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The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Delayed: Release Date, Cast, Production, Episodes, and Plot Details

The Umbrella Academy season 2 Release Date

The Umbrella Academy is a superhero web Tv series that is based on the comic book series that goes by the same name, and it is published by Dark Horse Comics. The show has been developed by Steve Blackman and Jeremy Slater for Netflix.

The series is produced by Borderline Entertainment, Dark Horse Entertainment, and Universal Cable Productions. The first season of the show is already over and now a second one is coming. In this, we are going to talk about the second season of The Umbrella Academy.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Plot

As for the story, there haven’t been many details on what the story will be in the second season, but the few details that were revolving around the internet suggest that there is going to be a lot of time travel in the second season. This speculation started when the director of The Umbrella Academy, Steve Blackman, shared a story related to the completion of season 2. And the story that he shared was resembling the text for Season 2, which reads “Right Back Where We Started.”

This could mean that our heroes might be traveling back through time in order to make things right because of those who have watched the first season know that they were unable to stop the world from ending at the end of the first season. This will make sense as the title of the episode also suggests it. Moreover, it is pretty hard to tell what will happen in the second season as the showrunners don’t follow the comics that closely. But whatever the case, it is something that fans are looking forward to.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Production

The season one of the show was first developed as a film that was optioned by Universal Pictures in 2011. But it was then developed as a TV series in 2015, before being officially greenlit by Netflix in July 2017. The series was filmed in Toronto and Hamilton, Ontario. When the first season was released in Netflix, it received praise from the audience and critics alike for its cast and visuals. Furthermore, it was revealed by Netflix that 45 million households had watched season one during only its first month of release.

The Umbrella Academy season 2

Afterward, in the same month, the series was renewed for a second season. This was revealed by one of the cast members through an Instagram post. Furthermore, Visual effects for the series are handled by SpinVFX, which is pretty good news. It was pretty obvious that the show was going to be renewed for a second season all because of its popularity and the attention it drew when it first premiered.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Release Date

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 will be released on Netflix in August 2020. This is an expected release date, Netflix hasn’t confirmed when the second season of Umbrella Academy is premiering, but it might be releasing sometime in Fall 2020. Netflix often releases its shows every year sometime around the same time as its release date in the previous year. We will update this section of the article if we get more info on the show’s release date.

Update 2 – Episode Count and Delay

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 was expected to release in August 2020, but it seems, it will be not released in August anymore. The ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic has halted productions and filming of all the shows, and it looks like The Umbrella Academy will be no different, as of now we have no official confirmation on the release date and productions.

Regarding the filming of The Umbrella Academy Season 2, it began in June 2019 and concluded on November 23, 2019. As of now, the show is in its production stage; We have titles for all the upcoming episodes of the second season of The Umbrella Academy Season 2.

  • Season 2 Episode 1 – 743 – TBD
  • Season 2 Episode 2 – A Light Supper – TBD
  • Season 2 Episode 3 – OGA for OGA – TBD
  • Season 2 Episode 4 – Right Back Where We Started – TBD
  • Season 2 Episode 5 – The End of Something – TBD
  • Season 2 Episode 6 – The Frankel Footage – TBD
  • Season 2 Episode 7 – The Majestic 12 – TBD
  • Season 2 Episode 8 – The Seven Stages – TBD
  • Season 2 Episode 9 – The Swedish Job – TBD
  • Season 2 Episode 10 – Valhalla – TBD

Update 1

As we know, the world is facing COVID-19 outbreak, and it has affected the entertainment industry too. However, we knew that the Umbrella Academy was already well through the production, and due to that, the mixing and mastering is the only remaining part, which is going on at full pace despite the world crisis. You can check out the official Instagram post below which ensures that!

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, there isn’t a trailer for it yet, but we might first get a teaser or a trailer. Hopefully, the fans won’t have to wait that long for it.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode Count

The episode count of the second season has been confirmed. It was first reported by Variety that the second season would consist of 10 episodes, which are a similar count that the first season had. This news was revealed on the same day when the show was renewed for a second season. The name of one of the episodes has also been revealed by the director of The Umbrella Academy, Steve Blackman, through a story that reads “Right Back Where We Started.”

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Cast

As for the cast members, the main cast will most likely be returning, which consists of Ellen Page as Vanya Hargreeves, who is the first portrait as a meek violinist with no apparent supernatural abilities, because of which she is alienated from her siblings. But in reality, she possesses the power to convert sound waves into a destructive force, an ability her father suppressed with drugs to keep others out of danger. Tom Hopper as Luther Hargreeves, who is Spaceboy, an astronaut with super strength. He lived on the moon for four years as a mission from his father

David Castañeda, as Diego Hargreeves, a rebellious troublemaker with the ability to curve the trajectory of anything he throws, usually knives. Emmy Raver-Lampman, as Allison Hargreeves, a celebrity with the ability to control minds with the phrase “I heard a rumor…”. Robert Sheehan, as Klaus Hargreeves / Number Four, a flamboyant drug addict with the ability to communicate with the dead and temporarily make them corporeal.

Aidan Gallagher as Number Five, a boy with the ability to jump through space and time. Mary J. Blige, as Cha-Cha, a Commission agent, partnered with the character Hazel. Cameron Britton as Hazel, Cha-Cha’s partner, a fellow assassin, disillusioned with his life as an agent. Adam Godley and Ken Hall as Pogo, Reginald’s closest assistant, and an intelligent chimpanzee. Godley provided the voice and facial performance capture; on the other hand, Hall providing the motion capture for the body.

Justin H. Min will be returning to the series and be playing the role of Ben Hargreeves, a boy who can summon tentacled horrors from his body. Ashley Madekwe as Detective Eudora Patch, Diego’s former romantic partner. Peter Outerbridge as The Conductor, Rainbow Sun Francks as Detective Chuck Beaman, Kate Walsh as The Handler, the head of the Commission, and Five’s former boss. Furthermore, there are also some new cast members. It was reported Deadline that Ritu Arya will play the role of Lila, Yusuf Gatewood, as Raymond, Marin Ireland, as Sissy.

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