel from the previous chapter:

What is Black Clover Chapter 239 Release Date?

The official release date of Black Clover chapter 239 is 10 February 2020 but the scans will be available for fans from tomorrow. Hopefully, you’ll support the official release by avoiding scans.

Where to Read Black Clover Chapter 238 Online?

The good scan providing websites are all gone now but still, some remain. It is better if you all use the official Viz Media and Mangaplus websites which are providing free new chapters for fans to read.

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